Keeping you in the raw

In this issue, we’re going to tell you how to fix your car! Fix your car? And then we’re going to give you some yummy recipes to keep you in the Raw, or at least part-Raw. As always stories are the way we learn and remember best, so read this one… we’ve swapped out our bodies for cars and the Doctor for the mechanic, but the idea is the same.

CLIENT: Mechanic! Mechanic! – My car is sick! It doesn’t work too well anymore!!!

MECHANIC: Oh really, I’m not surprised since you have put so much pizza, burgers, dairy, meat and fizzy drinks in your car and now it’s oozing out of the petrol cap! Didn’t you follow the manufacturers instructions? You should have been putting in four star unleaded don’t you know?

CLIENT: Well, I did flick through the manual once, but didn’t think it was that important. To tell you the truth, I saw some adverts on television, and they said “a bit of greasy junk food a day keeps your car going 25 hours a day” and all the cars in the adverts looked like they were in terrific shape!

MECHANIC: (shaking his head in disbelief) and how long exactly have you been putting totally indiscriminate substances in your petrol cap with wanton abandon?

CLIENT: Gee, I guess it’s been around 40 years now. I just saw everyone else around me putting chips, ketchup and milk in their petrol caps, so I JUST COPIED THEM. Surely a billion people can’t all be wrong??

MECHANIC: You’ve really messed up here big time! It’s going to cost about R6000 to fix this mess

CLIENT: R6000!! Oh my goodness! That is so expensive!!

MECHANIC: Compared to what? You’ve spent R40 (at least) each and every day on processed junk, multiplied by 365 days, multiplied by 10 years, I figure you’ve spent over R125000 on wrecking your car in the last 10 years alone! Now that’s what I call expensive, first you have to pay a fortune to create the problems you’ve got, then you have to pay AGAIN to fix the problems you created!

If we can emphasize one thing that will serve your health far better than any medical plan it’s — juicing. The more time you spend in the kitchen now, the less time you’ll be spending in the hospital later.

Think about it – you’ll be able to take yourself on holiday with a fit, lean and healthy body, instead of taking out timeshare at Constantiaberg! Get yourself a decent vegetable juicer (an Oscar being the machine of choice) and some organic green leafy vegetables and get into the kitchen!

Here’s the veg juice recipe we start our day off with:

1x Cucumber
1x Grapefruit (cellulite-busting, alkalising non-sweet fruit)
1x Celery
Handful of Spinach
1x Lemon (again, an alkalising non-sweet fruit – and remember the secret …lemons makes the juice taste sooo refreshing and cover the greens taste)
Beetroot leaves and Kale or a handful of parsley and / fennel bulb are nice ideas too.
Diluted with 50% water.

Remember you can spice it up with some ginger if you like or add half an apple to sweeten it up a little.

Every other day we “protein it up” with 2 tablespoons of Spirulina and a dash of coconut oil (sometimes we add Chlorella too)
1 Tbs of Green Power and 1 Tbs Barley Grass Juice Powder (the Real Thing)

The people getting the best results from a raw food diet are including at least a litre of vegetable juice a day. This is a candida-busting, parasite-cleansing, immune-boosting, say-goodbye-to-fatigue, health-enhancing must. No-one can dispute the benefits of VEGETABLE juicing. Green leaves are packed with minerals — calcium & magnesium; vitamins, antioxidants, proteins — everything we need for optimal health and nutrition. The emphasis again is on vegetables.

Pineapple and apple juice may taste nice and sweet but the veggies is where it’s at if you want to live long and be smiling when you get there.

That’s a start-the-day drink…

Here are some more recipes to keep your raw taste buds salivating for the rest of the day.

1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Rocket
1/2 Cup Watercress
1/2 Grated Carrot
1/4 diced Cucumber
1/4 Cup Brocolli
1 large Avocado
handful of baby tomatoes (or sundried tomatoes)
generous helping of olives
Olive oil
Lemon juice

and of course….
Himilayan Rock salt

Other optional additions – your tahina pate, sprinkled with hemp seeds

Why it’s a Power Lunch?

The rich green salad leaves are high in Silica and therefore really good for hair, skin and nails. Brocolli is a good for iron and magnesium and helpful for high blood pressure and constipation. We’ve all heard carrots are good for your eyes, they are also good for helping to reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes in the intestines and respiratory tract. Olives and olive oil – good proteins and good fats and avos….hmmmm… delicious. Himilayan Rock salt – minerals.

Let’s do dinner

“Okay I like the raw idea, but I ‘neeeeeed’ something cooked!”

If this is how you’re feeling and you’re feeling guilty because you want a piece of cheese… here’s a good 60 – 40 % yummy, part-raw, warming dinner recipe idea.

Soak some quinoa, rinse and warm over low heat until soft (make it like you would rice, but without boiling into oblivion)

Lightly fry (yes I said fry, Oh My!) in COCONUT OIL (only and ever fry anything in Coconut Oil) some mushrooms, onions, garlic and season with Himalayan rock salt.

Add the mush-onion mixture to the drained quinoa

Add olive oil

Add chopped up raw cucumber, tomato, celery, spring onion, parsley, coriander, basil and spinach (or anything else you have that is raw and fresh)

Cut the top off of a red pepper and de-seed, then add the above mixture.

You can add cashews and curry spices if you want an even warmer version. And if you’re really craving cheese, add some fresh organic goats cheese

Here are some evening recipes:

If you want to make a really quick, simple meal that includes all the food groups – fats(plant), chlorophyll and sugars(fruit) and is really yummy try this out:

Use a big green leaf about the size of your hand – a large cos lettuce leaf or spinach leaf works great.

Prepare slices of avo, tomato and diced dates (or dried figs)

Place in the centre of the lettuce leaf, add a pinch of rock salt and roll up as you would a sushi roll.

Optional extra: tahina

This simple recipe is effective and surprisingly satisfying because it covers all 3 food groups that the body requires.

5 tomatoes
2 red peppers
1/4 red onion
handful of fresh basil leaves
handful of cashews
a generous amount of Himilayan rock salt (or to taste)
1/2 cup water

Blend everything together (preferably in your new Ice Tank, for a smooth and creamy soup) Add more water depending on desired thickness.

If you want a warm soup, put the soup into a pot and on the stove on really low heat and warm gently. (You must be able to stick your finger in the pot without scorching yourself!)

Pour into soup bowls and ENJOY.