A Raw Revolution

“If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow and gather itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in it’s way!” – Emile Zola
This quote starts “Nature’s First Law”. A book by Arlin, Dini & Wolfe.

The benefits of a raw food diet.

When you take to heart, more like knocks you in the solar plexus!, a work like this, and live it, you and your entire life can never be the same again.
What are we talking about?

For years now we have run a healing retreat in the Karoo Village of Nieu-Bethesda. If the results before were gratifying, they were totally astounding once we changed to raw foods only!

It was good to read Dulcie Krige’s article in the 5th Edition of Biophile. We experience this daily as well.

Why raw?
Raw is completely whole and living. You might have food in your life, but if there is no life in your food, it is pointless. Doctors study dead bodies and cadavers for information on how to treat life! Enough of this misinformation. Let us WAKE UP AND INFORM OURSELVES.

Enzymes are vital for all the life sustaining actions from breathing to walking etc. Enzymes die at 40°C, so all cooked food is dead and therefore toxic to the body.

Proof of this is the epidemic of cancer, heart disease, colon disorders, allergies, diabetes, me and hiv These are lifestyle diseases to mention but a few.

The medical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, diary, meat, sugar and liquor boards (plus the rest!) would cease to exist if we stopped “digging our graves with our teeth”.

There is massive resistance to our being informed. We must know this. “Let your Food be your Medicine and your Medicine your Food” – Hippocrates.

Emotions And Attitudes
Our bodies are a sea of chemicals carrying information to and from cells.
Simplistically, every thought you think reacts chemically, carrying all the information resulting from that thought.

What has astounded us at the healing Retreat is the obvious change in brain chemistry causing altered mood states and attitudes.

Dr Paavo Airola received the Nobel Prize for his work in nutrition, much of it in prisons. In his book “Are you Confused?” he states that junk food is the staple of the criminal mind. We have seen relationships including our own, change, when people eat only raw foods. Raw foods bring clarity and vision.

The effect on our planet
Then of course, there’s flying and transporting food all over the world to satisfy the few. Most of it is dead or sprayed or gassed or irradiated, not to mention the amount of fuel burning up to get it to you and to cook and kill it still further.

How can dead food be the raw material to build a living body?

“If civilization dispensed with all animal foodstuffs today, the plant foods produced in the world would be able to feed, by themselves, fifty times the present population of the world, provided they were eaten in their raw state.
Ninety percent of the labour it takes to plant and harvest grains, vegetables and fruits is evaporated under the kitchen fire.

*Nowhere can there be found such a waste of resources – and it is all due to cooked food addition.”
from Nature’s First law*

Only when you eat raw food and experience the clarity, the high, the energy and vitality, do you stand back and realise what the activity of cooking food has brought upon the world and it’s precious creatures.

Speaking of which, a year ago the vet said our precious 14-year-old Staffie, Gemma, should be ‘put down’ because of crippling arthritis. We put her on raw food. We now have a 14 year old puppy with not a trace of arthritis!
When you eat raw food your body is quickly nourished and you are never hungry.

Approximately 10 minutes after eating a cooked meal, your brain signals that it needs nourishment, and so people addicted (it is an addiction) to cooked food, soon feel hungry again, eat more cooked food, refined foods and sugars etc and become toxic and overweight, but totally undernourished. The immune system breaks down – starves to death actually. It is time that we rise up and take action. Not against anyone – just our eating habits. The rest will follow naturally. Spirit will rejoice.

Spirit / Soul
Primarily we need to eat raw food to experience the magnificence of the human body and for the healing of our planet – but ultimately because this leads to the perfect expression of the Soul.

Ask yourself this – would you enjoy walking through a garden, picking yourself herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables? Are scents, the colours, the sounds? Of course.

Would you enjoy going up to a small lamb with soft eyes, slitting it’s throat, bleeding it, cutting it’s head off, ripping it’s softly curling warm skin from it’s bleeding flesh, disemboweling it, cutting it up and cooking it? No? Because when we become conscious we know it is not in our nature to do so.

“And God said, behold I have given you every herb-bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in that which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.”
Genesis 1:29.

The most profound effect of eating only raw food is felt spiritually.

are all words you could use, but words don’t do it.

There is access to an understanding about what is real and what is not, what is coming to be and what is passing away.

The retired Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Church, Richard Fehr, spoke of the importance of preparation and awareness of the signs we are seeing, and also “the return to the Godly concepts.”

Everything we will ever need is provided – raw. Feel and experience what you were created for.

Eat Raw Food.

Our future depends on it.