Colloidal Silver: a necessity for both good and bad times

You have food reserves to get you through an emergency. Some water. Probably some gold or silver. Maybe some defense weapons. But medical help will probably be no more available than food, and under these conditions, disease and infections will probably be rampant. Ordinary first aid supplies are obviously not enough.

But there is good news and its called “colloidal silver”. From the time man first learned to work with silver he has known that it prevented the spread of disease. Thus the wealthy people had silver drinking cups, silver tableware and utensils.

Even those who could have had gold, which does not tarnish, usually chose silver because it promoted health. In the days before refrigeration, farmers tossed a silver coin in a bucket of milk to preserve it. Chemists put a silver dime in their petri dish to sterilize it. For hundreds of years it was common practice to place a silver wire in an infected wound that refused to heal.
Eventually man learned to make silver nitrate and use it in wounds and drink it as an antibiotic. But silver nitrate is caustic and burns tissues much like iodine. Also, heavy use of silver nitrate accumulated in the skin turning it dark, a condition which became known as Argyria. Still, it was an effective treatment of disease and that was more important than Argyria.

In the early 1900s research proved silver to be effective against hundreds of pathogens of widely different kinds. Then it was found that smaller particles of silver could be produced by precipitating it out of chemical compounds of silver. These were more effective due to the fact that there were hundreds of times as many particles of silver from a given amount of silver.
Eventually it was learned that silver could be reduced down to its atomic size with a positive electrical charge by using an arc under water, producing thousands of particles for each one that was previously produced by the best grinding. It also added a positive charge which noticeably increased its effectiveness. Furthermore, no detrimental side effects have ever been shown. It did not cause argyria, even in prolonged large dosages. It was not caustic and instead promoted healing in general. No allergic reactions were ever reported. It was highly effective for most infections of every kind.

It is is really important to buy high quality colloidal silver (it should be a completely clear liquid) such as that produced by BioSil.

Then came penicillin and sulfa, which could be patented and were therefore well worth advertising. These were soon followed by continuous new antibiotics from the pharmaceutical companies. Each one is considered effective against certain pathogens, usually no more than half a dozen. Unlike silver, almost none of the antibiotics is effective against virus, yeasts or parasites.

The chemical antibiotics do keep well and they are usually as effective after long storage as when first produced. This, plus the fact that they could be patented, while silver could not, and therefore the producers could afford to promote them heavily, have been major factors in the general adoption of the antibiotics.

However, the antibiotics soon proved to have various side effects of varying degrees of danger. Some of the side effects are almost always experienced, while most only appear occasionally. But some of those occasional side effects are as serious as death. There are thousands of patients a year who die of an allergic reaction to penicillin, generally considered to be among the safest and most proven antibiotic. A frightening thing about this is that many of those deaths are to patients who have taken penicillin many times in their life and were not aware of any problem before.

Soon after the new antibiotics were introduced it was found that certain bacteria they were effective against developed an immunity to the antibiotic. Some developed an immunity very quickly, while others did so very slowly. Today many of the diseases that were thought to be easily treated by antibiotics are no longer treatable, even by new antibiotics. The researchers are running out of new replacements, leaving those diseases untreatable.

These problems now have the whole medical profession concerned, some to the point of panic. The March 28, 1994 issue of Newsweek featured a six page article, “Antibiotics, The End of Miracle Drugs?”. The rise of drug resistant germs is unparalleled in recorded history”, according to Newsweek. “Penicillin and tetracycline lost their power over staph back in the 1950s and 60s. A better strategy might be to abandon antibiotics altogether in favor of different kinds of drugs.” How about abandoning drugs altogether in favor of the natural silver?

But Science Digest was way ahead of Newsweek, in an article in March 1978; “Our Mightiest Germ Fighter”. Science Digest already saw the problem and had the solution! In this article, Jim Powell stated: “Thanks to eye opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps half a dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually nontoxic.”

The article further relates how Dr. Carl Moyer, Chairman of Washington State university’s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better treatments for serious burns. Dr. Harry Margraf was Dr. Moyer’s chief biochemist on this project. With their staff of medical researchers they tested 22 antiseptic compounds and rejected them all. The problem was that infections in burns often tailed to respond to antibiotics. Most antiseptics have a very caustic nature, actually destroying the delicate new tissues and are very painful. The greatest problem was the bacterium Pseudomonas acruginose which is particularly infectious to burns and does not respond to any antibiotic or antiseptic.

It was found that silver had been used effectively for hundreds of years in one form or another to treat infection.

Unlike the newer antibiotics, silver had well proven itself to be totally non-toxic at all concentrations. In all the hundreds of years of use, no pathogen has ever developed an immunity to silver.

After extensive experiments with re-growth of body parts and the healing of bone, Dr. Becker was led into other experiments with colloidal silver. Among his experiments were the effects of silver on cancer. On pg. 178 of the Body Electric, Dr. Becker states “…silver, which when negative had no effect on, and when positive suspended, mitosis of cancer cells in our lab.” It is the positive silver ion which we call colloidal silver (Ag+1). The colloidal silver stopped the cancer growth. Other metals did not. Dr. Becker was unable to obtain the funds to continue his promising cancer research. However, he did draw a personal opinion that the effective quality of colloidal silver in both the stimulation of bone, muscle and skin growth, was its ability to cause cells to dedifferentiate when needed, just as Dr. Gary Smith concluded.

All of this makes colloidal silver perfect for survival conditions. It has such a broad spectrum of effectiveness (practically all bacteria, virus, yeasts, molds, parasites) and at the same time has a miraculous healing quality. Most people taking it orally say they feel better and notice more energy. It even prevents plaque from forming on teeth. Therefore, an exact diagnosis is not required as with antibiotics. If the mouth is rinsed with one ounce daily and then swallowed, the plaque is stopped, gingivitis is soon healed, the breath is sweet, colds and flu’s are gone, candida is soon cleared up, yeast infections of the blood disappear, the immune system is restored! Internal surgeries heal much faster and with much less scarring!

Colloidal silver can be used orally, topically, by enema, douche, or by a doctor intravenously. The exact dosage is not critical because it is non-toxic at virtually all levels.

However, common practice is to start orally with about one ounce a day at 20 parts per million as a maintenance dosage. When treating a chronic internal condition, that dosage could be doubled each day until a dosage of four ounces in the morning and four ounces in the evening at 20 parts per million is reached. Always watch for a rash breaking out on the skin when first taking colloidal silver. This is not an allergic reaction or a side effect in the common sense. It is usually caused by killing off yeast in the blood or intestines so fast that the body cannot properly dispose of them. It is a healthy sign but may be very uncomfortable due to itching. Furthermore, you do not want to overload the body’s cleansing abilities. Therefore it is best to reduce the intake of colloidal silver when this occurs. when the rash disappears, as it normally does in a day or so, gradually increase it.

Colloidal silver is especially valuable in case of disaster as well as whenever camping or traveling because the water often cannot be trusted.

One ounce of colloidal silver at 20 parts per million in one quart of water assures the safety of the water for drinking. It is the finest disinfectant known, being totally non-toxic and non allergenic as well an non-caustic. Used on the scalp, it stops most cases of itching. It is great for the hands and face and reduces skin wrinkling over a period of time. It heals warts (virus), athletes foot, and nail fungus. It effectively treats many skin rashes although some rashes get worse before getting better.

If you don’t have colloidal silver ready, YOU AREN’T PREPARED!

Reprinted with permission from: Preparedness Journal