Issue 17 Editorial

The 17th of July 2007 was an extraordinary day: the day when millions and millions of light workers around the planet collectively got together and meditated on intense love, light and healing for the Earth. It was done simultaneously at 11.11 GMT (13.11 here in South Africa).

I literally had dozens of emails coming in from all over the world spreading the news of this extraordinary event. I have not experienced anything like it before. In the last issue of Biophile we printed the origin of the event, so it has been circulating the globe for quite a while, but what is so wonderful is that so many people responded to the call selflessly and willingly with much joy and excitement. But what does it all mean and what actually happened? Well one thing is for certain that we wont be able to actually measure in quantifiable units the love that poured from peoples hearts or the healing effect that it has had on the planet, but is that really important and what difference will it make whether we can measure it or not? Does it mean that we won’t do it again because it can’t be measured? I doubt it.

The scientists love to measure, calculate, observe, decipher, dissect, quantify, record, compare and so on. But where has all that logical, masculine left-brain stuff got us? It has caused such a massive imbalance that the intuitive, nurturing, feminine rightbrain contribution is not even part of the equation in modern day science. And without these essential qualities in our decision-making there is no real connection to the other worlds that are just a real as the 3rd dimensional world that the majority of us think is all there is. Intuition and feelings are not allowed in our scientific, logical system and as we become more and more detached from the spiritual world we become more and more destructive and chaotic.

Our schooling system is perpetuating this, as the curriculum is based purely on a fear based, commercially viable ‘product’ at the end, and those that are bucking the system are usually drugged to fit in. We have the prefect model in nature, yet so few of us look at it. The sooner that we realize that we are not victims of circumstance or superstitious fortune, but rather the co-creators of the planet, creating our world and the circumstances that we find ourselves in, the better off we will be. And this is what we need to teach the children.

There appears to be so many things happening on earth at the moment, massive weather changes, relationship changes, spiritual shifts and many other ways that have been the ‘norm’ for decades are being challenged! Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the first time in history, that are spinning the “wrong way”, and that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200 degrees? In 2005 during a seven day period in early June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the California, and a couple of years ago the jet stream (an extremely fast wind current that flows through the upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in recorded history? Did you know that all over the world many migratory birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds? And that salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children? So there is little point in going into denial… something is up.

The ancient tribes that have been the record and time keepers long before our limited and comparatively ‘new’ history was written, are all predicting new and glorious times ahead, but it requires a change in ourselves before this can manifest and our consciousness will determine where we as individuals will be, as the earth is going to change regardless. Probably the most important things to realize is that FEAR is the most disempowering emotion of all and clouds good judgment and puts heavy blocks between the inner intuition, (which will be so important during this time), and our conscious mind. Once we have opened our minds and accepted, and FEAR IS NOT AN ISSUE, investigating and learning all you can about what is happening would be prudent.

My last editorial had a heading….’the mind is full of questions and the heart is full of answers’, but we need to realize is that the core energy of the heart is TRUST. The more we open our minds to the realization that we live in a world of infinite possibilities and that closing our minds with judgments and dogma, that has been carried through from the dark ages we are emerging from, or sticking in the same old ways will simply make our path more arduous and treacherous. The more we trust and flow with the changes that are facing us, the easier our transition will be to a new way of living and being.

I was reading The Language of Light… mind drawing through the higher self by Nadine May last night and she was looking at some of the programming that we simply accept. Examples of this are: ‘I ought to get all I can’ is 3rd dimensional thinking, but if we shift up a gear, ‘I can get all I ought’ is much more comfortable. Similarly, instead of:
‘Matter is everything’, rather ‘everything matters’.
‘All life is uncertain’ but in reality ‘life is certainly all’.
‘Place faith in nothing’… ‘Place faith in no-thing’.
‘You cannot make life pay without cheating… ‘You cannot cheat life without paying’!
‘Make others think you are clever’…’be clever, make others think’,
and so on.

We have an amazing opportunity ahead for growth but we have to seize the opportunity and go with it … it’s exciting stuff!