EMANCIPATION – Becoming Self-Sustainable And Self-Sufficient In Today’s Changing World

Becoming self-sustainable in today’s changing and challenging times could well become a necessity rather than distant idea! One thing that is certain is that a radical life-style change is in order if a real and meaningful shift is to become a reality. I personally started walking down the path quite a few years ago, and it has been a wonderfully inspiring and also challenging one and not one step of the way have I regretted it.

I have loved every moment of it, as the more sovereign I become the less dependent I am on others; supermarkets, Eskom and the like. It is very important however, to work together with like-minded people, get to know your community and connect up with others on a similar path. We are like magnets and attract each other; of this there is no doubt. For instance, if I need seeds or seedlings, I know that I can call on Beau down the road and he is always there with his gracious generous spirit. Bartering is also becoming more common.

I guess the aspect of my journey that I love most is that I have, over the years, connected more and more with ‘nature,’ the spiritual side of myself and that of nature. The enormity of this in relation to becoming sovereign, has become more and more apparent and taken shape as the seeds are planted in my mind and my consciousness changes. Probably the most important part of my whole journey has been the realization that ALL AND EVERYTHING in nature is SACRED and to a lesser or greater degree conscious and intelligent.

There are a few basic points that are worth addressing in order to start the journey of becoming more self-sufficient and self-empowered:

Establishing a ‘NEEDS’ list, for instance, of things essential for your comfortable and healthy existence in the 3rd dimensional realms. Things like clean pure water, healthy food, comfortable, cosy shelter and if possible renewable, self generated energy. Where are you currently getting these from, are they sustainable and who provides them? Can you do something to become more sovereign thereby lessening your own burden and that of the planet? For example, do you or a friend have land than you that you could work on together to establish a flourishing food garden? Planting some fruit trees is also a great way to go. I planted many fruit and nut trees 4 years ago and I am already getting wonderful fruit from some of them!

Are you committed and ready to start to change the way you live your life? If you have not already, are you ready and willing to adopt a life that will be much simpler, quieter, more connected to all and everything, and ultimately more meaningful? Do you perhaps need to move from your present home?

Be aware that from here on in, everything you do, say and think will impact on your journey. Is it anti-life or pro-life? Are you doing something that is harmful to your own life or some other life-form on the planet? For instance, do you take drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, and eat meat? If you do, and you are serious about your journey, it is time to get off the fence and drop the addictive crutches that do not serve your journey. Are you ready? It does not have to be done overnight, but if your intentions are real, the time will come when you will no longer need to do such things – they waste valuable time and energy.

Everything you eat and buy will become important. It is a good idea to share and discuss your ideas with the people with whom you live, so harmony can be kept through the process. Also be open to suggestions from people who may be further down this road than you. Seek them out and ask directions!

How you use your energy – both your own bodily energy and that in your home, are important. If we are lethargic and lazy, things don’t get done. It is important to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, positive and healthy. What we think, say and do make this either an easy or difficult road. Try to adopt a positive approach to everything in your life and realize that there is not one thing that you can blame on another – you have created your life by your choices, no matter how it may seem. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy on negative habits. Try to get into the habit of saying things in a positive way. Probably one of the best things that you can do, if you have not already, is chuck out your TV! It will consume far too much of your precious ‘renewable energy’, and it subliminally programmes you! It is one of the biggest distractions (e.g. sport) disseminators of fear based news (which we don’t need to know) and time wasters on the planet. Keep a small one to watch the occasional enlightening DVD, if you like, but UNPLUG the rest! It is one of the most liberating of all the things I have done, and I did it years ago! I now spend much more time, in the vegetable garden, interacting with the children, reading, writing, walking in the mountain, riding my horse, and other meaningful things!

Drop your fears and doubts – of all and everything! It blocks your path, attracts misfortune, and obstructs a successful and happy outcome. We spend far too much time focusing on the drama of the past, gossiping about others and discussing things that have very little relevance for us. This applies also to the future – we make our future by our attention and attitude in the moment. If we are plagued with negative thoughts and habits we manifest lessons (that may be difficult to go through) to bring our attention to these issues, in order to learn and change our ways. If we are positive and embrace the obstacles with a spirit of ‘acceptance’ and wonderment, and adopt the mantra. . . ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, we succeed, of that there is no doubt. DON’T PROCRASTINATE – just DO IT, and try to hurt nothing on the way!

Sustainability depends on a healthy network of relationships that includes all members of the community. Over time you will find like- minded people that will assist you on your journey – especially if you ask!

Our relationship with nature, and the realization that NATURE IS OUR TEACHER, and needs to be honored, communicated with and learned from, is vital if we are to adopt sustainable ways of living and create harmonious communities. It is essential that people look to Nature, that left to her own devices, has sustained life for billions of years. We need to acquire the skills and ecological knowledge of nature’s processes so we can live in harmony and abundance with all life forms on this planet.

Break with the mold and the conventional ways of doing things. Be open minded, study and learn. What has worked in the past and what has not? Open your mind to all and everything and learn to filter the knowledge with not only your head brain but also your heart brain. One thing that I have found to be extremely liberating is learning to heal myself from most maladies. Very, very rarely do I or my family go to a ‘doctor’ – maybe once in a very long while, for stitches or a broken bone! One of the keys to keeping our physical bodies healthy is eating a healthy raw, vegetarian organic diet! Then there is the essential ingredient of learning to control the emotions and the mental chatter. The more we let go of blame and fear based behaviour the simpler and smoother our lives become. It is something that needs to be practiced every minute of every day. We will slip up, until we become our fully mastered divine selves, and those ‘slip-ups’ needs to be blessed as they remind us and we learn from them, and next time perhaps, we may think before we behave in way that saps our energy and causes us to be a burden to ourselves and others. This does not mean that we become a ‘door-mat’ or that we have to ‘give-in’ to situations, it is learning to handle all our life choices in harmonious ways that do not drain our energy.

Embrace the journey with joy and enthusiasm. We are extremely fortunate to be on this planet; don’t waste your precious life – just DO IT! I remember once chatting to a friend whose husband had passed over a few years before. She was naturally clairaudient and psychic and had had some contact with him over the years. One of the things that struck her most from one of her many conversations with him, was that he felt regret that he had not used his life more productively and constructively. He was too weak, closed, and arrogant and did not learn from his mistakes and partook in many habits that were ultimately a complete waste of time and sapped his precious life force.

So have FUN, laugh a lot and learn to follow a simple, quiet, and sacred way of life, doing as little harm to yourself and all who cross your path. Don’t worry about what people say about you; a change in habits often attracts discussion. Remember, if you are happy with what you are doing and you feel that it is positive, ethical and honest, what others say is irrelevant. It is not your stuff anyway – it is theirs, so rise above it! Discipline and dedication are vitally important for success!