Issue 28 Editorial

I was just checking the website of the SEXPO which has just visited SA, this is what the Cape Town site says. . . .

“The world’s largest Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle expo is coming back to Slaapstad and it’s bigger and sexier than ever! Having conquered Australia, SEXPO is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, and the annual South African SEXPO events are the hottest parties to hit our shores. Each year over 35,000 visitors stream through each SEXPO for four days of sexy shopping, naughty workshops and sizzling entertainment.”

35 000 people for an expo is quite large for South Africa! I am not sure if there is any other expo that does the same turnover.

I recently asked my 18 year old son, who certainly ‘enjoys’ and partakes in the ‘normal’ culturally acceptable ways of today’s Western teenagers, what he thought was potentially the MOST damaging (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)‘thought form’ or ‘habit’ (as that is what it is) our society faces at the moment, and straight away he said, “Sex”! And I agree with him! In my humble opinion, it is probably THE biggest contributor to our misery and wheel of never-ending consumption and materialism on the planet! Everything around us points us to finding happiness with someone or something else!! We start on the consumer trail of sexy clothing, sexy cars, sexy make-up, sexy hairstyles, sexy jewellery, sexy sunglasses, impressive homes and gardens, and so the list goes on. The rich and the famous are revered like idols as we kid ourselves that all those ‘things’ and people will make us happy! The humble and the meek certainly do not hold the same ‘status’ in our culture.

And please don’t think for one moment that I have not been on that very wheel of relationships, being thrown into ecstatic blissful highs only to find that it is all just a temporary little blip, as it is more ‘human’ than Divine in its creation! You may say ‘not true’!! But as sure as the Sun comes up every day, that ecstatic feeling will leave. Eckhart Tolle made me laugh in his book, “A New Earth” – he gave it 3 weeks!! (If you are really doing well it could last for a year or so!) The bliss of falling in love seems so real, that we really cant see it ending, that person opposite you seems the ticket to eternal happiness, until something happens – the toothpaste lid gets left off, clothes left on the floor, socks may smell, or something equally as trivial or not so trivial, may trigger a downward spiral of familiarity, which often ends in contempt! The bliss is gone and you will be very fortunate if you don’t have the odd row and things will be pretty mundane but ‘ok’! We usually end up getting married, as that is the ‘thing’ to do – and it is ‘comforting’ to have a piece of paper to say you ‘own’ someone, or someone ‘owns’ you. . . until death do us part! Wow that is quite a promise – and we know by the stats that it is usually not the case.

We often end up in a comfortable ‘sexual’ relationship with the opposite sex, or sometimes someone of the same sex, and it nice to have a companion and spend time with someone that we care about and ‘love’ and please I don’t get me wrong, friendships are precious, we are naturally social creatures, and it is wonderful to have friends to share things with. But I put ‘love’ in inverted commas, as don’t kid yourself that ‘sexually driven love’ is unconditional divine love, it is not, in the most part, it is conditional ‘human’ love, fraught with human emotions of jealousy and ownership and conditional on that person towing the line and behaving in a certain way. But in a deeper sense we are hoping that they will fill the hole in our heart that should actually be filled with our OWN Divine Spirit . Most times this convenient, familiar relationship becomes dangerously co-dependent without us even knowing it, and that dependency on others for our dose of ‘needing to be ‘loved’/and to ‘love’ and to feel ‘safe’, familiar, ‘secure’ and ‘needed’ and is, we think, vital for our happiness, let alone the cultural stigma of being alone, or worse still having to spend time alone! And so we get locked into something, usually driven by fear, although we don’t often know it, or like to admit it, but all the above are driven by a low dose of fear – that may not be immediately apparent. If we are lucky, we are quite ‘happy’ bobbing along, until something happens, and our world falls apart!

So why do we try so hard and search so far for this vicarious happiness? Mainly because we are not in touch with our own God-Selves which never feels alone or needy and never falls apart, no matter what the external situation, and can actually become your best friend! But also we are driven by perhaps, second to survival, the most potent primal desire on the planet – sex! It is a very base animal instinct to procreate – and a God given gift – but we humans have taken it a step further, our lower energy centres or chakras, are constantly aroused by external programming via most media (and sometimes they even steep as low as feeding it to us subliminally!) and the likes of Sexpo! Sex in the main has had all the sacredness taken out, it is usually just a physical release. Women are often debased to mere sexual objects of desire, and have often willingly fulfilled this role as rejection is the alternative. We are the only species on Earth that has sex because we like it, we think it is quite normal, but believe it or not, it is actually nothing more than an addiction! Sex is for pro-creation! Why do they keep on arousing us? Because it is BIG business and an excellent way to keep us on the materialistic bandwagon and believe it or not, it actually saps our life-force and keeps us in our lower energy centres!

If we study some of the ancient texts we find that the sex act WAS only for procreation, we were ‘made in the likeness of Mother/Father God and that is eternal, deathless, disease-less, ageless, immortal – including physical immortality as we were shown by Jesus when he resurrected himself – he never died to ‘save our sins’ only we can do that, by changing how we behave – but he did show us that we have the ‘God Given’ ability to ascend into a state of consciousness that allows us to immortalize our bodies and do the things he did, that we call miracles. And we do this by ‘feeling’ and ‘realizing’, unequivocally that we are one with the God-Head, the Divine Principle, and the only way we can achieve this is to re-programme our sub-conscious minds and practice, practice, practice in our daily to lives to live in ‘Godly’ ways, harming as little as we can along the way, until we reach that state of complete harmony and freedom and Ascend into a higher vibrational frequency, where there is no death, no greed, no lust, no fear, no disease, no ageing , no poverty and all the other human mis-creations! This state of Ascension can only be reached if we are operating from our Heart centre up, as the lower centres are all stamped with fear-based feelings, which will prevent the higher frequencies coming in.

Something is happening on our planet, of that there is no doubt – systems that are not of integrity and whose foundations are not solid (the financial world being a classic example) are crumbling, and knowledge is coming from many, many sources that planet Earth is Ascending to a higher dimension, so it is time for us to ‘wake up’ and go with her, or the road could get uncomfortable and bumpy!