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Sea Ice in Its “Death Spiral”

by Matthew McDermott

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After the ominous news that North American permafrost (and presumably European and Asian, as well) stores 60% more greenhouse gases than we thought, here’s another siren announcing that we are rushing full speed ahead towards a climatic tipping point:

Scientists are reporting that the extent of sea ice in the Arctic is at the second lowest point on record. Currently ice covers 2.03 million square miles; last year’s sea ice coverage, 1.59 million square miles, set the record. In the past ten years Arctic sea ice has declined 10 percent.


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  1. http://ourcivilisation.com/aginatur/swindle.htm

    Is it real?

    Comment by Craig

  2. After reading an article linked to Craig’s comment I was shocked to see that skeptic scientists still exist (although note that the article was written in 2007). In in his book “Heat - how to stop the planet from burning” George Monbiot dedicates almost a chapter to the topic why scientists will deny the obvious fact of man-induced global warming, ridiculing it for many silly reasons and a lot to do with money. Well, tell that to the drowning polar bears, that it’s only natural that they will become extinct in the next few decades and that men have had nothing to do with it.

    Comment by Anastasia

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