• January 17, 2020

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Most Green Cities in the World

If you are a biophile and genuinely care for the nature, you need to be well-informed on how you can make the world a better place to live in. When it comes to the most eco friendly cities, there is a lot to talk about. After all, this is practically a competition for many cities that really care about their local environment and the health of their citizens. Here at Biophile we are constantly on the lookout for the most environmentally friendly cities, as this is a very important aspect of caring for the nature.

When the citizens care for their nature on a local manner it is more effective and better for the environment. This is why, our experts at Biophile made a thorough research on the best cities in the US and worldwide that offer the greenest local environment, the most sustainable solutions and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle for their citizens. Here are the best cities in America and worldwide that completely deserve our recognition:

Copenhagen, Denmark

The first one amongst the most eco friendly cities in the world is Copenhagen, which offers an incredibly high-quality life for all its citizens. It even has a goal of becoming the first CO2 neutral city by 2025. The most interesting thing about its sustainability is that only 29% of all the households have a car. Also, around 99% of all food served in public organizations is completely organic!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam holds second place which doesn’t come as a very big surprise. It has one of the most sustainable policies and measure to minimize the effects of climate change.

Portland, Oregon

One of the most eco friendly cities worldwide is Portland in Oregon, believe it or not. A quarter of all workers commute by public transport, bike or they carpool, which is great for the environment

San Francisco, California

There are many innovative solutions that ensure that this city has one of the most sustainable solutions worldwide. With an incredible waste management, San Francisco diverts its waste away from landfills by 80%!

Helsinki, Finland

It seems that Scandinavian countries keep being amongst the most eco friendly cities, as they really appreciate the planet’s environment and the overall sustainability. They have a lot of peaceful reservoirs and many eco-friendly places. In fact, since Finland is known for its region – Lapland, the place where Santa lives, the authorities really cared about increasing the overall eco-friendly tourism and accommodation. This is why approximately 75% of all hotel rooms in the country are eco-friendly and the rest have a plan on improving this. Also, they authorities work hard on managing the energy consumption, waste management, and even food and water.


Eco-friendly Casinos

When it comes to living green, you must take entertainment into the focus as well. And one of the best forms of entertainment are the casino games that never seem to go out of trend. In fact, in order to keep up with the current trends of business growth, all casinos are going green and working hard on it. Specifically, this is why these best casinos are finding their locations and spots into the most environmentally conscious and progressive cities in the world. Although Las Vegas isn’t mentioned in the list above, it is still one of the greenest cities worldwide. All in all, the best casinos are constantly finding ways to appeal to the general masses not only by offering a wide range of casino games like slots blackjack games and roulette games alongside their different varieties, but also by featuring some of the most sustainable solutions for long-term eco-policies. So, if you are a biophile you are probably wondering which are the most eco friendly cities in the world. Our team researched and delivered the list of the casinos that really care about the nature – most of them are in the US, so don’t miss out your chance to gamble at some of the best casinos which are environmentally conscious:

  1. Melco Resorts and Entertainment
  2. MGM Resorts
  3. The Venetian Macao
  4. Resorts World Sentosa
  5. Caesar’s Entertainment
  6. Mandalay Bay Resorts
  7. Turtle Creek Casino
  8. Sibaya Casino

Go on and enjoy the wonderful slots games and blackjack games offered in all of these casinos, but don’t miss out on the roulette games as well! We promise you great entertainment and fun, all while caring for Mother Nature!

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