Issue 24 Editorial

Issue 24 Editorial

Wow. . .  Mother Earth has been very busy cleaning herself – the wind was so strong the other day here in Noordhoek, that the wind turbine flew right off its mast! And as I sit here and type this, the powerful hurricane Ike is heading fast towards the coast of Texas. The elements that cleanse and purify are speeding up their actions. A massive US naval armada is also heading for Iran. We are living in times of huge change and upheaval as the ones driven by issues of fear-based control and greed are struggling to keep the lid on the boiling pot. But one thing that I have come to realize over the years is that our limited view of things from a human perspective cannot possibly understand the whole picture from a cosmic viewpoint.

On the 25th September 2007 the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, included the following: “Humanity has passed a perilous precipice, and the age of monotheism, purity, affinity, respecting others, justice, and true peace-loving has commenced.” “It is a divine promise that truth will be victorious and the Earth will be inherited by the righteous.” “The era of darkness will end.” “The tender-hearted and humanity-loving governments will replace the aggressive and domineering ones.” “Human dignity will be regained.” “The pleasing aroma of justice will permeate the world, and people will live together in a brotherly and affectionate manner.” “I wish for a bright future for all human beings and the dawn of the liberation of and freedom for all humans, and the rule of love and affection all around the world, as well as the elimination of oppression, hatred, and violence, a wish which I expect will be realized in the near future.” Truly enlightened words from a leader that clearly has a vision of the world that we are going to create.

We are getting guidance and direction form many sources in both the seen and the unseen worlds, but we have a huge responsibility in our own every day lives to create peace and harmony around us. Wrong thoughts, words and actions are real energy and they go out into the  ‘morphogenic field’ creating more havoc and chaos and adding to the burden of our beloved planet and all on her. It won’t be long now before the many, many beings from different planets and stars start to make themselves known to us. We have been kept in the dark deliberately. Their technological and spiritual knowledge will catapult us into a new ways of being and living. From my understanding and knowledge, what the President of Iran said in 2007 . . . . “It is a divine promise that truth will be victorious and the Earth will be inherited by the righteous, and the era of darkness will end,” is an absolute truth and the time is upon us when we will start to live with compassion and harmony.

I love the story in Eckhart Tolle’s book; ‘A New Earth’, of the Zen master who is wrongly accused of fathering a child. He does not respond to the fierce accusations and wrath of the neighbour, whose daughter is pregnant, all he says is, “is that so”. His reputation is ruined and he looses his flock of followers. The angry neighbours demand that he look after the child. None of these he reacts to. When the daughter finally reveals who the real father is, and the ashamed neighbour apologises and takes back the child that he has lovingly looked after for a full year, he is perfectly calm and non-reactive in all his dealings. He has learned the way of the true master, that both good and bad, falsehood and truth are all in the moment, and it is how we CHOOSE to deal with that moment that will determine our happiness. He has also learnt the art of non-attachment – the less attached we are to all and everything, and the outcome of situations the more serene and in control we will be of lives.

Humans love drama, we just have to look at the news headlines that people find so interesting or listen to people talking about the latest catastrophe in their own lives or the lives of others, no matter how big or small, to see how intensely interested the majority of people are. But one certainty is that this appeals to the ‘lower human self’, because the ‘higher self’ has no need to know and has no interest in these human dramas. It keeps us in the grips of fear and turmoil and does not allow us to be at peace. It is a great exercise to practice removing oneself from situations and discussions that involve negative talk, about others and situations that have nothing to do with us. And it is amazing how, with practice, talking about others negatively or listening to human dramas that we need know nothing about becomes very uncomfortable. That ‘desire’ to know the smutty stuff literally dissolves. The more we access the quiet place in each and every one of us the more at peace we will all be, and so that peace will spread and the ‘cosmic mist’ will become thick with it. I have found that to breath consciously, whenever I remember during my day, helps keep me in a more peaceful and centered space, try it, it works!