Blatant Deception: Organics™ Shampoo for Normal Hair

Blatant Deception: Organics™ Shampoo for Normal Hair

A simple bottle of shampoo… a true reflection of the state of our society and culture, and our way of life! On the shelves of most of our major retailers is the Organics™ range of shampoos made by Unilever, the third biggest company in the UK (only BP and Shell are bigger).

They are cleverly packaged in a green bottle, and will con any ignorant, unsuspecting consumer that has not done their homework into thinking that they are buying a harmless ‘organic’ shampoo which will be good for them and their family, and probably the environment as well!
Little do they know that this so called “Organic (s)” shampoo is filled with a cocktail of chemicals that should you decide to drink it, a trip to the doctor, without any stops on the way would probably be essential!

This product is not organic; in fact there is not one organic ingredient in it. Some of the ingredients are on the ‘carcinogenic’ list of most of the independent research companies that are not funded by large unscrupulous corporations, who have nothing other than money in mind. It is all about “profit before people, planet and animals”.

They are a shameful bunch and it is the ethos of greed, competition, power and ‘more is never enough’ that has got us into the devastating the state we are in. It is time for these large bullies to become accountable and start acting with integrity and honesty. Disease is epidemic amongst the old and the young, our wildlife is threatened with extinction becoming an every day occurrence and our planet is in crisis. It is also time for the public to get out of their comfortable ‘autopilot’ mode and make informed conscious choices and educate themselves.

The commercial world has managed to persuade us to pay a handsome price for a bottle of ‘poisonous detergent’ that we are being conned into believing by their clever advertising and marketing will make us sexier, more beautiful, healthier, cleverer or what ever else they can conjure up to make us buy it and believe that it is good for us.

In fact, the word shampoo comes from the Hindi word chapo, meaning to massage or knead. A far cry from the harsh foaming mixtures we call now call ‘shampoos’. The first ‘soapy’ shampoos were simple solutions of basic soap made from vegetable oil and were invented by British hairdressers during the heyday of the empire.

But like most things in our commercially driven materialistic lifestyles it is far removed from the original intention and there is very little integrity or honestly attached.

The irony of it all is that we don’t even need to wash our hair! If the body is balanced and the skin healthy the natural oils of the body and the microscopic bacteria on all skin will clean it naturally, just look at animals, especially in the wild, and even our domesticated ones and see how beautiful their fur is when left alone and their diet is good and natural.

Listed ingredients for Organics™ Shampoo for Normal Hair

The shampoo is meant to include clove oil, but we cannot find it listed in the ingredients!

Aqua water
Cocomidopropyl betaine a strong detergent – not organic
Sodium laureth sulphate surfactant, banned by all major organic certifiers. This cleaning agent can also contain carcinogen 1,4 dioxane.
Lysine hci amino acid
Cetmonium chloride conditioning agent banned by organic certification bodies
Trideceth 12 banned by organic certification bodies
Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane banned by organic certification bodies
Sodium acetate
Dimethiconol banned by organic certification bodies
Tea-dedecybenenesulfonate emollient banned by organic certification bodies
Mica banned by organic certification bodies
Guar hydroxypopyltrimonium chloride banned by organic certification bodies
Carbomer a synthetic gelling agent used to thicken, stabilize and promote the shelf life of the product. It can be irritating to skin and eyes. Banned by organic certification bodies
Sodium chloride table salt
Sodium hydroxide caustic soda. Ph adjuster
Teltasodium edta banned by organic certification bodies
Parfum petrochemically derived with undiscolsed ingredients banned by organic certification bodies
Formaldehyde a preservative and suspected carcinogen, causes respiratory irritation banned by organic certification bodies
Sodium benzoate preservative
Benzyl salicylate preservative
Citronellol essential oil component
Geraniol essential oil component
Limonene essential oil component
Linalool essential oil component

This is outright fraudulent misrepresentation!