"One of the greatest surprises you'll experience, is when you discover that you can do what you were afraid you couldn't do.
Your obstacles will melt away, if instead of cowering before them, you make up your mind to walk boldly through them." Daily Guru


  • Adelaide Australia Will Soon Be Out Of Water

    With gold nudging toward R8000 an ounce, can you imagine a time when water will be more valuable?

    “Australia’s biggest river is running so low that Adelaide, the country’s fifth-largest city, could run out of water in the next two years.

  • Tuna Exports Boom As Fears Grow For Fish’s Survival

    The Mediterranean island of Malta doubled its exports of frozen bluefin tuna to Japan last year - despite warnings from scientists that the species is under threat of being wiped out.
    Specialist fisheries information service WorldFish Report has revealed that Maltese exports climbed from 1 942 tonnes in 2007 to 4 098 tonnes

  • From Waste To power…

    The Waste Management company in the US went very green many years ago. It has built almost 100 methane-powered generating plants at landfills around the country.
    Now, it is negotiating to build something similar in Florida’s Collier County.

  • Mirror Treehouse

    Swedish design firm Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter have used the mirror concept to great effect with this designer treehouse. Reflecting its surroundings to minimize impact on the environment, it has taken woodland chic to the next level.

  • Global Warming Changing Birds’ Habits?

    When it comes to global warming, the canary in the coal mine isn’t a canary at all. It’s a purple finch. Snow geese, like the ones shown here, are spending the winter more than 200 miles farther north than they used to in 1966. (Donald Metzner / Cornell Lab of Ornithology via AP)

  • Nigeria to use Solar powered Boreholes

    The government of Bauchi state in Nigeria says it will provide fifteen solar-powered boreholes in each of the twenty local government areas in the state. Special Assistant to the Governor on Millenium Development Goals Hajara Wanka said that the water project was part of the efforts of the state government to meet the Millennium Development Goals in the water sector.

  • Pellet Stoves vs. Wood Stoves: Which is Greener?

    Pellet stoves have become darlings of the green home heating world, in some ways; they’re more efficient and have fewer particle emissions than their wood-burning stove brethren, but they aren’t a perfect solution.

  • The Octuplets and their Massive Carbon Footprint

    When the news of the California octuplets hit the world, the first reaction was awe. When it came out that this single mother living with her parents already had six children, for many, the second reaction was, well, isn’t this a tad bit excessive?

  • Superglue from Sea Worms

    Broken bone? Soon, you’ll be able to have the break superglued back together, all thanks to sandcastle worms and biomimicry. Researchers at the University of Utah have been inspired by the sea worms, who secrete their own natural glue that they use to build underwater houses;

  • World’s Most Efficient Solar Panels?

    An Irish company, Surface Power, has launched what could be the most efficient solar hot water panel ever produced. The new solar panel was independently certified by TUV Rhineland.


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