Issue 25 Editorial

It’s another birthday issue, and it seems like yesterday that it was our 3rd birthday – the year has flown by.

I was convinced that this was our 5th birthday, but I checked and no, we are only 4 years old, but it feels good and solid! It’s great having the new and enthusiastic energy of Chris and Lindsay helping Biophile take its physical form, and wonderful to see that Steve has lived his dream and published the beautiful ‘Shared Earth’ magazine. So MANY changes have come about in 2008, and while most of us are feeling the contraction or the ‘in-breath’ on earth, there is also the excitement of something unfamiliar about to happen. We have a new president-elect in the US, Barack Obama, which could plant the seed to a new way of being right across our planet.

To me it seems the air is filled with a fresh ‘energy’ that is lighter and sweeter. It is time for humanity to step out of the old paradigm of fear based competition and greed, and learn to live kinder and lighter, in the true sincere spirit of brother/sisterhood – and it seems to be everywhere, people are feeling the desire to care more, firstly about their relationship with themselves, and this requires discipline and strict observation of each and every moment.

Are we allowing lower thoughts of judgment and fear to creep in? Or are we acknowledging that these are not from our true source – our higher selves – and moving past them as we train our minds to be stiller without fear of the future and critical judgment of others – whose shoes we are NOT in so we can NEVER make a judgment anyway! As the beloved being Gandhi taught us, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I think one of the keys of true serenity is to surrender and allow what comes our way – as with this attitude, there is complete faith that we are all part of a divine plan and all is in perfect divine time for our growth into the beings of light that we are in essence. So while this does not mean that we lack discernment and the energy to fulfill our plan, it means that we become less reactive and more responsive, realizing that all is divinely meant for our growth.

I am finding that even in my own life the calls are increasing from individuals and business people, wanting guidance on how to lessen their ecological footprint and lighten their ‘load’. So maybe out of the times of less in the ‘material’ realm, will come times of much ‘more’ in the spiritual realms, and how exquisite will this be. As we realize that all the ‘material stuff’ that we think we want, we actually don’t need, as we learn to lighten our ‘load’  – in all the areas of our lives – mental, emotional and physical.

When I watched the DVD  “The Power of Community – How Cuba survived Peak Oil”, it just brought home again just how wonderful human ‘Beings’ are when the tables turn. As the oil squeeze tightened so the local people started planting their food gardens right in the cities. There was no longer the money to buy the tons of pesticides, so organic farming became the way, and only then did the people connect with the spirit of nature and the perfection of it all.

It is a magnificent time for the true divine inner ‘spirit’ of us all to emerge as the ethos of community drives our lives into wonderful creative and joyful spaces. Markets are springing up all over the world, and people are having fun and laughing again – the children play and there seems to be a ‘lightness’ about it all.

Where the denseness is still being played out, mainly in the cities, the mirror is there for all to see and the light is literally being cut out. Reports of a “Killer Smog Cloud Smothering the Sunlight in the major cities of Asia” is real. Natural light has become 10 – 25 % dimmer in cities such as Beijing, Karachi, Shanghai, and New Delhi as 3-km thick “brown clouds” of pollution spread across Asia and elsewhere, according to a new UN report. Countries like China are plagued by a vast Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC), made of “more than three-km thick layer of soot and other man-made particles that stretches from the Arabian Peninsula to China and the western Pacific Ocean,” the result of burning fossil fuels and biomass. This may not be news to many, but the UN report makes vividly clear just how murky things have become in huge cities. As the growth of industry and the material ‘wants’ cause the light to lessen we can see so clearly the patterns of self-destruction we have been caught up in – a caner on the earth, that will eventually destroy itself.

We need to give so much thanks to our beloved planet for the gifts she so readily gives to us, as she ‘allows’ all these anti-life trends, that make her so sick, so we can wake up to the divine order exemplified so perfectly in nature.

Creating ‘lighter times’ is a choice. It depends on each and every one of us, and no-body is going to do it for us. We have the choice to think, say and do kind and sweet things always – it is just a matter of training our minds. We then become less burdensome to ourselves first and foremost, and then to all and everything around us.

We wish you a calm, peaceful, kind, happy, simple and abundant 2009!