Avian Epidemics

On 27 February the US National Bird Flu Summit opened with the usual cast of characters in attendance, the UN, WHO, the CDC, and a parade of MD/PhD researchers. All of them trying to get us to fear for our lives even though no human-to-human spread of any diseases has occurred.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the 98th human death from the H5N1 strain of bird flu on 13 March. Professor Sir David King, chief scientific adviser to the British government and head of the Office of Science and Technology said “It is very important to keep things in proportion, and to make a distinction between the virus in birds and the virus in humans. Your chances of winning the lottery are about one in 14 million. Your chances of catching bird flu are more like one in 100 million, even if we had H5N1 among the chicken population in Britain.”
Way back in 1992 The Center for Disease Control (cdc) estimated that 9,000 Americans die each year from food borne illness, with others becoming ill from bacterial, chemical, and pesticide residues mostly found in foods of animal origin. The greatest danger to the consumer is salmonella poisoning, a leading cause of food borne sickness.

In 1992, the USDA estimated that 40 percent of all poultry was contaminated with salmonella. [i] UN Senior Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza, and special representative to the WHO Director General, Dr. David Nabarro, announced the arrival of the pandemic saying without hesitation, “Note that I said when, not if, the pandemic arrives.”

Of course the disaster waiting to happen is making medical officials push for completion of “enforcement measures,” policies and procedures that would emphasize the use of quarantine, of force against populations. Medical officials are salivating discussing the need to have the police and the military available to control mass panic and the need for “incredibly efficient mass production” of a polyvalent influenza vaccines ready whether they work or not. Though medical officials at the conference indicated the necessity to “get people to understand the magnitude of the risk,” what the public needs to be warned about is what these officials are hiding and why.

The H5N1 virus remains mainly a virus of birds, but experts fear it could change into a form easily transmitted from person to person and sweep the world, killing millions within weeks or months. Is there any evidence that the bird flu is such a threat to humans?

There is no solid or even semi-solid science that indicates that what is happening with the birds is going to happen with humans

But that is not stopping health officials from scaring the wits out of the public. Whether or not the bird flu will occur in humans remains completely unknown but officials want to prepare for the end of human freedom anyway, just in case. There are no lab tests to confirm the presence of the highly-pathogenic virus. Dr. Anna Thorson All we really have is a continuation of a fantasy about viruses that have never been proven to exist.

Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist is just one of many voices that are smothered by the medical industrial establishment. There is one breathtaking fact for the public to deal with and that is not even one of the (medically relevant) viruses has ever been isolated; there is no proof of their existence. “So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses—as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous—in fact do not exist at all,” says Dr. Lanka. Retroviruses are not living creatures but bits of protein that attach themselves to living cells.

“For almost one year we have been asking authorities, politicians and medical institutes after the scientific evidence for the existence of such viruses that are said to cause disease and therefore require “immunization.” After almost one year we have not received even one concrete answer which provides evidence for the existence of those “vaccination viruses,” continues Lanka. The Airborne Menace is circling the world and is about to land in your backyard.

Lanka says, “We’re being asked to believe that migratory birds in Asia have been infected with an extremely dangerous, deadly virus. These mortally diseased birds then keep flying for weeks on end. They fly thousands of kilometres, and then in Romania, in Turkey, Greece and elsewhere infect hens, geese or other poultry, with which they have had no contact, and which within a very short time get diseased and die. But the migratory birds do not get diseased and do not die, but keep on flying, for weeks on end, thousands of kilometres. Anyone who believes this will also believe that babies are brought by the stork.”

Actually we are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known and believe just about anything fed to us through the media, especially in the area of medicine.

Our thoughts and attitudes are continually being shaped and molded by people who do not care for anything but the truth of money and the security it provides.

It is clear that most issues of conventional medical wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by thousands of media clips each year. Just think about how many times you’ve heard an evening news anchor spit out some variation on the phrase, “According to experts …” and we are supposed to trust them, naturally, that’s what being an expert is all about, being trusted in ones individual field. In reality there are two kinds of “experts” in question—the public relations spin doctors behind the scenes and the “independent” experts paraded before the public, scientists who have been hand-selected, cultivated, and paid handsomely to promote the views of corporations involved in controversial actions.

Therefore we have reached a watershed point, though medical and health officials are scratching their heads wondering what is going on and spend most of their time worrying about the flu and other infectious diseases when it is the non-infectious diseases that are threatening to bring civilization down. At the end of 2004, Klaus Stohr, of the WHO Global Influenza Program, said “Even with the best case scenario, the most optimistic scenario, the pandemic will cause a public health emergency with estimates which will put the number of deaths in the range of two and seven million.

There is no reason to believe that we are going to be spared. An influenza pandemic will spare nobody. Every country will be affected”. [ii] Transpose these words to read, “The current nightmare with mercury and other chemicals in the environment will spare nobody, every country and every person will be affected” and you will have a better approximation of the truth.

There is another nightmare though that might blindside humanity
Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s essay The Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global “Iatrogenocide” [iii] offers a whole other view of what might be going on. Biotechnology in the service of bioterroism and biological warfare is able to take simple proteins and retroviruses and turn them into lethal life forms that threaten humanity. Are these health officials merely front men for sinister forces dedicated to forceful population reductions? In Horowitz’s essay it said America alone is “targeted” for a 50% population reduction. “Thus, the flu virus the world currently fears most is either: 1) now being prepared in labs paid by industrialists with massive wealth-building incentives to “accidentally” release the virus; or 2) has already been prepared in such labs to take advantage of this current fright and future sales following the virus’s release.”

It’s not only in the movies that dark forces rear up their incredible ugliness to face us with ourselves

The repeated warnings of the UN and other authorities of an impending global epidemic of avian flu outbreaks have led over 60 countries to order large supplies of Tamiflu despite the fact that it has yet to prove its reliability at curing or stopping the H5N1 bird flu virus. This is good news for for U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has already cleared over $5 million in capital gains by selling some shares in Gilead Sciences, the biotechnology firm that developed the drug Tamiflu, while he was serving as a board-member for that enterprise reports an article in the London Independent.

Dr. Lanka reminds us, “Those side effects which are noted on the instruction slips accompanying packages of Tamiflu are almost identical to the symptoms of serious influenza. Thus, on a large scale, medicines are now being stored which cause precisely the same symptoms as those which appear in an actual so-called influenza. If Tamiflu is administered to sick persons, then this is likely to cause far more serious symptoms than those of a serious influenza. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then many people will take this medicine at the same time. In that case we will actually have unequivocal symptoms of a Tamiflu epidemic. Then deaths caused by Tamiflu are to be expected, and this will then be presented as evidence of the dangerous nature of the bird flu.

Agribusiness companies stand to reap huge gains in the event that scientists at Cambridge University and elsewhere are able to replace the entire world chicken population with genetically-engineered chicks allegedly resistant to H5N1 virus.

Little-noticed beneficiaries of the current Avian Flu scare, however, are the giant agribusiness chicken producers based in the US, who claim ‘their’ chickens are safe. Their sales are booming and all indications are that Avian Flu, paradoxically, has come like a Godsend to their corporate balance sheets,” writes Global research Editor F. William Engdahl.

Factory farms are actually the cause of killer diseases
The industrialization of chicken-raising and slaughtering in the USA, which is known as ‘factory farming’ is a process whose inner workings are unknown to most people. Better it remained so some say. Were we to know, we likely would never again eat chicken. Today, five giant multinational agribusiness companies dominate the production and processing of chicken meat in the United States, and, as things seem to be going, especially were the world to be loony enough to adopt genetically modified chickens supposedly resistant to Avian Flu virus, these five companies are about to dominate world chicken supply.

During a 75-year lifetime, a typical U.S. resident is responsible for the suffering and death of 11 cows, 32 pigs and sheep, 85 turkeys, 2,570 chickens and ducks. [iv] According to a recent report by VivaUSA, a non-profit organization investigating conditions in US factory farms, ‘Thanks to genetic selection, feed, and being prevented from moving or getting any exercise on factory farms, chickens now grow to be much larger and to grow more quickly than ever before.’

Broilers today need an average of 6 weeks before slaughter compared with 12 weeks in the 1940’s. For modern animal agriculture, the less the consumer knows about what’s happing before the meat hits the plate, the better. Dr. Peter R. Cheeke Professor of Animal Science Oregon State University The use of growth boosters has created major health problems in the huge factory farms. Because of hormone and vaccine injections to speed growth, muscle growth outstrips bone development and the chickens typically have leg and skeletal disorders that significantly affect their ability to walk. Unable to walk, they must sit in poor-quality litter, creating breast blisters or hock burns.

According to one report, ‘The dermatitis seen in such birds is painful in itself but the effects of inability to walk are much more severe.’ Chicken organs are unable to keep up with their hyper growth rates, causing hearts or lungs to fail or malfunction, and creation of excess fluids in their bodies or death.

Under special exemptions in US law, chickens are excluded from the protections of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The federal government sets no rules or standards for how these animals should be housed, fed, or treated on farms. Chickens piled on top of one another in cramped cages filled with dirty bird feces and poor ventilation. Chickens to be fattened before they are slaughtered live in 23-hour daylight conditions. That makes a chicken believe that he has to keep eating. The light only goes out for one hour each day, in which the chicken is allowed to rest.

If a human baby grew at the same rate that today’s turkey grows, when the baby reached 18 weeks of age, it would weigh 680kg!

In the race to fatten chickens for slaughter by 6-weeks-old and turkeys within 20 weeks, the birds endure “chronic pain for the last 20% of their lives,” claims veterinary professor John Webster. In a PETA undercover investigation, broiler birds were found dehydrated and plagued with respiratory diseases, heat prostration, bacterial infections and cancer. Chicken and turkey flesh come from distressed animals with compromised immune systems.

In Diet for a New America, author John Robbins claims 90% of factory-farmed chickens are infected with leukosis, or chicken cancer. Molecular biologist Robert Silva and technician Cecyl Fischer inspect DNA sequences of samples from the most recent avian leukosis virus sub-group J isolated from a U.S. broiler breeder flock.

According to the USDA, in the past few years a new strain of avian leukosis virus has swept like wildfire through the broiler breeder chicken industry around the world. Various strains of the virus cause lymphoid tumors that grow from cells in the chicken’s bursa, an organ near the end of its intestinal tract. The new strain causes predominantly myeloid tumors, which grow throughout the body, often on bone surfaces and it spreads like wildfire in chickens. The ALV-J strain renders the industry’s detect-and-eradicate strategy useless. It is also highly variable, seeming to change constantly, and it spreads too fast. By the time it is detected and the infected birds are removed, it has already spread to other chickens. [v]

Consider the conditions which prevail on factory farms, should we be surprised if disease is rampant?
With so many bugs associated with farm animals, is it any surprise that we are being poisoned by our food? Dr Walter Sontag, an Austrian zoologist who has studied the development of the H5N1 virus, and who concluded that the alarm about Bird Flu pandemic is vastly exaggerated, says, ‘A high density (of birds) in a small space with defined food and water availability, and in addition, poor hygiene conditions promote an explosive spread of pathogenic germ cells.’

Sontag goes on to point out that ‘free-walking’ chickens, in contrast to the ‘jailed’ factory farm birds, ‘almost without exception keep a great distance from humans.’

Because of excessive use of antibiotics in the fodder used in industrial farming, we risk the creation of resistant strains of bacteria in factory farm animals. Dr. Maurice McKeown says, “Concern about chicken meat has in the past been focused on high levels of bacterial infection, the presence of growth hormones and antibiotic residues.

The reality may be much worse however. USDA researchers have now found that chicken is the primary source of arsenic in the US diet, which is a cancer causing substance linked to a variety of important human cancers. Its presence in water in many regions of the world is a major health problem.

It is arsenic in the inorganic form which is considered most dangerous. The mean concentration of total arsenic in young chickens was 0.39 ppm, 3- to 4-fold higher than in other poultry and meat. At mean levels of chicken consumption (60 g/person/day), people may ingest 1.38-5.24 µg/day of inorganic arsenic from chicken alone.

In people who consume the most chicken their daily intake could be 21.13-30.59 µg inorganic arsenic/day and 32.50-47.07 µg total arsenic/day from chicken.” Since the late 19th century, diseases of poultry in mass animal farming have been observed: Blue coloring of the crest, decrease in egg laying performance, sagging of the feathers, and sometimes these animals die too. These diseases were called bird pest. Now it’s called bird flu!

Animals respond the same way as humans do to being cooped up in concentration camps, they get sick and they die
Notice that health officials are not worried about animal concentration camps and all the health issues associated with them. Not a word is said about the obvious but waves of hysteria are created over small bits of protein that are not proven to be the actual root cause of what we are seeing.

So what did these 98 people die of?
“Persons with symptoms of a cold, who then had the bad luck to fall into the hands of H5N1 hunters, were killed with enormous amounts of chemotherapy [chemical pharmaceuticals] supposed to restrain the phantom virus. Isolated in plastic tents, surrounded by madmen in space suits, they died, in panicky fear, from multiple organ failures,” writes Dr. Lanka. Certainly these patients are not being given the appropriate nutritional support to help them weather the storm. What is being used to prove viral existence are indirect test methods which tell absolutely nothing.

The use of antibiotics continues to rise globally and use by poultry producers has risen by over 300% per bird since the 1980s. In the US alone, over 12,000 tons of antibiotics are used each year. With disease-causing organisms so prevalent on factory farms, it is not surprising that farmers have resorted to the widespread use of antibiotics. The routine use of antibiotics is particularly attractive to farmers as many of these substances have an as-yet poorly understood ability to promote the growth-rate of the animals to which they are administered.

So farmers, in a desperate battle to contain the bug-explosion on factory farms, and in order to maximize profits by pushing growth rates ever faster and faster, are routinely dosing farm animals with a whole range of different types of antibiotics. But evidence is emerging that several of these antibiotics, used in vast quantities in farming, are jeopardizing the effectiveness of similar antibiotics vital in human medicine.

Just over a year ago the American Public Health Association called for a moratorium on the building of new industrial animal farms until more scientific data on their risks had been collected but world governments and health authorities focus only on H5N1 and its danger to humans without addressing in the least, the real source of the avian disease.

People tend to believe whatever they are told and that’s the way it has become in modern medicine where doctors believe in many great lies
Western allopathic medicine is pathetic in its unsighted belief in the virus, its pet demonic threat that is always ready to come down and strike us to death. It’s the most successful scam in the history of the world, and they get eighty percent of the world to literally bow down, pull down their pants, and accept their immunization shots because they are the only solution to supposedly deadly viruses. But you will never meet any person who can prove viruses to exist in dangerous forms, certainly not the retroviruses.

Obviously something exists down on that level of reality. Protein bits, little junks of life, biological debris. “We live with an uncountable number of retroviruses. They’re everywhere—and they probably have been here as long as the human race,” says Dr. Kary Mullis. Dr. Lanka adds, “It is being maintained that these short pieces of genetic material, which in the sense of genetics are not complete and which do not even suffice for defining a gene, together would make up the entire gene substance of an influenza virus.”

Samuel Jutzi, director of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation Animal Production and Health Division advocates the use of vaccination in poultry even though what the chickens are dying from has probably much more to do with the horrific conditions they are forced to live with. That in their sickness they are demonstrating small protein clusters called retroviruses is insignificant to the tremendous environmental terrorism they are forced to endure.

But health officials will have their way. More millions will be made in vaccine sales and nothing will change for chickens and the poisoned meat (arsenic, bacteria, hormones, antibiotic residues etc.) that comes to our plates.

In February 2006, southern Russia was hit by a second wave of bird flu that killed over a million birds. No human cases have been registered. Vaccination has begun in Daghestan and Stavropol Territory, another southern region, where about 260,000 fowls have already been inoculated. Some 8 million doses of the vaccine have been delivered to southern Russia. We read a report like this in a newspaper and take it as fact; bird flu is killing these birds, but is it?

The viral story hit the mainstream last month when Harper Magazine (March 2006 issue) ran a 13 page article titled “Out of Control: AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science,” which focused much attention on Dr. Peter Duesberg, a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a leading AIDS dissident.

The orthodox view of HIV as a direct killer of human immune cells has been thrown out. How could HIV kill so many T cells if one could not detect significant numbers of free HIV in a patient’s blood? Dr. Peter Duesberg Dr. Deusberg insists that there is no proof that HIV causes AIDS, and he is in a position to know. There are many hefty scientists and medical people around the world who do not believe a word from the CDC on AIDS. [vi]

Most people do not know that it is almost impossible to isolate live virus from AIDS patients; a crucial point that Duesberg has been making for almost ten years. “Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is not the cause of AIDS because it fails to meet the postulates of Koch and Henle, as well as six cardinal rules of virology,” wrote Deberg in HIV Is Not the Cause of AIDS. [vii]

When it comes to Hepatitis B they have gone after the babies of the world. Injecting new born babies with mercury for some illusionary viral danger that 99.9 percent are not at risk for is more than a bad idea. True medical insanity was born on this one. We live in an insane medical world and 90 percent of the people don’t know it. Medical religion is the new religion of the world and there are more alters to it than the church ever had. Almost all of us believe in the terror of viruses and buy into the fear the medical industrial complex insists we should have about them. If they say so it must be so.

When it comes to avian flu we have a massive cover up of a food production system that rivals in every way the death camps of Nazi Germany
We are merely witnessing the beginning of the end of a way of life that insults life. One way or another we will pay dearly for our mistakes and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to what we are doing with the food supply. We are allowing industry to poison us but are being mislead to fear something else. The simple fact that health officials are not warning us of the real danger speaks miles about the trust we should put in them about their warning of viral infections.

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[vi] Through the years the CDC added new diseases to the grand AIDS definition. The CDC has doctored the books to make it appear as if the disease continues to spread. In 1993, for example, the CDC enormously broadened its AIDS definition. This was happily accepted by county health authorities, who receive $2,500 from the feds per year for every reported AIDS case.
[vii] Duesberg, Peter H.Science, Vol. 241, pp. 514-517, July 29, 1988:
1) HIV is in violation of Koch’s first postulate because it is not possible to detect free virus (1, 2), provirus (3-5), or viral RNA (4, 6, 7) in all cases of AIDS. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has established guidelines to diagnose AIDS when all laboratory evidence for HIV is negative (8).
2) In violation of Koch’s second postulate, HIV cannot be isolated from 20 to 50% of AIDS cases (1, 9-11). Moreover, “isolation” is very indirect. It depends on activating dormant provirus in millions of susceptible cells propagated in vitro away from the suppressive immune system of the host.
3) In violation of Koch’s third postulate, pure HIV does not reproduce AIDS when inoculated into chimpanzees or accidentally into healthy humans (9, 12, 13).
4) In contrast to all pathogenic viruses that cause degenerative diseases, HIV is not biochemically active in the disease syndrome it is named for (14). It actively infects only 1 in 104 to > 105 T cells (4, 6, 7, 15). Under these conditions, HIV cannot account for the loss of T cells, the hallmark of AIDS, even if all infected cells died. This is because during the 2 days it takes HIV to replicate, the body regenerates about 5% of its T cells (16), more than enough to compensate for losses due to HIV.
5) It is paradoxical that HIV is said to cause AIDS only after the onset of antiviral immunity, detected by a positive “AIDS test,” because all other viruses are most pathogenic before immunity. The immunity against HIV is so effective that free virus is undetectable (see point 1), which is why HIV is so hard to transmit (9, 12, 13). The virus would be a plausible cause of AIDS if it were reactivated after an asymptomatic latency, like herpes viruses. However, HIV remains inactive during AIDS. Thus the “AIDS test” identifies effective natural vaccination, the ultimate protection against viral disease.
6) The long and highly variable intervals between the onset of antiviral immunity and AIDS, averaging 8 years, are bizarre for a virus that replicates within 1 to 2 days in tissue culture and induces antiviral immunity within 1 to 2 months after an acute infection (9, 17). Since all genes of HIV are active during replication, AIDS should occur early when HIV is active, not later when it is dormant. Indeed, HIV can cause a mononucleosis-like disease during the acute infection, perhaps its only pathogenic potential (9, 17).
7) Retroviruses are typically not cytocidal. On the contrary, they often promote cell growth. Therefore, they were long considered the most plausible viral carcinogens (9). Yet HIV, a retrovirus, is said to behave like a cytocidal virus, causing degenerative disease killing billions of T cells (15, 18). This is said even though T cells grown in culture, which produce much more virus than has ever been observed in AIDS patients, continue to divide (9, 10, 18).  It is paradoxical for a virus to have a country-specific host range and a risk group-specific pathology. In the United States, 92% of AIDS patients are male (19), but in Africa AIDS is equally distributed between the sexes, although the virus is thought to have existed in Africa not much longer than in the United States (20). In the United States, the virus is said to cause Kaposi’s sarcoma only in homosexuals, mostly Pneumocystis pneumonia in hemophiliacs, and frequently cytomegalovirus disease in children (21). In Africa the same virus is thought to cause slim disease, fever, and diarrhea almost exclusively (22, 23).
9) It is now claimed that at least two viruses, HIV-1 and HIV-2, are capable of causing AIDS, which allegedly first appeared on this planet only a few years ago (20). HIV-1 and HIV-2 differ about 60% in their nucleic acid sequences (24). Since viruses are products of gradual evolution, the proposition that within a few years two viruses capable of causing AIDS could have evolved is highly improbable (25).