Stop Bush Clearing Bush!

Despite a powerful citizen outcry, the Bush administration is poised to sacrifice more than two million acres of wildlands in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah for the production of dirty fuels. Please take action right now to block this attempt to turn vast expanses of our natural heritage into industrial wastelands.

Go to and tell the Bush administration to stop targeting our last wildlands for destructive tar sands and oil shale development.
Tar sands production, which involves extracting heavy oil mixed with sand and clay, generates three times the amount of global warming pollution as conventional fuel production. Tar sands and oil shale development are expected to leave behind giant toxic waste sites, and could drive mountain lions, black bears, mule deer and bald eagles from their habitat. These projects would also use enormous amounts of clean water โ€” a precious resource that is already scarce in the arid West โ€” and threaten air quality and human health.