So I’m sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when out the corner of my eye I notice that my girlfriend’s cellphone has surreptitiously angled itself with a bee-line for my cranium. My ears detect the furious pitter-patter of typing, and before my tongue can be whipped up to issue a harsh rebuke, I hear no more, and she’s sent one of those text-message thingy’s through my soft tissue.

“Good God woman! Are you trying to kill me!” There’s supposed to be no cellphone usage indoors. It’s been tough trying to house-train this one, but I confess I have trouble finding it in me to kick her out into the cold as she hooks up our flat to the nearest satellite or cellphone mast. There’s generally supposed to be nothing indoors: TVs in the garage (never use it anyway: what an eyesore!) the place where I have also tried to have the fridge relegated (the compromise has been hard to swallow). And if that pesky cellphone ends up in the bedroom or anywhere near my fruits and veggies I could — if I chose — have a darn near fit. But I’m rushing ahead. Let’s back up and start from some sort of beginning…

Ever felt the heat around your ear when speaking on the cellphone too long? That’d be the radiation. Damn near flabbergasted me, when I meet people who have failed to realise that wireless technology means that there are no wires; that the information they are receiving or sending is passing through our air, through our waters, through our animals and children and girlfriends and grandmas, and that every technological object generates its own electrical field. Seeing as this techie-age of ours is so young it’s still messin’ its nappies, we have no idea what our love affair with gadgetry is doing to our planet and its people, what effect these electrical fields and waves and beams are having. Nor do many want to, as we’ve been lulled into believing that these are things we need and not just desire (or think we do) – it just wouldn’t do for big and little business anyway.

Cellphone use has increased the pace of our lives, as one is contactable potentially 24/7. Some would not feel safe without a cellphone, and while I personally believe I am safer without fear of anything, I appreciate that’s a philosophy not all will subscribe to. What seems totally unnecessary is the need for cellphones to double as movie-cameras, internet stations and all the rest, which only means an increase in power (radiation) from both phones and towers. A friend of mine in London was one of the first to get one of these live video cellphones, and would have great fun phoning others that he knew with one from his toilet throne.

That is funny, but I could feel the radiation of that cereal box-sized thing from across the room. I see people walking with flashing blue ear-pieces constantly hooked up to satellite — it might make them look like cyborgs, but on a physical level, as a natural organic being, I wonder what will become of their brains in time? It’s heart-breaking to see all those people living under radiation emitting power lines along the N2 just outside Cape Town. Another suppressor of our immune systems we just don’t need.

And be very aware of cellphone companies putting up hidden masts and towers, like in Kommetjie lighthouse, or putting them up in neighbourhoods and switching them on without the local’s knowledge. Many might start to sense an uncomfortable change in their environment, but not have a clue what it is.

That a school or orphanage would take the money from a cellphone company and have a mast on their roof is either ignorance or blind cruelty.

The radiation from our technologies (along with sugary, chemically laden foods) can disrupt the nervous system and is another reason why so many of us kids and adults have trouble keeping still or sleeping. Mums (sorry Moms) and Dads, get those TV’s and computer’s out the bedroom — we’ll all wake up a lot less groggy, having had a cleaner fresher sleep with more work done in it than just detoxifying, detoxifying…

So my girlfriend’s cellphone rings. It sounds distinctly like it’s not in the garage, but somewhere in the vicinity of my cap, damn it!
“It’s for you,” she says.
“What, are they crazy!” I rant. “Are they trying to kill me with arrangements and conversation?”

Yes, I do feel fortunate to be able to feel when an environment is overly polluted with electromagnetic radiation, even if it makes being in some places hard (though these are places clearly best avoided anyway). Being at UCT for three years and trying to sit in a computer lab was, well, challenging. I’d go in, sit down, feel the radiation engulf my head, hands and body, getting decidedly edgy until my senses became completely saturated and my whole being just went numb.

At this point I could sit there for hours, hooked in like anyone else – then walk out into the glaring sun feeling zombified and in a cloud of fog. Those who are sensitive to these things and can feel them in the ether have the advantage of knowing exactly when they need to take measures to clear themselves of this pollution, and thus prevent anything more serious manifesting in the body — whether in the short term or long term. I generally never get sick or run-down, and I do attribute this to being constantly aware of, and in communication with, my self and my environment (though I’ve had tick-bite fever this week, which has been a wonderful learning experience that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed: boy, the body is magic!).

I don’t know a single person who works in an electro-magnetically charged office environment who doesn’t end up in bed for a few days every now and then. I’m not attributing their ill-health solely to this cause – as there are always multiple causes for ill-health – but it’s certainly a factor.

Whether one can feel the radiation or not, it should be mandatory to ‘wash’ oneself of ‘the dirt’ at the end of the day. So I can’t resist a big hug from my lady-friend when she walks in at the end of the day from the office but “Sheesh, straight into the shower with you girly, and quarantine those clothes!”
“But that’s your reality,” she protests now and then.
“Well, if so, please be considerate of it.”

Indeed a powerful medical intuitive we know rightly pointed out that if we exist in the Oneness, then we should be able to stand in the middle of a nuclear power reactor and be cool as cats, though she has trouble sitting in front of the computer too long herself. Of course, I’m not into ‘conclusives’, and the potential of the like is there. If certain plants can thrive from man-made electromagnetic energy, then why shouldn’t I be able to?

See the problem is our brains have been so fried that the chances of me accessing the unused 95% and telepathically learning the plants secrets are a little hindered — though again, not a conclusive. Indeed screw cell phones – they’re affecting our ability to be telepathic, which is a cheap and environmentally friendly mode of mass communication.

One thing (of many things) to be said for my lady-friend — she has a powerful mind. She can totally clear (or at least to the point that I can’t feel it anymore) the radiation from the most fibrous of clothing in a matter of moments. If the TV has sneaked into our lounge in the winter for an odd excursion, or the computer has been on (like now, though its just a LCD screen as the laptop sits in a closed cupboard) and sending its vibes into all and sundry, when all radiation emitting technologies have breathed their last, I send in the troops, or trooper, rather.

With a ‘Alakazam Alakaboosh!’ or whatever takes her fancy, and a wave of the arms for theatrical good measure, she zaps the place clear. Sometimes I have to tidy up the excess, but generally a job well done.

Indeed clearing with visualizations has proven most effective for us. I find Tibetan bells are great at dissipating unwanted unconscious energy, and running a quartz crystal over my head and body, or clothes and surfaces etc, also helps lift the radiation out/off of them (then the crystals must be cleared themselves). There’s nothing like running water, a conscious ‘magic’ shower, and really nothing quite like diving into a crisp ocean wave. Salt baths can be just the ticket, as the salt draws out the radiation, but remember to bless that water before you send it down the drain.

Tachyon chips really do work at minimising the radiation coming from a cellphone (I can feel the difference between the same phone with or without a chip on its battery). Radiation eating plants a must have, and I’m in the process of designing a proto-type multi-layered radiation suit complete with helmet, gloves and easy excrete zip up flaps at the back, for all those who sit in front of the computer.

My mum told me today over a cup of tea that she read somewhere we’ll all be living in faraday cages in the future to protect us from our densely electromagnetically polluted skies. Perhaps.
Well, I could go on, but the editor needs some space too, so I’ll leave you with the question of whether that sounds like an exciting prospect? It’s a bit doom and gloom and I think we’ve got it in us to avoid such a thing but who knows.

So good luck, and have a great day. Whatever perceived problems exist out there, in there or where ever, they’re ours for the making or breaking.