"One of the greatest surprises you'll experience, is when you discover that you can do what you were afraid you couldn't do.
Your obstacles will melt away, if instead of cowering before them, you make up your mind to walk boldly through them." Daily Guru


Issue 28 Editorial

I was just checking the website of the SEXPO which has just visited SA, this is what the Cape Town site says. . . .

“The world’s largest Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle expo is coming back to Slaapstad and it’s bigger and sexier than ever! Having conquered Australia, SEXPO is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, and the annual South African SEXPO events are the hottest parties to hit our shores. Each year over 35,000 visitors stream through each SEXPO for four days of sexy shopping, naughty workshops and sizzling entertainment.”

35 000 people for an expo is quite large for South Africa! I am not sure if there is any other expo that does the same turnover.

I recently asked my 18 year old son, who certainly ‘enjoys’ and partakes in the ‘normal’ culturally acceptable ways of today’s Western teenagers, what he thought was potentially the MOST damaging (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)‘thought form’ or ‘habit’ (as that is what it is) our society faces at the moment, and straight away he said, “Sex”! And I agree with him! In my humble opinion, it is probably THE biggest contributor to our misery and wheel of never-ending consumption and materialism on the planet! Everything around us points us to finding happiness with someone or something else!! We start on the consumer trail of sexy clothing, sexy cars, sexy make-up, sexy hairstyles, sexy jewellery, sexy sunglasses, impressive homes and gardens, and so the list goes on. The rich and the famous are revered like idols as we kid ourselves that all those ‘things’ and people will make us happy! The humble and the meek certainly do not hold the same ‘status’ in our culture.

And please don’t think for one moment that I have not been on that very wheel of relationships, being thrown into ecstatic blissful highs only to find that it is all just a temporary little blip, as it is more ‘human’ than Divine in its creation! You may say ‘not true’!! But as sure as the Sun comes up every day, that ecstatic feeling will leave. Eckhart Tolle made me laugh in his book, “A New Earth” – he gave it 3 weeks!! (If you are really doing well it could last for a year or so!) The bliss of falling in love seems so real, that we really cant see it ending, that person opposite you seems the ticket to eternal happiness, until something happens – the toothpaste lid gets left off, clothes left on the floor, socks may smell, or something equally as trivial or not so trivial, may trigger a downward spiral of familiarity, which often ends in contempt! The bliss is gone and you will be very fortunate if you don’t have the odd row and things will be pretty mundane but ‘ok’! We usually end up getting married, as that is the ‘thing’ to do – and it is ‘comforting’ to have a piece of paper to say you ‘own’ someone, or someone ‘owns’ you. . . until death do us part! Wow that is quite a promise – and we know by the stats that it is usually not the case.

We often end up in a comfortable ‘sexual’ relationship with the opposite sex, or sometimes someone of the same sex, and it nice to have a companion and spend time with someone that we care about and ‘love’ and please I don’t get me wrong, friendships are precious, we are naturally social creatures, and it is wonderful to have friends to share things with. But I put ‘love’ in inverted commas, as don’t kid yourself that ‘sexually driven love’ is unconditional divine love, it is not, in the most part, it is conditional ‘human’ love, fraught with human emotions of jealousy and ownership and conditional on that person towing the line and behaving in a certain way. But in a deeper sense we are hoping that they will fill the hole in our heart that should actually be filled with our OWN Divine Spirit . Most times this convenient, familiar relationship becomes dangerously co-dependent without us even knowing it, and that dependency on others for our dose of ‘needing to be ‘loved’/and to ‘love’ and to feel ‘safe’, familiar, ‘secure’ and ‘needed’ and is, we think, vital for our happiness, let alone the cultural stigma of being alone, or worse still having to spend time alone! And so we get locked into something, usually driven by fear, although we don’t often know it, or like to admit it, but all the above are driven by a low dose of fear - that may not be immediately apparent. If we are lucky, we are quite ‘happy’ bobbing along, until something happens, and our world falls apart!

So why do we try so hard and search so far for this vicarious happiness? Mainly because we are not in touch with our own God-Selves which never feels alone or needy and never falls apart, no matter what the external situation, and can actually become your best friend! But also we are driven by perhaps, second to survival, the most potent primal desire on the planet – sex! It is a very base animal instinct to procreate – and a God given gift – but we humans have taken it a step further, our lower energy centres or chakras, are constantly aroused by external programming via most media (and sometimes they even steep as low as feeding it to us subliminally!) and the likes of Sexpo! Sex in the main has had all the sacredness taken out, it is usually just a physical release. Women are often debased to mere sexual objects of desire, and have often willingly fulfilled this role as rejection is the alternative. We are the only species on Earth that has sex because we like it, we think it is quite normal, but believe it or not, it is actually nothing more than an addiction! Sex is for pro-creation! Why do they keep on arousing us? Because it is BIG business and an excellent way to keep us on the materialistic bandwagon and believe it or not, it actually saps our life-force and keeps us in our lower energy centres!

If we study some of the ancient texts we find that the sex act WAS only for procreation, we were ‘made in the likeness of Mother/Father God and that is eternal, deathless, disease-less, ageless, immortal - including physical immortality as we were shown by Jesus when he resurrected himself – he never died to ‘save our sins’ only we can do that, by changing how we behave - but he did show us that we have the ‘God Given’ ability to ascend into a state of consciousness that allows us to immortalize our bodies and do the things he did, that we call miracles. And we do this by ‘feeling’ and ‘realizing’, unequivocally that we are one with the God-Head, the Divine Principle, and the only way we can achieve this is to re-programme our sub-conscious minds and practice, practice, practice in our daily to lives to live in ‘Godly’ ways, harming as little as we can along the way, until we reach that state of complete harmony and freedom and Ascend into a higher vibrational frequency, where there is no death, no greed, no lust, no fear, no disease, no ageing , no poverty and all the other human mis-creations! This state of Ascension can only be reached if we are operating from our Heart centre up, as the lower centres are all stamped with fear-based feelings, which will prevent the higher frequencies coming in.

Something is happening on our planet, of that there is no doubt – systems that are not of integrity and whose foundations are not solid (the financial world being a classic example) are crumbling, and knowledge is coming from many, many sources that planet Earth is Ascending to a higher dimension, so it is time for us to ‘wake up’ and go with her, or the road could get uncomfortable and bumpy!

Issue 27 Editorial

I have just returned from Jothy (meaning ‘Light’ in Sanskrit and pronounced ‘Jody’) Body of `Light Retreat. (See www.pranashakty.org.) And what it re-affirmed, in a very real way, as it is something that I know and believe, and also see, more and more in my life, is that our thoughts create our world. . . 100%! The ‘grand finale’ of the weekend was the ‘Breaking of the Tile’, or the ‘Not Breaking of the Light Bulb’! We were asked to bring 4 light bulbs (or globes) just the ordinary 100 or 60-watt type. Natalia and I had such a laugh about these, as the poor fellow at the 7 Eleven down the road, looked surprised and a little confused by the constant stream of people, all dressed in white, buying only light bulbs!

The last morning we started with the usual, very important exercises to activate our ‘chi’, ‘prana’ or what ever name is familiar or comfortable for you to call this energy, as that is what it is, and very real and tangible too - ‘God’, would be perfectly correct in my world. This is the energy that beats our heart and is closer than our hands and feet, and completely responsive and intelligent, although until we reach a state of consciousness that surpasses our humanness, it appears very linear and limited. We did physical and mental exercises that balanced and activated our energy centers down our spines, and put us into a calm ‘meditative’ state. We consciously brought in the ‘Jothy’ or Light, and this started to become a very tangible experience and by this stage these exercises were feeling friendly and familiar. My own personal experience was the more I brought in ‘The Light’ - Jothy, the more I felt my physical (and mental and emotional) body starting to respond and feel ‘different’! I must say that I have been working with ‘The Light’, and commanding it in (with gratitude and love!) for quite some time now, but doing if for three days for long periods of time each day, and surrounded by like mined people made the experience very intense and even more real.

We had now reached the time for the Light Bulbs to do their thing! We each carefully held one in our hands, as don’t forget they have a very thin glass surrounding the filament, and break easily. We were instructed to take the ‘Light’ - Jothy, from our hearts down our arms to the globe in the palms of our hands, and to visualize and ‘feel’ that the globes were turning into heavy metal balls. In the middle of the room sheets of black plastic had been laid down, and in the center was a single 20 mm (and 6 mm thick - I know I measured it - so they were good and solid!) ceramic tile supported by 4 smaller tiles at the corners, so that it was slightly elevated off the floor. After a short while, when we felt ready, and our ‘metal balls’ were feeling good and heavy and ‘real’ we were asked to come up and drop them from waist height - a good meter for most of us - the glass part pointing downward, directly onto the ceramic tile. If the alchemical process had been successful the tiles would shatter and break and the globe would still be perfect! My time came and I felt ready and the globe felt heavy and clearly in my mind it was a metal ball, I walked up to the tile and dropped it and I heard a loud ‘CRACK’ as my metal ball hit the tile, and sure enough the tile was broken into pieces and my little 60-watt globe was perfect! So I knew that I had managed, by the power of my ‘Light ‘- Jothy and my mind change that delicate little thing into a heavy metal ball!

The experience made more concrete and real to me, that we have powers we can used most positively, that most of us are not even aware of, and certainly don’t practice very much. If we take this further, and this is something that I have read in more that one book, including all the ancient books from the various religions, we can literally change, regenerate and rejuvenate our bodies, heal ourselves and each other instantly, manifest from the Universal Source - The Divine Light - Jothy - God, anything that we desire! We can do anything, we are infact “God’ in physical form and the more we connect to the ‘God’ in ourselves the more responsive it becomes! It was clearly told to us by Jesus, that we could do what he did and more! And please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to push any religion - quite the opposite, as sadly most religions have taken the ‘Ideal’ that these wonderful teachers brought to us and made the teachers themselves ‘Idols’ - far away, not reachable or tangible - and usually only contactable through some other ‘human’ being! We are often so busy and distracted with worshipping the ‘Idol’ and doing what we are told we ought to be doing from the human conduit, that we forget to practice and master the Ideal ways that they showed us. Some religions have also been successful in making the Infinite Intelligent Light - Jothy - God, stern, fierce, and judgmental and again far away, usually on a throne in a place called ‘Heaven’! The Christians love to tell their flocks that they are sinners - immediately disempowering and putting fear into them, thereby closing down the direct connection to Source via our minds and feelings.

It appears that the KEY to these God-like abilities is through our MINDS and EMOTIONS, and this is that we need to be BEHAVING and FEELING complete UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and HARMONY 24/7! Furthermore is it essential to BELIEVE that we are all-powerful and that God - Divine Light - Jothy is within us all the time. As soon as we go into FEAR mode of any kind we have lost it - and fear covers most things from gossiping, blaming, criticising, judging others, anger, poverty consciousness or lack of any kind, including LACK of CONTROL, fearful of doing something or going somewhere, - it is all NOT of our God-Selves, and merely from our Ego selves, which is actually an illusion, as we ARE only God having a physical experience. These negative feelings and experiences have to be gone through, transmuted, and transformed into fearlessness and unconditional love. There are many extraordinary and wonder-filled ways and means to getting there and as the saying goes, “all roads eventually lead to Rome” (why Rome I’m not sure!)

I have found personally a set of books that have probably changed my life more than any others and slowly but surely (three steps up and two down - sometimes only one down!) I been changing my consciousness as I practice and practice and practice more, to live according to the way of these Masters. The first book is called ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ and there are 20 more from the Saint Germain Press. These books have changed my life so much that I decided to fly some in from America to make them more easily available here - just call the office if you are interested.

So our real challenge is to firstly to BELIEVE and KNOW that we have these powers and then to live according to the way-showers, and which ever one resonates with you is fine - Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Saint Germain, Swamiji Ramalinga, or any or all of the other Ascended beings that have reached ‘God Realization’. It is also very important to realize that negative thoughts and actions will create a negative world for us, as we know that our thoughts make our world. We are like magnets and attract the same as we are giving out. This is also where we have also been led astray - as so often religions remove the element of responsibility that is so essential for personal growth. A classic example here is the Christians believing that Jesus died to ‘Save us’ from our sins! How can anyone save us from our discordant thoughts and actions, only WE can do the work, and change them - nobody is going to do it for us, and the sooner we get busy with it, wasting no more time the happier we will all be and the LIGHTER we will become - literally! We become less burdensome to ourselves firstly, as that is where the change starts, others, and our Beloved Planet. Enjoy the journey and try to remain calm, happy, and harmonious NO MATTER WHAT comes your way! See it as the gift that it is, to give you the experience to grow into that Mastered Being of Light that you are - you just forgot!!

Issue 26 Editorial

My news year’s resolution is to try and strive for excellence in EVERY area of my life! This is quite a challenge as it embraces all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life, but I figured that if I do anything other than this I am simply wasting my time on this beloved planet, and as I am here to grow on all these levels, and I know that I am a co-creator of my life, not separate from the ‘Divine Creator’ or God, I have a huge responsibility to my ‘Individualized God Self’ and to God Him/Herself.

Issue 25 Editorial

It’s another birthday issue, and it seems like yesterday that it was our 3rd birthday - the year has flown by.

I was convinced that this was our 5th birthday, but I checked and no, we are only 4 years old, but it feels good and solid! It’s great having the new and enthusiastic energy of Chris and Lindsay helping Biophile take its physical form, and wonderful to see that Steve has lived his dream and published the beautiful ‘Shared Earth’ magazine. So MANY changes have come about in 2008, and while most of us are feeling the contraction or the ‘in-breath’ on earth, there is also the excitement of something unfamiliar about to happen. We have a new president-elect in the US, Barack Obama, which could plant the seed to a new way of being right across our planet.

To me it seems the air is filled with a fresh ‘energy’ that is lighter and sweeter. It is time for humanity to step out of the old paradigm of fear based competition and greed, and learn to live kinder and lighter, in the true sincere spirit of brother/sisterhood - and it seems to be everywhere, people are feeling the desire to care more, firstly about their relationship with themselves, and this requires discipline and strict observation of each and every moment.

Are we allowing lower thoughts of judgment and fear to creep in? Or are we acknowledging that these are not from our true source - our higher selves - and moving past them as we train our minds to be stiller without fear of the future and critical judgment of others - whose shoes we are NOT in so we can NEVER make a judgment anyway! As the beloved being Gandhi taught us, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I think one of the keys of true serenity is to surrender and allow what comes our way - as with this attitude, there is complete faith that we are all part of a divine plan and all is in perfect divine time for our growth into the beings of light that we are in essence. So while this does not mean that we lack discernment and the energy to fulfill our plan, it means that we become less reactive and more responsive, realizing that all is divinely meant for our growth.

I am finding that even in my own life the calls are increasing from individuals and business people, wanting guidance on how to lessen their ecological footprint and lighten their ‘load’. So maybe out of the times of less in the ‘material’ realm, will come times of much ‘more’ in the spiritual realms, and how exquisite will this be. As we realize that all the ‘material stuff’ that we think we want, we actually don’t need, as we learn to lighten our ‘load’  - in all the areas of our lives - mental, emotional and physical.

When I watched the DVD  “The Power of Community - How Cuba survived Peak Oil”, it just brought home again just how wonderful human ‘Beings’ are when the tables turn. As the oil squeeze tightened so the local people started planting their food gardens right in the cities. There was no longer the money to buy the tons of pesticides, so organic farming became the way, and only then did the people connect with the spirit of nature and the perfection of it all.

It is a magnificent time for the true divine inner ‘spirit’ of us all to emerge as the ethos of community drives our lives into wonderful creative and joyful spaces. Markets are springing up all over the world, and people are having fun and laughing again - the children play and there seems to be a ‘lightness’ about it all.

Where the denseness is still being played out, mainly in the cities, the mirror is there for all to see and the light is literally being cut out. Reports of a “Killer Smog Cloud Smothering the Sunlight in the major cities of Asia” is real. Natural light has become 10 - 25 % dimmer in cities such as Beijing, Karachi, Shanghai, and New Delhi as 3-km thick “brown clouds” of pollution spread across Asia and elsewhere, according to a new UN report. Countries like China are plagued by a vast Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC), made of “more than three-km thick layer of soot and other man-made particles that stretches from the Arabian Peninsula to China and the western Pacific Ocean,” the result of burning fossil fuels and biomass. This may not be news to many, but the UN report makes vividly clear just how murky things have become in huge cities. As the growth of industry and the material ‘wants’ cause the light to lessen we can see so clearly the patterns of self-destruction we have been caught up in - a caner on the earth, that will eventually destroy itself.

We need to give so much thanks to our beloved planet for the gifts she so readily gives to us, as she ‘allows’ all these anti-life trends, that make her so sick, so we can wake up to the divine order exemplified so perfectly in nature.

Creating ‘lighter times’ is a choice. It depends on each and every one of us, and no-body is going to do it for us. We have the choice to think, say and do kind and sweet things always – it is just a matter of training our minds. We then become less burdensome to ourselves first and foremost, and then to all and everything around us.

We wish you a calm, peaceful, kind, happy, simple and abundant 2009!

Issue 24 Editorial

Wow. . .  Mother Earth has been very busy cleaning herself - the wind was so strong the other day here in Noordhoek, that the wind turbine flew right off its mast! And as I sit here and type this, the powerful hurricane Ike is heading fast towards the coast of Texas. The elements that cleanse and purify are speeding up their actions. A massive US naval armada is also heading for Iran. We are living in times of huge change and upheaval as the ones driven by issues of fear-based control and greed are struggling to keep the lid on the boiling pot. But one thing that I have come to realize over the years is that our limited view of things from a human perspective cannot possibly understand the whole picture from a cosmic viewpoint.

On the 25th September 2007 the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, included the following: “Humanity has passed a perilous precipice, and the age of monotheism, purity, affinity, respecting others, justice, and true peace-loving has commenced.” “It is a divine promise that truth will be victorious and the Earth will be inherited by the righteous.” “The era of darkness will end.” “The tender-hearted and humanity-loving governments will replace the aggressive and domineering ones.” “Human dignity will be regained.” “The pleasing aroma of justice will permeate the world, and people will live together in a brotherly and affectionate manner.” “I wish for a bright future for all human beings and the dawn of the liberation of and freedom for all humans, and the rule of love and affection all around the world, as well as the elimination of oppression, hatred, and violence, a wish which I expect will be realized in the near future.” Truly enlightened words from a leader that clearly has a vision of the world that we are going to create.

We are getting guidance and direction form many sources in both the seen and the unseen worlds, but we have a huge responsibility in our own every day lives to create peace and harmony around us. Wrong thoughts, words and actions are real energy and they go out into the  ‘morphogenic field’ creating more havoc and chaos and adding to the burden of our beloved planet and all on her. It won’t be long now before the many, many beings from different planets and stars start to make themselves known to us. We have been kept in the dark deliberately. Their technological and spiritual knowledge will catapult us into a new ways of being and living. From my understanding and knowledge, what the President of Iran said in 2007 . . . . “It is a divine promise that truth will be victorious and the Earth will be inherited by the righteous, and the era of darkness will end,” is an absolute truth and the time is upon us when we will start to live with compassion and harmony.

I love the story in Eckhart Tolle’s book; ‘A New Earth’, of the Zen master who is wrongly accused of fathering a child. He does not respond to the fierce accusations and wrath of the neighbour, whose daughter is pregnant, all he says is, “is that so”. His reputation is ruined and he looses his flock of followers. The angry neighbours demand that he look after the child. None of these he reacts to. When the daughter finally reveals who the real father is, and the ashamed neighbour apologises and takes back the child that he has lovingly looked after for a full year, he is perfectly calm and non-reactive in all his dealings. He has learned the way of the true master, that both good and bad, falsehood and truth are all in the moment, and it is how we CHOOSE to deal with that moment that will determine our happiness. He has also learnt the art of non-attachment - the less attached we are to all and everything, and the outcome of situations the more serene and in control we will be of lives.

Humans love drama, we just have to look at the news headlines that people find so interesting or listen to people talking about the latest catastrophe in their own lives or the lives of others, no matter how big or small, to see how intensely interested the majority of people are. But one certainty is that this appeals to the ‘lower human self’, because the ‘higher self’ has no need to know and has no interest in these human dramas. It keeps us in the grips of fear and turmoil and does not allow us to be at peace. It is a great exercise to practice removing oneself from situations and discussions that involve negative talk, about others and situations that have nothing to do with us. And it is amazing how, with practice, talking about others negatively or listening to human dramas that we need know nothing about becomes very uncomfortable. That ‘desire’ to know the smutty stuff literally dissolves. The more we access the quiet place in each and every one of us the more at peace we will all be, and so that peace will spread and the ‘cosmic mist’ will become thick with it. I have found that to breath consciously, whenever I remember during my day, helps keep me in a more peaceful and centered space, try it, it works!

Issue 21 Editorial

My journey to “Re-Empowering” myself, both outside and in… It was actually not that long ago that I realized how damaging the whole centralized monopolistic power system is. Six years ago I was not buying energy saving globes and did not have solar panels on my roof, or a wind turbine whizzing in the wind, and certainly would never have thought that I would be cooking on bio-gas collected from the ‘poo’ … human and other!

Issue 20 Editorial

I went for a short visit to Auroville, India this December as there is talk in the air about starting a ‘sister’ publication to Biophile in India. My dear friends Stacey and Martin have this idea, and with a little dedicated action great ideas often materialize, so we are visualizing it and if it is meant to be, it will happen in perfect divine time!

Issue 19 Editorial

It is Biophile’s 3rd birthday and we are celebrating and giving thanks. From the beginning, Biophile has had a life of it own and we just go with the flow, doing our best to avoid the rocks and stay in our boat, as we sail down the river. It has been such a magnificent vehicle for my personal growth, and I know Steve feels the same, and it has opened up so many wonderful and amazing avenues for us. So… thank you Biophile, and Happy Birthday!

Issue 18 Editorial

According to the scientists and others who contributed to the “11th Hour” documentary put together by Leonardo di Caprio we have reached 11: 59, but as the Elder pointed out in the closing lines:

“The Earth has got all the time in the world; it is we who are running out of time…”

Issue 17 Editorial

The 17th of July 2007 was an extraordinary day: the day when millions and millions of light workers around the planet collectively got together and meditated on intense love, light and healing for the Earth. It was done simultaneously at 11.11 GMT (13.11 here in South Africa).

Issue 22 Editorial

Wow, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel that I have been in the ‘washing machine’ this year… It has been a time of great challenges and changes and I am not going to say that I am feeling completely out of the woods (washing machine) yet, but I do see the light between the trees (and I think I am getting a little cleaner and brighter) and I feel that ultimately we are all being given a gift of transformation - the end results will be extremely positive and the lessons learnt have been nothing short of an initiation into a higher consciousness.

Issue 16 Editorial

“The mind is a house of questions, and the heart is a library of answers”

Issue 15 Editorial

In this issue we have a great article about the plastic bag, often called the ‘national flower’ here in South Africa! I realised when I was reading it that the whole culture of plastic, and bags in particular, mirror so perfectly the state we have got ourselves into.

Issue 14 Editorial

“Live simply, so that others can simply live…”

Issue 13 Editorial

A little boy came home from school and complained to his mother, ‘I’m not going back tomorrow. I can’t read yet. I can’t write yet. And they won’t let me talk!’

Issue 12 Editorial

Right from the time we are little, we are taught to blame others for things that happen to us! Remember when we bumped our head and it was the table’s fault, when Mom was late to fetch us from school, it was her fault, when we lost a book it was somebody else’s fault!

Issue 11 Editorial

In this issue we have two articles about school related topics. They came from different sources and yet they are both saying something similar, in different ways: namely that our current schooling system needs to be examined as clearly there is a need for new approaches and methods.

Issue 7 Editorial

With this issue, Biophile is one year old. It has been a wonderful experience getting the magazine out there every couple of months. We have learned plenty (and still have loads to learn) and feel privileged to be able to bring the information that we do to our readers.

Issue 6 Editorial

“Whenever people say ‘we mustn’t be sentimental’ you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, ‘we must be realistic’ they mean they are going to make money out of it!” ~ Brigid Brophy

Issue 4 Editorial

We are living in such extraordinarily interesting and challenging times!
It seems that no lies can be hidden for long, and if people want to find out the truth about any topic they care to choose, it is really not very difficult any more.

Issue 3 Editorial

It has been a most exciting couple of months, as we have had so many extraordinary people contact us through the magazine.

Issue 2 Editorial

Well… here we are with the second issue! If we take into account the challenges we faced, it was accomplished with amazing ease and grace. Getting advertisers (whose goods or services we would be happy to promote) to support us, has been an interesting challenge in itself. We have managed to secure a few adverts, together with lots of promises and interest for the next issue.

Issue 1 Editorial

It is the beginning of a journey and we are excited at the prospect. We hope you’ll join us in our search for truth and justice, so we can embrace our gift of free-will fully empowered.


Cover of Issue 28

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I was just checking the website of the SEXPO which has just visited SA, this is what the Cape Town site says. . . . “The world’s largest Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle expo is coming back to Slaapstad and it’s bigger and sexier than ever! continue reading


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