Issue 1 Editorial

It is the beginning of a journey and we are excited at the prospect. We hope you’ll join us in our search for truth and justice, so we can embrace our gift of free-will fully empowered.
I don’t think there are many of us who don’t have moments when we struggle with our feelings of rage and frustration, and then anguish and deep sadness for the state of our beautiful blue-green planet and the human and non-human beings on her. Most of the time our emotional bodies live on a diet of fear. It’s unusual to find a newspaper where the headline is not terrifying. The TV news is the same, and most people just take it all in, and in the process totally disempower themselves.

Fear is the order of the day – and newspapers and TV are one of the many instruments used to separate us. Fear is the opposite of LOVE. How can we possibly live without fear if we are ignorant of the process that is keeping us in fear consciousness? We have forgotten the power of cohesion. I wonder why we need limiting educating systems, countries, religions and all the others systems that separate us, making us fearful. Is it not a means to control and exploit us?

Dr Emoto*, famous for the messages he has brought to us from water, telling us to “look inside ourselves”, did an experiment with rice the other day. He sterilized two glasses and cooked a little rice. He put equal amounts of the rice into the glasses and put them into the fridge. Every day he took out the one he had marked “love” and he loved it. The other marked “fool”, was taken out and he harshly spoke the words “you stupid fool” to it. After a month, the “fool” was black and crawling with fungus. The loved one still looked the same as when he put it into the fridge. To me, this story sums up the feelings that have propelled us into starting this magazine. We live in a conscious universe, where LOVE is the life force, and is everywhere, and very often we forget.

There is a tangible sense of urgency welling up in many people for humanity to WAKE UP and realise that we are not separate from each other or anything else. It is a feeling of love for ALL living things and a desire to spread that feeling, to communicate that EVERYTHING is alive, conscious and connected and responds to love.

We need to do away with the misconceived idea that we are the dominant superior species, free to behave as we wish, plundering and polluting our way to a miserable end.
It is important that we have the knowledge which allows us to become more consciously aware of how our actions affect the planet and all living systems.

We intend to publish articles that will inform readers about the state of the environment and current affairs and wherever possible give practical and usable solutions. This will give you the knowledge to act consciously, take back your power and live without fear thereby accessing the infinite still peace inside you.

“Knowledge, the light of consciousness, empowers; ignorance, the absence of that light, enslaves. The loss of knowledge, of the wisdom of the ancients, is the greatest travesty perpetrated upon humanity.”
Atlantis Rising – Sirian High council. Patricia Cori

We hope you enjoy reading the first copy as much as we have had putting it all together.

Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto – HADO Kyoikusha Co Ltd)