Issue 18 Editorial

According to the scientists and others who contributed to the “11th Hour” documentary put together by Leonardo di Caprio we have reached 11: 59, but as the Elder pointed out in the closing lines:

“The Earth has got all the time in the world; it is we who are running out of time…”

So true!

The earth is sick, however, as is the majority of humanity, and this there is no getting away from. And, like us when we get sick, she has got a temperature and this temperature will increase, just like ours does until all the parasites, bacteria and other anti-life organisms living on her that are making her sick are gone and she can complete her healing journey.

We live in a holographic universe and the understanding that we ‘mirror all and everything’ outside of us, or… ‘as within so without’ is essential as we move into a new age of being. Our consciousness will determine the journey we find ourselves in and there can be no blame for anything. We are co-creators of our lives and responsibility needs to be taken and acknowledged, right from the volatile weather patterns, to the car we drive and type of clothes we wear.

Everything in our outer lives is a mirror of our inner world. If we are in need of material things, fancy cars, houses, clothes this is where our consciousness is cogitating. We need to look closely at the motives that cause us to desire, and what we are desiring.

At present we do live in a third dimensional materialist world and I doubt if there are many of us who don’t like the odd item of new clothing, a new car maybe or a holiday to a fancy overseas destination? I enjoyed a quote that came my way the other day…

“The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
(Marcel Proust.)

Group consciousness is dictating that this materialistically-driven lifestyle is ‘normal’. But where has it got us? Well one thing that is for certain is that we are in a mess. We do not like to share and we are surrounded by poverty, greed and inequality; our planet is sick, the animals are suffering. Something needs to change. Our inner group consciousness is reflecting the government we have governing our country, the food we are eating, the way it is grown and distributed etc.

Do we like the way things are going? And if not, are we going to take responsibility and make the changes inside ourselves to manifest the type of world we want to live in?

If we are not living life in a way that is enhancing the wellbeing of our ourselves, (or pro-life), the planet and all that is in our lives, we will ultimately be caught up in the ‘temperature’ scenario, where anti-life organisms will not survive. The planet has for a long time now been warning us that she is starting her ‘detox’ and she needs to clean herself. She does this via the elements: water, wind, earth and fire and this is very evident when we look around us.

The pockets of ancient tribal people that have survived the onslaught of our de-natured, detached, materialistic and technologically driven society have recently put out many warnings. The Hopi people ask us:

“Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.”

Intuitively, I want to simplify my life as much as possible and live according to the natural rhythms so beautifully exemplified by nature, doing no harm to myself and all and everything in my outer world. I know that all the answers lie in nature and our connection to the ‘great sprit’ inside us and outside us.
So why not take the first step and start a vegetable garden and compost heap? Apparently, if we knew how (and we have just forgotten, that’s all) and we lived in a rural or semi-rural area we could collect all the food we need to keep us perfectly healthy within a 10 km radius of our homes, and it would not need cooking!

So maybe it is time to really start to live according to the 10 Indian Commandments:
Remain close to the Great Spirit. Treat the Earth and all the dwell thereon with respect.
Show great respect for your fellow beings (including the animal beings).
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
Do what you know to be right.
Look after the wellbeing of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
Be truthful and honest at all times and take full responsibility for your actions.