Issue 12 Editorial

Right from the time we are little, we are taught to blame others for things that happen to us! Remember when we bumped our head and it was the table’s fault, when Mom was late to fetch us from school, it was her fault, when we lost a book it was somebody else’s fault!

As we grow older we blame others for our lack of happiness and we try to find happiness vicariously through others, often partners or children. It is a very human trait and something we all like to do as it makes things easier because we don’t have to accept responsibility! I have found, on my own personal journey, that endeavoring to learn to take responsibility for everything that happens to me, regardless of the fact that it may be out of my direct control, has been really liberating.

A helpful way to get to grips with situations and people that are pressing your buttons and causing you to react, even though they may appear to be acting independently and their behavior has not in any way been prompted by you, is to realize that they are only loving you! If you are still reacting to situations, then there is work to be done and they are the messengers!

Only when we do not react negatively to any situations, are we free from the bondage that causes us misery. Lots of people seem to be waking up to the fact that we are on earth to grow emotionally and spiritually. Sticking in old ways and patterns is simply not serving us unless it assists us with our growth into more enlightened beings. You may ask “what is ‘enlightenment’?” There are innumerable books written on the subject, in fact virtually every book you care to pick up that enlightens you to a new and better way of living and loving is basically about enlightenment!

Over the last few years science has been able to demonstrate that we are all one, with everything and every one around us, and every thought and action we have affects the whole, cosmic mist or morphogenic field instantly, and ultimately our vibrational frequency and our enlightenment! As we climb up the ladder towards a more enlightened way of living and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, things must become easier as we do not “react like fools, but rather respond like masters!”

I had the great privilege of listening to Dr Emoto, famed for his book Messages from Water, the other day, and it was a truly uplifting experience.

His message to the world of the consciousness of water demonstrates so clearly the premise that our thoughts create the world in which we live and we can change our world with our thoughts. Water has a memory like us and responds and reacts to music, pictures, words and thoughts, in fact it responds to all the same things as we do. It does this via the vibrational field or frequency that it picks up, just like human beings and everything else on earth.

I found it fascinating when he told us that the word humid comes from the Latin word humour, and that as we age, our bodies hold less and less water and life becomes less and less funny!!

The saying “we are what we repeatedly do” is so true, and if we have not yet broken out of the fear-based conditioned state we have all been accepting as the norm, now is the time. But it often takes immense courage — and determination — to crack the hard shell that we often hide in, and ‘change’ what we repeatedly do.

Sometimes it means looking at the systems that have kept us in very limited belief patterns, preventing us from using the immense power inside of each and every one of us.

If we accept that we are all interconnected, (and we can no longer ignore this, as science has given us the wherewithal to understand it), then what is the point of perpetuating a system that separates us. As soon as we realize that we are all interconnected, then surely the reason to treat anyone with anything but love falls away. There are so many systems that keep us in separation, and probably the most obvious are religions and countries. Who decided in the first place we needed boundaries or different gods so we have reason to fight?

Everybody is divine inside, and in my experience there are very few people, no matter what nationality or religion, who are not beautiful and kind inside. If they are treated with the respect and love that they deserve they respond with the same. In the last issue we ran an article on how the most hardened criminals in our prisons are responding to being treated with love and respect, probably something some of them have never experienced before.

As the great master Jesus said: “You can do what I do, and more”. It is not ‘normal’ to live in a world where poverty, anger, violence, war, famine and hatred are accepted as the norm, and where we are so driven by the deep belief that “there is not enough to go around” which perpetuates the ethos of “each man for himself”.

This deeply ingrained belief prevents people from sharing and giving, and causes the extreme disparity in wealth and the shocking environmental degradation that we are experiencing. We are conditioned to think that we need more and more and more, it is never enough, as we fearfully save for the future. We need to break the patterns that are holding these beliefs, as they are not serving us, and start thinking differently!

We need to have faith in God or the universal divine intelligence, and learn to live in the NOW (as children do!) with humour (and water-filled bodies!) and love for each other.

Taking responsibility for all areas of our lives is really important at this time. Gone are the days when we can blame governments or corporations, for the demise of our planet and the compromised situation we find ourselves in….as that is simply not working!

As it says in the article on page 35, THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!!! Their views and decisions appear to be clouded with issues of fear based control and financial gains.

So it is time to stop blaming each other but rather take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, realizing that it is gift for growth, both the good feelings and bad feelings, and that we are actually in complete control and there is not one thing we cannot change in our lives if we want to… and that includes going off the Eskom grid… go for it… buy a solar panel or two, or a domestic wind turbine, or both!