Issue 16 Editorial

“The mind is a house of questions, and the heart is a library of answers”
We occasionally get letters from irate readers asking us how we can possibly mix matters of science with matters of spirit. Some even complain about us mixing environmental matters with spiritual matters!

It makes us realize that the teaching that is going on in the majority of our schools and in most homes has been carried forward from our dark past, where these exact issues of separation and fear have caused devastation and chaos in all areas of our lives. Most of us would simply not even think of putting our planet in danger if we knew that she was a fully conscious spiritual being!

I was reading a book the other day and this sentence jumped out at me: “the mind is a house of questions, and the heart is a library of answers”. To me, this says it all in one simple sentence; it’s just that our materialistically driven, spiritually detached culture has forgotten how to listen to our hearts for all the answers we need. The early scientists knew this, and, throughout history, most of the men with great minds were the ones with a close connection to the spiritual world.

In 1930 Albert Einstein was quoted in the New York Times as saying: “I maintain that a cosmic spiritual feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research.”
When asked what motivated his lifelong devotion to mathematics and science Einstein replied: “I want to know God’s thoughts.”

So what is science if not a search to understand creation? And how can we possibly understand creation if we are not working with — or understanding — the creator?

The creator is not some male, despotic figure sitting away somewhere in a place called ‘heaven’ and only accessible through some special person who has a connection as we have been lead to believe. The divine creative force or principle is everywhere and in everything, including us!
The notion that some so-called ‘scientists’ clad in white coats and sitting in sterile laboratory conditions, guided by some totally unscrupulous, commercially-driven venture, can better Mother Nature by genetically modifying her plants is ludicrous.

They are so far removed from anything ‘natural’ or ‘God-like’ that it would be laughable if it were not so devastating to our natural world. When are we going to start working again with the nature spirits or Devas?

When are we going to teach our children that they are real and love to work with us? They can restore life to our depleted soil, which will restore life to our sick bodies. Without this life force our bodies decay and wither and although our cells were meant to stay young forever and never age, they lack the life force to sustain themselves. Group consciousness dictates that we grow old and die, as that is what the masses believe. This is what we have been taught!
We have moved further and further away from the things that will restore us to the state of perfection and joy that is our birthright as we are constantly fed fear-based limited information. The Idea that we live in a dangerous world and won’t have enough is so deeply ingrained in us that we believe it and thus we manifest it.

We are encouraged to be greedy; to gather more and more; to refuse to share. We need to connect with the soil, the water, the trees, the animals and move away from the conditioning that is not serving our planet or us. Sitting in the ivory towers of technology and trying to prove things ‘scientifically’ seems such a waste of time and energy when we have all we could possibly dream of right outside the window. And it is free!

We have some amazing articles in this issue which show how people have taken back their power and are manifesting a life full of joy and miracles. They are working in harmony with nature and each other, and connecting — on a deep level — with the creative principle (both in the physical and etheric) to bring harmony and love to all and everything, and not needing to prove anything to anyone.

It is the way we should all be living; in peace and love for all and everything. It can be done: we just need to change our minds!