Energetic eating

Energy. We use this term in 101 different contexts: potential energy, kinetic energy, energy healing, free energy, new energy, ‘I don’t have enough energy’ or ‘my kids have too much of it!’.

What about energetic eating?

The dictionary definition of energy is ‘the capacity of a body or system to do work’, which simply means the ability to move. We usually define energy by how much
GET UP AND GO we have. The truth is everything is energy. Everything moves, vibrates and resonates at different speeds and frequencies, but it is all energy.
And our food is no different.

On a food level –
Every food we eat has a different energy, resonance and vibration.
What’s more is that once you put that food into your mouth and start to digest it – its energy becomes your energy. When you start to understand food at this vibrational level it becomes obvious that you do not want to put the energy vibration of a battery-bred, hormone-pumped chicken into your body.

The energetic value of that food is oppression and fear – it’s been caged its entire life. Do you really want those stressed molecules floating around in your system? Would you put milk into your petrol cap?
Of course not! Why not? Because it wouldn’t move – it would have no energy to take you from point A to point B. So why routinely day after day choose to put the lowest quality food fuel into your body?

Here’s the flipside reality open to you. The picture looks quite different when you imagine putting Superfoods into your body. Again, I’m sure I need to qualify what I mean by superfoods.

Superfoods are mineral rich, nutrient dense, energetic raw and living foods. A superfood can be a home grown living sprout or a raw cacao bean from the jungles of South America. The energetic values of these foods are spectacular. The energetic value is held within the fact that they are 1. raw, meaning they have not been destroyed by heat and 2. they are incredibly high in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients, making them some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They are alive with energy and naturally that energy becomes your energy when you eat these foods. Most importantly superfoods are foods – wholefoods with different inherent abilities to absorb different minerals. They are not man-made supplements.

On Day 3 of our Elements of Health raw food course we look at over 15 different superfoods in detail.

Here are just four of my favourite superfoods:

Aloe Ferox
I love this one because it is native to South Africa and if you go hiking in certain places you can pick it yourself. It stimulates the production of collagen which keeps the flexibility in your skin, bones, joints and tissues. It’s also an excellent overall detoxifier. It’s anti-parasitic and good for the digestive system.

Goji Berries
This is a superfood that hails from China and has been revered in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is routinely used in cases of obesity and diabetes. It is a low sugar dried fruit and is exceptionally high in vitamin C. It has 50 x more vitamin C than oranges and 2000% more antioxidants. They are also rich in trace minerals, proteins and omega oils just to get started.

A healthy diet is very much based on ratio. It’s not so much about counting calories and eating x amount of this or that food it’s about what proportion they are eaten in, in relation to one another. For example if you eat a diet of solely Goji berries, even though they are a fantastic superfood, your diet will eventually become unbalanced. It’s easy to go for high fatty foods, even foods that contain good fats such as nuts and overdo it, but no-one ever seems to overdo it on the greens. Almost everyone overlooks their greens and there’s simply no way of getting around it – eating green foods is fundamental.

Grasses in particular have the ability to absorb all 92 trace minerals, so if you want to be super energised grow your own wheatgrass and juice it. A tot glass of freshly juiced wheatgrass is said to be equivalent to 2 plates of veggies. Now you can eat (or drink) dinner in 30 seconds or literally have your lunch ‘on the go’. If you don’t have fresh there are some good green powders on the market which can be added to water or juice.

Raw Cacao
This is by and large my favourite superfood. It is in fact our Superfood King.
Raw cacao is traditionally know as Theobroma cacao which literally means – “Food of the Gods”. It is the HIGHEST antioxidant food, surpassing gojis four times over.

It is a great source of magnesium and is a natural appetite suppresant and anti-depressant. But what is it, I hear you asking? Raw cacao is chocolate – it is the bean that all chocolate comes from. What makes chocolate unhealthy is not the cacao itself, but rather the process that it goes through and what is added to it.

The bean in its raw state is a superfood. It is a high vibration, energetic food. It’s only when the bean is cooked, or roasted that it starts to denature; and when sugar, trans fats and dairy are added – chocolate the superfood, becomes chocolate the ‘stupid-food’.

Cacao comes in 3 main forms – whole beans, crushed beans (called cacao nibs) or cacao powder. Using the raw cacao powder one can make fabulous chocolate mousse tarts – which everyone in the family is guaranteed to love.


Trail mix pack
50g Goji berries
50g Cacao nibs
50g Organic raisins
50g Brazil nuts
This may seem like an overly simple idea, but this little combination in a great snack mix and tasty too, not to mention you are eating raw and antioxidant-rich, energy-enhancing foods. Every time you feel the inclination to eat a sugary sweet muffin or a bagel, or a packet of chips – replace it with a handful or 2 of this mix instead.

Ice Cream and Chocolate sauce
Ice cream
Freeze 1 Cup bananas and 1 Cup mangos.
Either blend with 1 Cup freshly squeezed orange juice or press through an Oscer juicer with the solid screen and mix in the orange juice by hand(or leave the juice out).
Chill in the freezer for another 5 – 10 minutes while you make up the chocolate sauce.

Choc sauce
1/3 Cup coconut oil
1/4 Cup maple syrup*
1/4 Cup raw chocolate powder
Whisk through with a fork, get out your ice cream, pour the sauce over and indulge – guilt free.
* Beware of ‘maple flavoured syrup’ – you want maple syrup, not maple-flavoured.
Orange & Aloe detox smoothie
2 Cups freshly squeezed orange juice
Small chunk of fresh aloe ferox leaf
Fresh mint
Add a chunk of real Aloe ferox by slicing open a leaf and taking out the inner gel-like substance. Don’t blend the skin. Blend the gel through with your juice in a blender until smooth. Add some fresh mint for flavour and to counteract the bitterness of the aloe.

Try these recipes out and see and experience superfoods soaring into action for yourself. If you would like to experience full immersion into this way of eating raw and living foods and superfoods, book yourself onto one of the 4 week raw food prep classes for the full experience.
Classes are 2 ½ hours, once a week, for 4 weeks.

For more info please call 021 7864068 or visit and check out the ‘events’ page.