Thre Great Awakening

Thre Great Awakening

The consciousness of this earth is currently undergoing a revolutionary change. It is a renaissance, an enlightenment, an awakening like no other. It is the prophesied global return of Christ Consciousness and as it unfolds, and as more of the people of this earth join in the glorious chorus of an awakening Spirit, the globe will transform.

Poverty, suffering, war, disease, and all the evils of this sleeping world will melt away like the illusions they forever replaced with Shambhala, Eden, and a new Heaven on Earth. I like to call this awakening and transformation The Great Awakening because it is a return to full spiritual consciousness and power.

It is exciting! We are living through a period that has been prophesied for millennia.

My name is Dr. Michael Sharp and I am a mystic and world teacher. I have to say that I didn’t start out life as either of these things. I started out life as a traditional Catholic and then, at an early age, moved on to exploration and finally, in my first couple of years of university, agnosticism. “There might be something to Spirit,” I thought in that agnostic noodle of mind, but I’d need proof.

What’s more, if there was Spirit, or God, or whatever, it would have to have a darn good explanation for the mess on this earth. In terms of my belief in things of a spiritual nature, things weren’t looking so good.

And so I lived out the first forty or so years of my life in an agnostic haze. But then, one day, that changed. In 2001 I had an “11:11” type awakening experience catalyzed by the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center.

To make a long story short, in a period of only two years I went from committed agnostic (and borderline atheist) to full blown, card carrying, Spirit talking, “demon banishing” mystic on a mission. To say the least, I was shocked.

Now while my awakening was gradual for the first two years, the process kicked into high gear for me after I resolved some of my deeper past life fears. When I had finally cleared all fears that had been beaten into me once a week as a child, I simply sat down at the computer and started to write. Suddenly I became an author—and a poet! Before my awakening I couldn’t have written a poetic stanza if my life depended on it but now, epic poetry, and with no formal training at all (at least in this lifetime).

Of course, I didn’t stop with poetry. In 2002 when I “answered The Call” and started to write, the only thing I had written was a boring and soulless PhD dissertation. But now, as I write these words, I have six spiritual books under my belt on topics ranging from ascension, kundalini awakening, chakra activation, the tarot, the Annunaki, and even God. I have just completed my first children’s book, Vayda Jayne Bean, and am two weeks away from completing the final draft of my seventh book entitled The Basic Book. Beyond that I see at least four or five more children’s books and another four adult spiritual books. I expect it will all be finished before the year 2012.

Now the interesting thing for me wasn’t how prolific I had suddenly become, I’d always been a hard worker. The interesting thing for me is what I was writing about and why I was writing. You see, all my books, all my poetry, all my articles, all my podcasts, and even my future DVDs are all written with single minded focus. I have only one thing in my mind when I write. I’m here for one reason and one reason only and that is to welcome you back home to your Divinity, and I don’t mean maybe.

I don’t mean in some future life, I don’t mean after you’ve “paid your debt,” I don’t mean after you’ve had your sins forgiven, or found Christ, or passed judgment, or evolved into a higher being, or anything like that.
I mean right now and I mean no strings attached. For you, just because of who you are.

Now if you wanna find out more, you are in luck. I will be visiting South Africa with my family in October of this year. I am coming to your beautiful country for two reasons. I am coming because I have always been attracted to South Africa, its music, politics, and culture; so, I am coming to discover.

More important is that I am also coming at the invitation of several resident Lightworkers. These most excellent hosts have invited me to come and meet people, eat food, sign books, and give talks on the one thing that I love talking about the most and can’t seem to shut up about—the divinity within you and how to awaken it. The Great Awakening!

How could I say no to that?