"We are constantly taking ideas from the spiritual world and forming them into our own conception of the things we desire. Sometimes the finished product does not satisfy or please us. That is because we have taken the idea away from its true parents, wisdom and love." Daily Guru

Issue 6

Help save the Cape Fur Seal

A better world, I am trying, I am on my knees. Here, at the southern tip of Africa, there are 3000 licenced commercial fishing skippers and 30,000 fishermen, many of whom are illegally killing Cape Fur Seals every day.

Issue 6 Editorial

“Whenever people say ‘we mustn’t be sentimental’ you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, ‘we must be realistic’ they mean they are going to make money out of it!” ~ Brigid Brophy

Building for our future

There is a quiet, but widespread movement towards an architecture which treads more lightly on the planet. It is our hope that, after discovering the available alternatives in this series of articles, you will develop a deep dissatisfaction with standard building practices and begin a search for true home, whether you are building the house of your dreams, or by renovating and adapting your existing house.

The deadly diabetes deception part 2

Greed and dishonest science has promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of diabetes which honesty and good science can quickly reverse by naturally restoring the body’s blood-sugar control mechanism.

Fuel for thought

The diesel engine was intended to run on peanut oil—allowing farmers to grow their own fuel and small craftsmen and artisans to compete with large industry. Cheap petrodiesel and petrol prevented this ideal from becoming a reality. Now, one hundred and ten years later, people around the world are ditching non-renewable petroleum-based fuels for biodiesel, a renewal fuel which has the potential to revolutionise the world we live in.

Peace in our hands

The Peace Government Southern Africa­— an initiative that aims to promote the involvement of private citizens in creating peace and prosperity in the region —was officially launched in Johannesburg on 24 September 2005. It aims to “transform the trends in society from corruption, cruelty and shame,to honour, dignity and justice for all”.

Death threats, secrets and lies

Death threats, medical secrets, lies and payoffs are some of the menacing tactics power giant Eskom and nuclear fuel company NECSA use against its employees and others to keep a lid on the hazardous health effects of its nuclear technology.

Children and TV - The Shocking Truth

For nearly half a century Joseph Chilton Pearce has been probing the mysteries of the human mind. Author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, Evolution’s End and other books, one of his overriding passions remains the study of what he calls the unfolding of intelligence in children.

One head is better than two

In the struggle to solve the environmental problems we have created, the most precious tool we have is imagination. If we seek to heal the wounds of this planet, this can only be done on the basis of an effort to understand the ecological realities in which we are embedded.

Study reveals GM threats

When a German court ordered Monsanto to make public a controversial 90-day rat study on June 20, 2005, the data upheld claims by prominent scientists who said that animals fed the GM corn developed extensive health effects in the blood, kidneys and liver and that humans eating the corn might be at risk.

5 toxic metals to avoid

Are you feeling tired or irritable? Is your head foggy or are you suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, depression or anemia? You may be suffering from metal poisoning—a toxic accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body.

Barefoot Being

In June of this year I was at the Small World Music festival in Kent, in the South of England. The music was great the crowd superb and many of us enjoyed wandering barefoot on the grass.

Do you dislike Telkom?

Every time I take the opportunity to express my opinions with regards to Telkom, I always have one or two unique individuals email me to say that I have no right to use the word “hate”.

Fill fundamental functions first

I was recently asked,”What sort of livelihoods would you like to see people preparing for and getting involved in now, so that we have a stable infrastructure or community in place when things turn for the worse?”

Creating a School of Possibilities

Education is not merely the acquisition of technical knowledge, but the understanding with sensitivity and intelligence of the whole challenge of living… the whole structure of human existence.

The awesome power of essential oils

Organic therapeutic grade essential oils can assist us to heal our bodies physically and emotionally.

Be a river, not a dam

People always ask me about the secret to abundance.
They say, “How can you give away so much, and still attract so much abundance at the same time?”
Actually, that’s the whole secret right there.

Lessons from our ancestors

For a year five experts ditched theory for practice, running a Welsh farm using 17th Century methods.

Hurricanes and Water - an astrological perspective

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were the root cause of recent crises but the major devastation was caused by water.


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