"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." Dalai Lama


The Himba water well project

On my return from South Africa to Europe in January 2005 I had a 5-day stopover in Namibia and knew this was my chance. I landed on a Sunday Morning in Windhoek without any idea how to get from there close to the boarder of Angola where the Himba lived, over 1000 miles away. But I had to follow my calling.

The pain of caring too much

The Earth is very sick and it makes me feel sad. Not just a bit tense or melancholy; but deeply and profoundly anguished, depressed, and angry. Humanity had so much potential that has been wasted. Our self consciousness, opposable thumbs, upright walking and ability for limited rationality has lead to great triumphs in philosophy, art, sport and leisure. But alas other aspects of our animalistic nature; libido, insatiable appetite, and desire to dominate, have won out.

Where’s the urgency?

I hate to say it, but “I told you so.” Global ecological collapse is upon us and the human family is entering a Hobbesian struggle for survival of the Earth and all her species including humans.

Sounding the alarm

A month before World War II ended, a relatively unknown writer named Rachel Carson proposed an article for Reader’s Digest about the effects of the pesticide DDT on what she called “the delicate balance of nature.” The shy woman assured the editors that “it’s something that really does affect everybody.” They turned her down.

Simons Town under siege

Simon’s Town , from the very beginning of its existence, has been custodian to the history of the many nationalities, cultures and religions who over the centuries have walked its streets and lanes. Over the years people from Britain as well as “The Kroomen” from West African places like Sierra Leone, Liberia , Ivory coast and Ghana have stayed on in Simonstown long after their Royal Navy contracts had expired. Many of these navy men remained and married Simonstown’s women.

Salem: Gottfried Müller’s active brotherly love

For Gottfried Müller, his trip to the orient was a crucial experience. As he knew Kurdistan from a former visit and had found friends there, he was, on Marshall Keitel’s instructions, on a secret mission during World War II. In Kurdistan, which was at that time occupied by the British, the German Armed Forces wanted to come into possession of Persian oil.

The wave is cresting — are we ready to surf?

For those of us who are at the rock face of the developments within the organic industry, it is obvious that the rate of change and growth is increasing daily and exponentially.

Using love, not fear, in prisons

We all know about the crime statistics we have in our country. Whatever is being done about it by the authorities isn’t working. How could it? For 20 000 years or more, the emphasis was on to enforce changes of “behaviour patterns” of criminals.

Digital Apartheid

Telkom’s greed has ensured that only the rich are able to use the internet on any practical level.

Help save the Cape Fur Seal

A better world, I am trying, I am on my knees. Here, at the southern tip of Africa, there are 3000 licenced commercial fishing skippers and 30,000 fishermen, many of whom are illegally killing Cape Fur Seals every day.

Peace in our hands

The Peace Government Southern Africa­— an initiative that aims to promote the involvement of private citizens in creating peace and prosperity in the region —was officially launched in Johannesburg on 24 September 2005. It aims to “transform the trends in society from corruption, cruelty and shame,to honour, dignity and justice for all”.

Boycott Coca-Cola

8 June 2006
A former equity trader who made his fortune on Wall Street has created a hedge fund to attack The Coca-Cola Company.

Do you dislike Telkom?

Every time I take the opportunity to express my opinions with regards to Telkom, I always have one or two unique individuals email me to say that I have no right to use the word “hate”.

Whale Wars and Dangerous Vegans

“Sometimes, when people do not see the path through enlightenment, you must scare the hell out of them first”.
The Dalai Lama, speaking to the crew of the Farley Mowat.

To save the world, change the way things are done!

Well! George Bush the lesser and his neo-conservative cronies have been given another 4 years to plunder, rape and over-exploit the environment as they see fit. One of the most corrupt and self-interested governments ever seen is in charge of the most powerful nation in history.

Let the Boycott Begin!

The US election is simply unacceptable. No president, no matter how large the vote, has any authority to commit war crimes, to destroy cities from the air, to create inhuman prison systems beyond the rule of law, to violate the sovereignty of states.

The Space We Are In

We live in a time of Hope, of change and of a new dawning of consciousness. Biophile aims to facilitate this change in our lives, our hearts and our welfare of our planet.


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