Issue 26 Editorial

My news year’s resolution is to try and strive for excellence in EVERY area of my life! This is quite a challenge as it embraces all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life, but I figured that if I do anything other than this I am simply wasting my time on this beloved planet, and as I am here to grow on all these levels, and I know that I am a co-creator of my life, not separate from the ‘Divine Creator’ or God, I have a huge responsibility to my ‘Individualized God Self’ and to God Him/Herself.

No-one else is going to travel that road to elevated excellence for me, so I had better get busy and waste not one second. If I waste my time now, I will be back to do the work, as there is no getting out of it. Plus now is a great time to be totally focused on our own growth and betterment, as we have a huge advantage, whether you believe this or are aware of this is not important, there is a window of opportunity over the next few years for massive strides to be taken towards re-claiming our true potential as the ‘Divine Beings’ we are, instead of wallowing in the self created mess of ‘humanness’. We do not have to be part of the murky mess that is other people’s reality, we do not have to be in the poverty consciousness or fear based system that runs most people’s lives, we can choose to step out of that – but there is a price to pay, and that price is to be orderly, disciplined and strive with all our might to be the very best we can be on all levels.

Look carefully at your life on the physical plane, are you well and energized? Is your diet excellent? Do you exercise regularly, and is it good, gentle exercise? Are you doing your best to be ‘harmless’ to the planet and all life on her, as this is an aspect of physical life? Our mental and emotional (bodies) states are the foundation on which all-else hinges – how we are feeling emotionally and how we control our minds and emotions will impact hugely on our physical bodies, and this will then impact on how we live our lives. If we are not feeling well, we will not have the ability to strive for the harmony and Godliness in all areas of our lives.

We will all make mistakes, on the journey, and to beat ourselves up about them is a waste of time and energy – realize the mistake and make a promise to yourself that you will try not to make the same mistake again. If apologies are necessary make them, and realize that we cannot BLAME others for anything that happens to us – if we need to learn some lesson, someone or something will press our buttons and set the process in motion – SEE IT, bless it, give thanks and move on, and don’t BLAME the messenger!

One thing that I find helps me hugely is to try and be in a harmonious state with all and everything all the time! This is not easy, but with practice I think it becomes easier. This does not mean that we become ‘soft and weak’ in our ways, quite the reverse; it means that we do everything we need to do, set our boundaries and be active, but strive to be kinder and more even in our methods. If there is something that is not in harmony or not working in your life, examine it, and see if it would serve you better to move away from the person or situation.

Sometimes we grow apart from people or situations that have been there for years, and it takes immense courage to look at it head on and take the necessary steps to create the life we are seeking. Remember that our most important person to focus on is ourselves, and that we need to be happy and harmonious to reach our goals. Our inner world is a direct mirror of our outer world, and as we change our inner world so our outer world will change. Don’t forget the very first Law of the Universe. . .’Order’ – orderliness is essential for quick and efficient personal growth. Take a quick look at your home, is it tidy, neat and clean? It is a wonderful reflection of you!

The most important part of the journey I think, is the development of our spiritual connection, as it is really who we are – our physical, mental and emotional elements are merely vehicles to realize our individualized spiritual selves. So it is essential to have a strong foundation on which to do this, i.e. If we don’t have a healthy body, a calm mind and balanced emotions we will struggle to connect to our spiritual selves, God, and those who help and guide us from the higher realms.

There are so many books available now to help with all these aspects, and I was so interested to see that Exclusive Books top 4 best sellers during 2008 were all books that fall into this category – Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, The Secret and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – respectively. This would not have been so 10 years ago, and is a clear indication that human consciousness is evolving and people are waking up!

So my wish to us all in 2009, is to be more loving, compassionate, humble, kind, gentle and harmonious in all areas of our lives as we strive for excellence and higher states of consciousness, creating the peace, joy and simple abundance that is our divine birthright and essential to us all.