Living in a Toxic Soup

As our bodies get poisonous and sick, so do our thoughts. It can’t be ignored any longer: the overload of toxic synthetic chemicals is slowly poisoning our planet and those who live on her. We ALL need to educate ourselves and take action if we are going to survive.

We are poisoning ourselves, our children and our planet.

Anything that millions can do together becomes charged with unique power.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Do it… refuse the toxic chemicals in your life.

As the chemical soup thickens the body, mind and spirit sickens.
~ Gary Young in Young Living

As our bodies get poisonous and sick, so do our thoughts. It can’t be ignored any longer: the overload of toxic synthetic chemicals is slowly poisoning our planet and those who live on her. We ALL need to educate ourselves and take action if we are going to survive.

Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Most people are caught up in their comfort zone of ignorance and apathy. We need to break free of the cocooned thinking patterns we have, afraid that if we rock the boat our easy comfortable lives will be in threatened.

An acute state of emergency now exists on Earth
During the last 30 years we have destroyed over one third of the earth’s natural resources, polluting and using Earth’s non-renewable resources at a rate that out-strips her capacity of sustain life. Oil is the blood of the earth, and as we convert this ancient fossil fuel into poisonous gases, the earth heats up, destroying life which has taken billions of years to evolve. Trees are the earth’s lungs, and so our lungs too. We will all die without them. Life on earth is a holographic whole and as the planet sickens, so do we.

In four centuries of taking wealth and comfort from the body of the Earth, modern science has not troubled to produce a single rite or ritual, not even a minor prayer, that asks pardon or gives thanks.
~ Theodore Rosa

Cancer and other degenerative diseases are epidemic, and our planet and all who live on her are in dire jeopardy. Forgetting that we are all inextricably linked with one another, the planet, (as conscious and alive as you and me) and those with whom we share her with (animal, vegetable and mineral), we have assumed ourselves to be the dominant, superior species plundering and polluting our environment to a point where our very survival is at risk.

Our attempts to dominate and control nature and each other spreads right through our systems. These systems are the foundation of our existence and we don’t have to look far to see the effects in our schools, our religions, our farming methods, our healing methods, our building methods.

In fact, virtually every system that could be called “essential” has been taken over by the force of competitive fear and greed.
Toxic synthetic chemicals are poisoning us all – and our planet.
They have insidiously crept into every area of our lives. Our air, water and soil, the three basic necessities for life, are polluted and contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Giant, amoral, faceless corporations have managed, through the sheer strength of their marketing techniques, to convince an ignorant, unsuspecting and apathetic public that they need their goods regardless of the devastation and destruction in their wake.
The pharmaceutical companies make billions from the drugs administered by the medical profession every year, to devastating effect.

As we feed ourselves with poisonous food, our bodies get sick. We then opt for the “quick fix” and take the “newest and best” drug on the market. This is a short-term solution as the innate healing abilities of our bodies are ignored and we work against nature, diet and the pursuit of inner peace are not part of the medical curriculum.

Most doctors are no longer healers — they are just drug pushers
The repercussions of their actions are coming back to haunt them, and so we continue on the treadmill of ill health and planetary devastation. The supporters of technological medicine in their drive to “conquer” disease have created a great many industrial products: pharmaceuticals, personal care products (sunscreens, antibacterial soaps, shampoos etc.), radiopharmaceuticals and chemotherapy. All of these end up in the environment, many staying in their original forms for months, years or even centuries.

In 1999, Americans filled 2. 8 billion prescriptions covering approximately 66 classes of pharmaceuticals. This amounts to tons and tons of toxic chemicals being released into the environment. These pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products are often produced in such vast quantities that they surpass the tonnage of the agro-chemical production. Many excreted pharmaceuticals are not biodegradable and go on producing chemical effects for ever. Those that do biodegrade are so regularly replenished that their effects are never lessened.

As these pharmaceuticals are excreted in their pure and metabolised form into the environment from hospital waste streams, landfill dumping of expired drugs and excretion the end effect cannot be accurately predicted. Researchers however are finding that in the by-product, as excretion from the body, the effects of these drugs are proving to be stronger than the drugs from which they were derived.

The repercussions of this are catastrophic as the environment and most living organisms are becoming contaminated with these highly toxic yet effective, biological altering substances. In the environment these substances tend to concentrate in the stored fat of all creatures. Consequently, carnivores higher up the food chain ingest increasingly concentrated pharmaceuticals. So we are getting low regular does of anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, anti-depressants, synthetic hormones, cholesterol-lowering drugs…. and so the list of thousands and thousands goes on.

We have no knowing where it will all end, only time will tell.
Children are entering puberty at an alarming age from the deluge of estrogens in the environment: it is not unusual to find six-year-old girls in America with breast buds or pubic hair. Type 2 Diabetes which used to only affect older people is now epidemic in many industrialized countries, and affecting younger and younger people.

If people took care to feed themselves and their children with pure organic food we would not be in the mess we are in. Junk fast food is convenient, easy and tastes good… but it is killing us. If you have to eat it, take the time to bless it. This will transmute some of its dense, harmful vibrations.

Modern medicine is based on scientific observation, which by its very nature, separates the observed and the observer. The medical fraternity has forgotten that our bodies are divine in essence and much more powerful than any drug that we put into them.

And so, as we continue to pollute ourselves until we get sick, wondering why “modern medicine” fails to heal us, questions must arise in any thinking persons mind.
The soil that we grow our food in is dying from poisoning, over use and the monoculture of crops planted that are fed with hopelessly imbalanced chemical fertilizers devoid of the minerals we need to stay healthy.

The plants look good, but they are not good, they are covered in poisons and do not have the nutrients we need to thrive.
Our attempt to play God with genetically modified foods poses an even more horrific scenario, as they threaten existing species.

If farmers fed the soil with the organic nutrients that it requires and companion planted to fend off the pests, they wouldn’t have mutating “super bugs” to contend with.
This growing residue of toxic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides pollutes our waterways and oceans, threatening the delicate eco-systems.

There are huge dead zones in parts of the oceans now as a result of the excess nitrogen from chemical fertilizers and that released from the enormous animal farming operations that are often situated near large rivers that run out into the sea taking the nitrogen with it.

Adding to this problem is the tons and tons of phosphates, bleach and other harmful chemicals that wash into our waterways and eventually out to sea from the excessive and continual use of commercial washing powders and other chemically formulated toxic cleaning products, mainly from the toxic waste of the unscrupulous petro-chemical companies.

Recently, Greenpeace released statistics which show that the pollution resulting from 90 days’ use of regular washing powders in built up areas does as much damage to the coastal eco-system as a major oil spill!

Advertising campaigns convince us that we have to have our washing “whiter than white” and our houses “free of deadly germs”. These chemicals also destroy the eco-systems in rivers and wetlands by feeding the algae blooms that then cut out the light and hence the life beneath.
The following are a few of the thousands of toxic synthetic chemicals found in everyday cleaning and personal care products:

It is little wonder that the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) stated that, while thirty years ago the 3 major childhood diseases were chickenpox, measles and mumps, today they are asthma, ADD and cancer.

Cancer is the No. 1 killer of children by disease in the US.
Asthma rates have tripled in children over the past 20 years and asthma deaths have increased by 118% since 1980. ADD and learning disorders have skyrocketed over the last 20 years, and all of these conditions can be directly linked to the excessive amounts of toxic chemicals (especially cleaning) found in children, whose organs are not developed enough to excrete the chemicals efficiently, and therefore suffer more. According to the US Poison control Centre, a child is accidentally poisoned every 30 seconds at home.

There is a direct correlation between infantile paralysis or Poliomyelitis, which has now been renamed Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) due to the World Health Organization’s attempt to cover up the epidemic proportions in which the disease is now manifesting, and the toxic chemical overload from industrial and agricultural pollution. Vaccinations are huge business and the pharmaceutical companies make billions every year from them. Autism in children is now epidemic and research is pointing to the poisons in the vaccinations, especially mercury. The polio virus has been around the human race for thousands of years, and such viruses are normally harmless, since we have become adapted to them and they to us.

It is not the virus causing paralysis; it is pesticides and other toxic chemicals that affect the motor-neurone cells in the spine. The pharmaceutical companies make vast profits by exploiting our paranoia about viruses. Our houses, offices and shopping centres are cleaned with toxic chemicals that we inhale and absorb through our skins on a daily basis.

We get a daily dose of toxic chemicals from our petro-chemically based laundry soap via our clothes and the linen that we sleep in. These chemicals rub off onto our skin and get absorbed into our system where they stay as they get topped up daily.
Personal care products are another area of grave concern.

The advertising industry has had a field-day persuading us that we need a special shampoo, conditioner, body cream, face cream, bust cream, neck cream, eye cream, lip cream, for men, women, children, young people, middle-aged people, older people – you name it, it is out there and it is pretty much a “must have” if one is to follow the trend.

The problem with this is that besides leading people into unnecessary spending and adding to the already disastrous excess of non-biodegradable pollution, 99% of these products are filled with poisonous ingredients. So poisonous, in fact, that many of them have been associated with cancer and other debilitating diseases which are now epidemic amongst young and old alike.
Patients are rushed off to the nearest oncology centre for a dose of lethal radiation in the vain hope that the diseased cells will get zapped and so the problem will go away.

They are then sent away with hardly a mention, if at all, of positive thoughts, visualisation, diet, the dangers of toxic chemicals, radiation from geopathic stress and cellular phones & masts, stress reduction etc. They are often told that their chances are very slim – this goes deep into their subconscious and they convince themselves that it is the end – and so it is! And so we are losing a winnable battle.

Our planet is suffering the same fate as we opt for a convenient, easy, chemically-saturated, disposable lifestyle

Getting back to basics and living in communities off the land and in harmony with the rhythms of nature, sharing with our neighbours and focusing on co-operation and our connection to all living systems rather than competition and fear may be the only way forward. But we would need a shift in consciousness.

The hopelessly outdated and archaic education system needs to be looked at, if we are to shift from the old winner/loser paradigm, teaching the child from the beginning that they must win at everything, thereby instilling beliefs that we are separate from each other and the planet we live on.

Children need to be given the essential information of living in harmony with all living systems, and learn to care and share, thereby removing the fear-based systems ingrained in our psyche.

The method of teaching needs to focus on connecting with the earth, each other and sharing. We are abundant by nature but this has been taken away from us as competition and separatism have taken over our thought patterns.

Our children desperately need these skills if they are to survive in the very challenging times to come.

We would do well to study the wisdom of ancient cultures.
Their world and their ways are very different to ours. They would rather die than harm the Earth: they know that they are not separate and that to harm her is to harm themselves, and to harm themselves is to harm each other.

There are pockets of these incredible people living around the world and their existence is being threatened daily by the ever-encroaching western ways.
I recently read a wonderful book called Original Wisdom, by Robert Wolff, about the Aboriginal Sng’oi tribe in Malaysia. I highly recommend it if you are interested in living a life in harmony with all living systems.

So how do we change our lives in order to to remain disease-free and tap into our inner peace and joy?

One of the most important criterions, I believe, is to surround yourselves with like-minded people.
Connect with groups that have a desire to change, as group consciousness will expand the energy and people will start to wake up. Be conscious of every action you take and live to the best of your ability, with complete integrity.
Everything is part of the whole so what you eat, what you put onto your skin and the cleaning products you use, what you think, feel and say are all part of living a peaceful chemical free life.
Organic vegetarian food, because we are physiologically herbivorous, is essential if we are to live with complete integrity.
Organic vegetables can be grown in your own back yard. Or front yard for that matter! Permaculture is a wonderful organization that will teach you all you need to know. Look up the local branch in the directory.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.
~ Arundhati Roy at the World Social Forum, 2003

Use homeopathy and natural remedies from plants to heal maladies, and remember that a positive, happy mind generally reflects a healthy body.

As Ghandi said:

“You can’t do good in one area of your life and not in another. ”
Examine the concept of violence as opposed to peace. Violence manifests in many ways, not just physical violence between two people. We are committing an act of violence towards the earth if we pollute her with chemicals, we are committing an act of violence towards animals if we pollute them and then kill them for food. This philosophy can be applied to all areas of life so that peace will prevail in our hearts and therefore on earth.