"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." Dalai Lama

New Education

Inner Alchemy Journey

Egypt, land of the pyramids and pharaohs, mysterious tombs and temples, and more than 5,000 years of history. One of the most spectacular sightseeing destinations in the world.

Respond to the call of your heart and join us on a magical tour to Egypt. The journey is designed to align you with your soul aspects. We have all had many lifetimes in Egypt, we know this, we feel this, but we can’t remember it. This journey is about integrating those past experiences into your consciousness. Egypt, metaphysically speaking, can be seen as the gateway to Self. The great pyramid holds the light of the planet and the akashic records of your Soul and by tapping into the energy of the land, we will be able to access our akashic records and remember who we are.

The Third eye workshop in Egypt

This workshop will enable you to see energy physically. We will be visiting various temples and experience how our energies and auras change and fluctuate as we come into contact with our past experiences and memories. We will be seeing and feeling energy at the sacred sites of Egypt, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

We will start the journey on 10- 23 November 2009 in Cairo.

Here we will start the re-aligning of the third eye by connecting to the land. We will be going through activations to realign the third eye with the heart at each of the sacred sites.

Preparation for the energetic trip starts in Cairo at the Sphinx, Pyramids and Sakkara and then the energetic tour starts at the base of the spine at Abu Simbel. We will start our process of inner alchemy at the bottom section of the mighty Nile and then ascend our way up (downstream). The physical Journey is synchronistically aligned with our energy bodies and this makes this experience even more powerful. As we move down the river we will move through our energy bodies and access and ascend the programs that are no longer serving us. Each temple we visit, through resonance of the land will align us to our innate consciousness of wisdom and unconditional love. If we surrender, this process will be aligned and easy, just like floating down the river. Each sacred temple will merge us with our own authentic blueprint, our purpose.

Herewith a list of sacred sites, the temples, chakras and what we will experience when we visit and merge with that site:

Sphinx, the Pyramids and Sakkara: preparation and star activation.
Abu Simbel: base chakra- raising our consciousness- linking with the land.
Philae: temple of Isis- compassion and forgiveness- opening the heart gates meditation, releasing old emotional hurts and pains.
Kom Ombo: temples of Sobek and Horus- sacral chakra- releasing fear and duality integrating intuition and trust, initiation of the third eye.
Edfu: temple of Horus- opening the third eye chakra- resonating with Divine truth and spiritual vision.
Luxor: West Bank- valley of the Kings, valley of the Queens, Colossi of Memnon- dimensional gate.
Luxor: east bank- temple of Luxor- metamorphosis and temple of Karnak- working with the elements and the chakras.
Dendera: temple of Hathor- sound- throat chakra- temple of healing, love and joy -night visit with possible sound journey and sacred offering.
Abydos: temple of Osiris- resurrection.
St. Catherine’s Monastery: unity and integration, ascending duality.
Mount Sinai: climb to watch the sunrise, possible visit to the blue desert.

The physical tour:

10 November 2009: Cairo welcome and orientation
11 November 2009: Memphis, Sakkara, Pyramids & Sphinx
12 November 2009: Egyptian Museum, Citadel & Khan El Khalili
13 November 2009: Abu Simbel
14 November 2009: MS Nile Express, Philae temple
15 November 2009: Sail to Kom Ombo, gods Sobek and Horus Edfu Horus temple
16 November 2009: West Bank (Valley of Kings and Queens, Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi Memnon)
17 November 2009: East Bank (Karnak and Luxor Temples)
18 November 2009: Dendera and Abydos
19 November 2009: Sharm El Sheikh
20/22 November 2009: St. Catherine Monastery, sunrise on Mount Sinai
23 November 2009: Free time in Cairo, Check out

The cost for this trip all inclusive (international and internal flights, accommodation with breakfast and suppers included, entrances and energy work) is R18 999 ex Johannesburg, South Africa. The Nile cruise will be aboard the M/S Nile Express, a brand new 5 STAR superior deluxe boat. See our website for a full itinerary, optional tours and more details on bookings.


Berto Voigt - Tamar Bezuidenhout - Elizabeth Bardin

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Guiding Principles

What schooling experience would like to have had? What do you remember most from your schooling experience? What schooling experience would you like for your child?

Creating a School of Possibilities

Education is not merely the acquisition of technical knowledge, but the understanding with sensitivity and intelligence of the whole challenge of living… the whole structure of human existence.

Synergy Schooling

What does school have to do with now, today, this moment of life? A school with answers to this question has emerged in the rural setting of Noordhoek.

Something’s Gone Wrong

Dr. Elaine Lee explores the crisis in our education system.

Eden Campus Newsletter One

The most exciting event in the Eden Campus calendar was the launch of our very own student businesses. These businesses act as action learning for our students where they practice all they learn in the classroom. These businesses are totally run by the students of Eden Campus with guidance of various local business people and mentors.

Our education system: How did we get here? Where are we going?

Not very long ago most of us were farmers, and our children helped in all aspects of farm work.

Teaching Through Empathy

Sun Mi Kim interviews Joanne Lauck. Rachel Carson, the “patron saint of the environmental movement,’’ said that a child “needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share [the wonder], rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.’’ In the San Jose school system, Joanne Lauck feeds children’s spirits with wonders from nature, particularly the insect world.

The Dream of Creativeness

I have a dream, to coin a phrase. It is that human creativeness will become the agreed objective of political economy.

An Educational Renaissance

It is becoming clear to everyone—teachers, parents, the government, and the experts—that education must change.

Dumbing Us Down

Diane M. Cooper interviews John Taylor Gatto, “the most famous teacher in the world”, New York State and New York City Teacher of the Year and author of many books on education.
Even though this is written for American readers, it still applies here in South Africa.

An Emergent School Curriculum

Is school about learning how to become a lawyer or doctor? Or is school about learning a skill? Or is school just a ‘place’ in which learning happens?

Eden Campus: The Karatara Project

South Africa’s first free rural eco-business school for entrepreneurs has been launched.

The Ubuntu Youth Project

Lerato is a bright, pretty girl who consistently wins prizes at school for her academic progress. Like most of her fellow students, however, she comes from a very impoverished background. Her mother is unemployed and Lerato manages because of help from family members who are all in similar circumstances.

A Sound Education: the Value of Music in Schools

At the end of a recent music session with 6-7 year olds, I took out my flute and played some slow, improvised melodies in a minor key (known as a sad key). I asked how they felt after listening to this music.


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