Issue 22 Editorial

Wow, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel that I have been in the ‘washing machine’ this year… It has been a time of great challenges and changes and I am not going to say that I am feeling completely out of the woods (washing machine) yet, but I do see the light between the trees (and I think I am getting a little cleaner and brighter) and I feel that ultimately we are all being given a gift of transformation – the end results will be extremely positive and the lessons learnt have been nothing short of an initiation into a higher consciousness.

I still don’t know where or what I am headed for, but what I do know, is that if I had not had a strong connection with my spiritual self and the spiritual world, I think I would be feeling very uncomfortable, and possibly left feeling soggy and unwashed in the bottom of the machine – wondering when the next spin was coming on. We were warned that 2008 was going to be the beginning of a time of great changes and that the earth herself would be doing some much needed clearing and cleaning – and I don’t know anyone that has gone through so far without some challenge or other – it seems that, if there is something that needs to sorted, it is going to come at you until you acknowledge it and do something about it, no time for sweeping things under the carpet any more.

I must say, that even though there are times that I have not felt very comfortable, I am loving what I am learning, and best I pay good attention and put my ‘think and talk’ into practice, as it comes back harder the next round. I slip up often, but I am wiling to be humble and try and try until my practice become a habit. Discipline is essential and don’t waste anytime time hiding behind TV screens, the haze of alcohol and tobacco, or other vacuous pursuits.

Have you noticed that time has speeded up considerably?

There is no time to waste any more. I feel that the competitive attitude that has promoted the idea that it is ‘everyone for themselves’ is beginning to crumble. It has fostered and encouraged fear and greed that has denied others their inheritance from Earth. Mother Earth has always supplied our needs, and they were meant to be shared amongst us and not to profit a handful of individuals.

There is ample for everyone, if we acknowledge and live by the Universal Laws, probably the most important being… ”Treat others the way you would like them to treat you” – right thinking, right speech and right actions. Seeing the sacred in all and everything and live simple, sustainable lives, not taking more than we need and if we have spare, share it, and remember the vital ingredient of ‘gratitude’, it creates more abundance and goodwill that we can imagine – and especially I find that being grateful for the things that I don’t like is the most rewarding, for they are the things that are really making us change and grow!

Groups are starting to form and people are starting to come together – like attracting like, and maybe we are at the dawn of a new world, the new ‘Golden Age’ we were promised eons ago. My friend Helmar reminded me the other day of the Huna principle. . . . “Energy follows attention”, we have been told time and time again that our thoughts create our reality, or ‘what we focus on we become’, so we need to be mindful and behave responsibly, realizing that our thoughts are incredibly powerful and not only affect our own world, but those that we share it with. Spending time quietly reflecting and contacting our inner worlds is essential. I don’t think it matters how you do it, so long as you feel comfortable with the practice.

Give up gossiping, it is probably the most dangerous from of ‘black magic’ on the planet, as the energy of your thoughts and words goes out there into the morphogenic field, carried forward, on and on, causing harm and dis-ease for all.

Are being led like lambs to the slaughter? Pretty much, I would say, unless we decide to take our lives into our own hands, fully aware of the world we are being subjected to vicariously, through the systems set up by governments, pharmaceutical, military, nuclear, GM food and other anti-life industries and organizations. We are headed for interesting times, and I think that many people are feeling a sense of ‘un-ease’ and urgency as stories of recession, fuel shortages, and food crises looms. I know that I have not escaped the thought forms and fears that are thick in the cosmic mist, even though I expose myself as little as possible to the mainstream media ‘feel-bad’ stories.

It has however, spurred me on to take more time in nature, but with a different consciousness – I look and listen more carefully. I find the more time I spend in meditation and connecting to the divine source, and the divine spark inside me, the more easily I am able to go through the fears and challenges that I personally am facing – the ‘in-breath’ is needed and there are always the gifts that come from the challenges.

The ‘food crisis’ will have some very interesting spin offs, and while the process will be challenging and the hunger and death left in its wake will be devastating, I cant help feeling that the positives will far outweigh the negatives. Cuba is an excellent example to us all – a great way-shower that out of adversity comes extraordinary goodness and true brother/sisterhood. Roll on the day when we are not reliant on the corporations and greedy power hungry types for our simple needs on earth and roll on the day, when we realize that we only need simple things to live and that happiness does not come from ‘things’ but from the peace inside of us, and the more ‘things’ we have the less peaceful we are!