Hurricanes and Water – an astrological perspective

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were the root cause of recent crises but the major devastation was caused by water.

Closer to home our newspapers have been reporting our own horror water stories, deaths of people due to contaminated water.

Zimbabwe is dealing with a petrol crisis.

How is this all linked?

If we go with the premise of “as above, so below” then every movement on the earth has its synchronistic movement in the heavens. So what warnings were there? How do we read the signs? And are there any more?

One of the planetary ruler’s of water (and gas, oil and petrol) is the planet Neptune, while Uranus rules strong winds and hurricanes. We currently have a dynamic that Astrology speak refers to as mutual reception.

This is when two planets are travelling through each other’s signs and therefore develop a special relationship. In this case we have Neptune the co-ruler of Pisces in Aquarius, and Uranus, the co-ruler of Aquarius in Pisces. While school is still out on the exact date for the start of the Age of Aquarius, there is no doubt that Aquarian energy prevails. The universe is demanding that we live consciously, with awareness, and embrace change where necessary.

The planetary configuration we are alerted to when looking at the 29th August this year imply that this is the beginning and not just a once off. The implications are that the theme continues. Mars, the planet associated with action, often of a challenging nature, was doing what could be described as a cosmic Hakka – the Maori war dance – with Neptune. This theme, with different details will repeat early November and again Mid January 2006.

This theme covers water issues but includes gas, oil, or any other of the areas that are ruled by Neptune. This is playing out in Zimbabwe with their petrol crises, the repercussions of the hurricane/water damage on the oil market are already being felt worldwide. Neptune rules lies, deceit, cover-ups and blindness, both intentional and unconscious denial.

A case of, if I ignore it, it will go away – and it won’t. Mars, acting out in the normally practical, stubborn and materialistic sign of Taurus will be forcing issues relating to value systems. This theme is apparent at government, corporation and personal levels.

It is not the intention to get into a lengthy analysis of the day of Hurricane Katrina. The moon played her part, but the Sun was in a challenging opposition position to disruptive Uranus. The earth, always directly opposite the Sun, was therefore involved in this cosmic wake up call, shaking up the action and activity levels. Changeable, disruptive, and even dangerous conditions prevailed.

A South African who was living just out side of New Orleans, in a Biloxi beachfront property, (the equivalent of Clifton), phoned a friend with news of their evacuation. They left in a rush, but were safe and hoping to return the following day.

The call was light hearted and her major concern was that she hoped her extensive shoe collection would be safe on their return!

If the world around us represents the macrocosm and we represent the microcosm then we need to look at our own personal lives and see where we have our own personalized version of hurricane Katrina?

People whose birthdays fall between the 4th-7th of the months: – February, May, November and August, will be affected the most. You will have already had your challenges declared; now you have until mid January to work out how you are going to rise to the challenge.

Where have you stubbornly being ignoring warning signs? What is of real value in your life? When feeling confused or trying to make sense of chaos, find and live in your truth.