Poisoning Generations: the Terror of Paediatric Medicine

By the time you reach the final page of this book you will understand its title and the fact that pediatric medicine is one of the worst things that ever happened in the world of babies and young children.

Though the focus of this book is general pediatric medicine and the childhood immunization program, no book on pediatric medicine (and how it abuses children) would be complete without addressing the outrageous child drug-pushing that psychiatrists and children’s psychologists are engaged in.

They are physically assaulting children with addictive pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed for young children with behavioral problems and learning disorders.

And when you consider that pediatric dentists are still implanting dental amalgam, which is fifty percent mercury by weight, into children’s mouths just inches from their developing brains, you can only wonder at the quality of consciousness of professionals who work with the young.

It should definitely be noted that while there are brave open-minded pediatricians who have broken free from the lockstep of their parent medical organizations, the vast majority of baby doctors are injecting infants with toxic poisons hidden in the vaccines, poisons and chemicals that can and do kill babies.
Fortunately not all pediatricians and not all dentists are out to nuke little people with toxic chemicals and drugs and there is a growing movement against the massive poisoning that is taking place.
When it comes to the physicians who use poisons we can pretend that they are just ignorant or misled but, “For doctors ignorance is no excuse: the information is there right under their noses. It is all in knowing what to look for,” states Dr Sherri Tenpenny who has done extensive research on the terrible side effects of vaccines that children frequently suffer from.

“Child Psychiatrists are one of the most dangerous enemies not only of children but also of adults. They must be abolished.”
Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry emeritus, 1997

We hope that through our confrontation with what is wrong in pediatric care we will lay down tracks for change in many areas of pediatric and family medicine. Confrontation with medical truths as potent as those you find here will create a sense of vertigo if these subjects are new to you. It is devastating after all to wake up and realize that baby doctors are hurting our children and hiding from the shame of it. Hidden behind shields of arrogance higher and more fortified than the walls of Jericho, pediatricians deny the wrongness and the terror they bring to the lives of children and their families everywhere.

For others who are veterans in the fight for the safety of our children, this book will likely create greater awareness about just how deep the rabbit hole really goes. It should make people wonder why society does not build special prisons to hold what can be considered a legacy from Nazi doctors persecuted for crimes against humanity at Nuremburg.

In the case of pediatrics we have to remember that the victims are children. This is something to get upset about.
Irresponsible does not quite describe the behavior and attitude of those who lead children toward iatrogenic death and disease.

Only medically oblivious doctors would repeatedly dose children with a host of toxic drugs, including vaccines, but this is exactly what most pediatricians do in their practices. It is a horrifying crime, one that generates terrible sadness at what is inflicted on children by pediatricians, dentists, psychiatrists and oncologists who live by an increasingly popular creed: to expose kids to toxic substances and drugs even though they hold grave dangers and special risks for the young.

“The ‘medication’ typically prescribed for ADHD and ‘learning disorders’ is a hazardous and addictive amphetamine-like drug.”
Dr. Fred A. Baughman, Jr., Pediatric Neurologist, 2002

“Pharma will stop at nothing when it comes to making money off children. On April 25, 2005, the Ohio Columbus Dispatch reported an investigation of state Medicaid records that found 18 newborn to 3 years-old babies in Ohio had been prescribed antipsychotic drugs in July 2004,” writes medical journalist Evelyn Pringle.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said that 19% of newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetic children also have neurological diseases. Many of these children are being treated with psychiatric medications Zyprexa, Risperdal, Geodon, Seroquel, Clozaril, and Abilify. Many of these drugs carry black box warning to alert MD’s about the dangers of diabetes.

“The federal government wants to perform mental health screening on infants and get them started on drugs which they will take for their entire lives, if the drugs don’t kill them first. And you’re going to pay for it, whether you want to or not,” writes Michael Hampton on his web site appropriately named Homeland Stupidity.

“Already, children as young as 3, who wind up in the foster care system, are receiving psychiatric drugs for such disorders as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression, with over 60% of foster children in Texas, nearly two-thirds in Massachusetts, and 55% of foster children in Florida on as many as 16 different psychiatric drugs.”[i]

With millions of children fraudulently labeled with “ADHD,” psychiatrists are creating a generation of drug addicts.
The manufacturer of methylphenidate (Ritalin) admits it is a drug of dependency. And addictive drugs spawn a culture of drug dealing and abuse.

Ritalin and other stimulants are now sold illicitly in schools in numerous countries for anywhere from $2 to $10 a pill. More potent than cocaine, children crush the tablets and snort them.[ii]
“Do not, and I scream, do not, trust psychologists, psychiatrists and the current drug-pushing culture of modern education.”
Dr. Julian Whitaker

It unfolds as a sad competition to see who can hurt children more, which branch of pediatrics can harm its young charges more than the others. Perhaps the cruelest pediatric practitioners are the pediatric oncologists, those who prey on children with cancer and their vulnerable parents. People think their children won’t get cancer, but cancer is now the number one killer by disease of children in the U.S. and brain cancer is the fastest growing form of pediatric cancer. Over 11,000 children are diagnosed with new cancers each year in the US, and there are an estimated 250,000 children who are cancer survivors.

“A child who receives any radiation to the brain is at risk for growth hormone failure. There really is nothing to be done to prevent it.”
Wendy Hobbie RN, Associate Director of the Pediatric Oncology University of Pennsylvania

Doctors brush off the side effects of chemotherapy as a small price to pay for increased survival, meaning if the treatment kills the child they will not lose any sleep over it. Certainly they will not recommend alternative treatments that are safer and work with life principles as opposed to the death principle of radiation and chemotherapy. Few are aware that chemotherapy came out of World War II mustard gas experiments and it remains a highly poisonous treatment. Fewer still are aware of the position some government departments have taken.

As an example: “For the majority of the cancers we examined, the actual improvements (in survival) have been small” WAS reported BY the U.S. Federal Government General Accounting Office. So bad are the side effects of cancer treatments that those children with leukemia who survive treatment run the risk of learning problems later in life but the decline in learning abilities may not show up for years.

The following is recent research and gives an idea of how bad it can be when children are administered chemotherapy. Women with breast cancer ages 64 and younger experience three to four times more serious side effects from chemotherapy than previously hypothesized, according to a study published the Journal of the National Cancer Institute’s Aug. 16, 2006 edition.
One in six women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer that experience side effects required hospitalization or emergency department care because of the treatment, the study finds.[iii]

Most of the 40 or so chemotherapeutic agents cause baldness, one of the more common effects that reflect poisoning by medicine, this results in a weakened hair shaft that breaks off at the scalp. Hair may take years to return to normal. Nausea and vomiting are common.

Many patients get sick just pulling into the hospital parking lot. Such nausea can lead to weakness, weight loss, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Other gastrointestinal (GI) effects are infections of the mucous lining, lips, tongue and mouth. Abdominal colic, constipation, diarrheas are all common. Candida (thrush) is found in 13 percent of patients. Doxorubicin causes esophagus inflammation in 50 percent.

Now just imagine these same chemicals being given to the very young. We have allowed the dark allopathic empire to twist medicine into something very hurtful and harmful to the individual and we have allowed them so much freedom that the big pharmaceutical companies now feel no compunction about pursuing and poisoning our children.

This comes as no surprise to those who understand the real spiritual makeup of large companies. We might expect this from tobacco companies, which have recently been caught secretly increasing the nicotine content of cigarettes. The level of nicotine that smokers typically consume per cigarette has risen 10 percent in the past six years, making it harder to quit and easier to be addicted, said a report that the Massachusetts Department of Health released in August of 2006.

The study shows a steady increase in the amount of nicotine delivered to the smokers’ lungs regardless of brand, with overall yields increasing 10 percent.[iv]

Pushing drugs on the young is what the tobacco companies have always been in the business of doing and no one pretends anymore that their intentions are benevolent. But we continue living in a make-believe land, pretending pediatrics is caring and compassionate when in truth pediatrics has a particularly vicious appetite for poisoning the young.

“As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.” Alan Nixon, Ph.D., Past President, American Chemical Society.

This book strives to fully unveil a nightmare of staggering proportions, the nightmare of the Childhood Immunization Program, which is responsible for much more iatrogenic death and disease in children than your health officials and doctors will admit. The difference between pediatric oncologists and psychologists, and regular pediatricians and family doctors (who administer vaccines), is that the latter pairing has access to virtually all children – and vaccines are given to virtually all children.

The field of pediatrics wants every single child vaccinated and this translates directly, chemically speaking, into the poisoning of each and every child with a full range of chemicals that are hostile to children’s health. This includes the injection of ethyl mercury into infants and pregnant mothers, which is a despicable practice to be examined in much greater detail later in this book.

Present generations of pediatricians are mercury doctors who cannot stand the light of medical reason or the basic science that clearly shows how dangerous shooting thimerosal into children can be. Unfortunately there is no ‘being nice’ about this subject because there is absolutely nothing gracious about the pharmaceutical companies and the plans they have for our young.

How civilization fell as low as to actually condone pediatric medical terrorism is a question for the far future. Certainly we continue to pay high salaries to professionals who care for the young, rewarding and reinforcing their chemical and psychological attacks on children and their families.

Imagine a society that went so far as to pay men and women to go around raping young children and you have a pretty good idea of the situation today.
Rape is a strong word to use but it will not seem such a strange metaphor as you read on.

It is important to note that chemical rape can be as devastating as sexual rape. The effects of both can be evident in a child for the rest of their lives.

“I take great pride in being a medical doctor. I would not change places with anyone in the world. But I also fear for the future of my profession.”
Harold E Buttram, MD

In terms of vaccines this book is a continuation of a two hundred year old war. On one side you have leading health officials in Britain, the United States and the rest of the world constantly trying to reassure parents that the use of multiple vaccines for children is safe, calling claims to the contrary ‘irresponsible’. On the other side is an army of well informed parents, doctors and scientists who are questioning the basic medical reasoning and even the sanity of pediatricians for their constantly escalating chemical attack (via vaccines) on children.

Obviously it is not entirely the doctors’ fault; medical schools and pediatric medical organizations force doctors into a blind belief in pediatric pharmacology and keep them in line by holding the threat of severe punishment and excommunication from the profession if they deviate from established protocols of practice.
Across the board, chronic illness in children has increase. Children are much sicker today then ever before and pediatricians have not a clue as to why.

However there is no changing the fact though that children who are under the care of pediatricians are sicker now, emotionally and physically, than ever before. Children are having problems younger and they are more seriously ill than ever before.
For example the number of children getting Type A diabetes has jumped 15-fold since 1990. That’s a particularly short period of time for such a radical change in childhood disease. The same is true for childhood asthma rates which have also skyrocketed. The number of children needing treatment for emotional problems is also soaring and it is not rising just in older children, such as troubled teens; it’s also showing a rapid increase in children age 3 and younger.

“The children are younger, and they are more ill,” said Sandy Bryant, director of child and family services. Bryant said the increasing Central Virginia Community Services numbers are part of trend across the country. “One in every five children suffers some sort of emotional/behavior problem,” she said. “One in 20 have serious emotional disturbance. We are getting more and more referrals for children who are extremely psychotic, who are suicidal, (have) a lot of cutting behaviors, and are very challenging,” said Bryant.[v]

This book will be exceptionally difficult for doctors and nurses to read because they genuinely believe they are acting in the best interests of their patients when they vaccinate. They will have to acknowledge that they have swallowed — hook, line and sinker — a great deal of propaganda and information that does not reflect medical truth, information that came from medical officials, organizations, and their teachers at medical schools.

It is information tainted with conflicts of interests that know no limits.

There are good people doing ‘bad’ things in the medical profession today and what should really be done when the smoke all clears is open to any amount of debate. There is no doubt that practicing physicians and nurses are expected to unquestionably endorse the safety of vaccines regardless of circumstances, and to all individuals. It is an undeniably powerful force that is being applied from ‘above’ and any who step out of the herd are liable to end up in big trouble with local medical boards, and doctors and nurses know and fear this.

It is the same in the fields of pediatric oncology and dentistry and even childhood psychology which all insist that their poisonous protocols are good for the children.

But we have to consider what Harris Coulter said and apply it across the board to the entire field of pediatrics:
“The manufacturers of vaccines and the pediatricians who administer them are simply unwilling to criticize their source of livelihood.”

A huge economy has risen around all the forms of pediatric medicine, a dependency on the act and long term process of poisoning the young and benefiting financially from it. The practice of medicine is anything but straightforward and simple and it is anything but honest, especially when it comes to the health and welfare of children.

In a survey of some 2,600 doctors in the United States and Canada concerning what they would tell patients about serious medical errors in four hypothetical cases, only 42 percent would actually use the word “error,” while 56 percent would mention the adverse event but not the error, relegating the harm to the “stuff happens” category.

Only 33 percent would explicitly apologize for their mistake. For many reasons that only a practicing physician would understand a great many doctors have something less than full disclosure in mind.[vi]

When it comes to subjects like childhood vaccination or children’s treatment at the hands of oncologists, dentists and psychologists, our entire society is less than honest.

As children get sicker and sicker, pediatric organizations and governmental agencies will wait forever for “studies” that will never be done to show them the tragic error of their ways. This book is a cry of the heart pleading with modern medicine to review and change the way it treats children.It presents a medical common sense that says simply this to doctors: stop poisoning our children.

[iii] (Neergaard, AP/Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/16).


Editor’s note:

Although this is an American book, much of the same is happening right here in South Africa.