Issue 27 Editorial

I have just returned from Jothy (meaning ‘Light’ in Sanskrit and pronounced ‘Jody’) Body of `Light Retreat. (See And what it re-affirmed, in a very real way, as it is something that I know and believe, and also see, more and more in my life, is that our thoughts create our world. . . 100%! The ‘grand finale’ of the weekend was the ‘Breaking of the Tile’, or the ‘Not Breaking of the Light Bulb’! We were asked to bring 4 light bulbs (or globes) just the ordinary 100 or 60-watt type. Natalia and I had such a laugh about these, as the poor fellow at the 7 Eleven down the road, looked surprised and a little confused by the constant stream of people, all dressed in white, buying only light bulbs!

The last morning we started with the usual, very important exercises to activate our ‘chi’, ‘prana’ or what ever name is familiar or comfortable for you to call this energy, as that is what it is, and very real and tangible too – ‘God’, would be perfectly correct in my world. This is the energy that beats our heart and is closer than our hands and feet, and completely responsive and intelligent, although until we reach a state of consciousness that surpasses our humanness, it appears very linear and limited. We did physical and mental exercises that balanced and activated our energy centers down our spines, and put us into a calm ‘meditative’ state. We consciously brought in the ‘Jothy’ or Light, and this started to become a very tangible experience and by this stage these exercises were feeling friendly and familiar. My own personal experience was the more I brought in ‘The Light’ – Jothy, the more I felt my physical (and mental and emotional) body starting to respond and feel ‘different’! I must say that I have been working with ‘The Light’, and commanding it in (with gratitude and love!) for quite some time now, but doing if for three days for long periods of time each day, and surrounded by like mined people made the experience very intense and even more real.

We had now reached the time for the Light Bulbs to do their thing! We each carefully held one in our hands, as don’t forget they have a very thin glass surrounding the filament, and break easily. We were instructed to take the ‘Light’ – Jothy, from our hearts down our arms to the globe in the palms of our hands, and to visualize and ‘feel’ that the globes were turning into heavy metal balls. In the middle of the room sheets of black plastic had been laid down, and in the center was a single 20 mm (and 6 mm thick – I know I measured it – so they were good and solid!) ceramic tile supported by 4 smaller tiles at the corners, so that it was slightly elevated off the floor. After a short while, when we felt ready, and our ‘metal balls’ were feeling good and heavy and ‘real’ we were asked to come up and drop them from waist height – a good meter for most of us – the glass part pointing downward, directly onto the ceramic tile. If the alchemical process had been successful the tiles would shatter and break and the globe would still be perfect! My time came and I felt ready and the globe felt heavy and clearly in my mind it was a metal ball, I walked up to the tile and dropped it and I heard a loud ‘CRACK’ as my metal ball hit the tile, and sure enough the tile was broken into pieces and my little 60-watt globe was perfect! So I knew that I had managed, by the power of my ‘Light ‘- Jothy and my mind change that delicate little thing into a heavy metal ball!

The experience made more concrete and real to me, that we have powers we can used most positively, that most of us are not even aware of, and certainly don’t practice very much. If we take this further, and this is something that I have read in more that one book, including all the ancient books from the various religions, we can literally change, regenerate and rejuvenate our bodies, heal ourselves and each other instantly, manifest from the Universal Source – The Divine Light – Jothy – God, anything that we desire! We can do anything, we are infact “God’ in physical form and the more we connect to the ‘God’ in ourselves the more responsive it becomes! It was clearly told to us by Jesus, that we could do what he did and more! And please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to push any religion – quite the opposite, as sadly most religions have taken the ‘Ideal’ that these wonderful teachers brought to us and made the teachers themselves ‘Idols’ – far away, not reachable or tangible – and usually only contactable through some other ‘human’ being! We are often so busy and distracted with worshipping the ‘Idol’ and doing what we are told we ought to be doing from the human conduit, that we forget to practice and master the Ideal ways that they showed us. Some religions have also been successful in making the Infinite Intelligent Light – Jothy – God, stern, fierce, and judgmental and again far away, usually on a throne in a place called ‘Heaven’! The Christians love to tell their flocks that they are sinners – immediately disempowering and putting fear into them, thereby closing down the direct connection to Source via our minds and feelings.

It appears that the KEY to these God-like abilities is through our MINDS and EMOTIONS, and this is that we need to be BEHAVING and FEELING complete UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and HARMONY 24/7! Furthermore is it essential to BELIEVE that we are all-powerful and that God – Divine Light – Jothy is within us all the time. As soon as we go into FEAR mode of any kind we have lost it – and fear covers most things from gossiping, blaming, criticising, judging others, anger, poverty consciousness or lack of any kind, including LACK of CONTROL, fearful of doing something or going somewhere, – it is all NOT of our God-Selves, and merely from our Ego selves, which is actually an illusion, as we ARE only God having a physical experience. These negative feelings and experiences have to be gone through, transmuted, and transformed into fearlessness and unconditional love. There are many extraordinary and wonder-filled ways and means to getting there and as the saying goes, “all roads eventually lead to Rome” (why Rome I’m not sure!)

I have found personally a set of books that have probably changed my life more than any others and slowly but surely (three steps up and two down – sometimes only one down!) I been changing my consciousness as I practice and practice and practice more, to live according to the way of these Masters. The first book is called ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ and there are 20 more from the Saint Germain Press. These books have changed my life so much that I decided to fly some in from America to make them more easily available here – just call the office if you are interested.

So our real challenge is to firstly to BELIEVE and KNOW that we have these powers and then to live according to the way-showers, and which ever one resonates with you is fine – Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Saint Germain, Swamiji Ramalinga, or any or all of the other Ascended beings that have reached ‘God Realization’. It is also very important to realize that negative thoughts and actions will create a negative world for us, as we know that our thoughts make our world. We are like magnets and attract the same as we are giving out. This is also where we have also been led astray – as so often religions remove the element of responsibility that is so essential for personal growth. A classic example here is the Christians believing that Jesus died to ‘Save us’ from our sins! How can anyone save us from our discordant thoughts and actions, only WE can do the work, and change them – nobody is going to do it for us, and the sooner we get busy with it, wasting no more time the happier we will all be and the LIGHTER we will become – literally! We become less burdensome to ourselves firstly, as that is where the change starts, others, and our Beloved Planet. Enjoy the journey and try to remain calm, happy, and harmonious NO MATTER WHAT comes your way! See it as the gift that it is, to give you the experience to grow into that Mastered Being of Light that you are – you just forgot!!