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A World of Hemp

by John Rvoulac

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Optimizing the use of hemp would be a startlingly effective move. Many people do not grasp the range of benefits that would be realized. Here is a full vision presented by John Roulac in his book Hemp Horizions: The Comeback of the World’s Most Promising Plant.

Imagine that one day within the next ten years, you wake up in a house whose walls, roof, flooring, insulation, and paint are derived from hemp. You feel great after sleeping on your hemp-stuffed mattress, covered with soft linens spun from hemp fibre.

Your feet sink into the hemp carpeting as you get out of bed and open the hemp drapes. It’s a beautiful morning. You jump into the shower, where you soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner made from hemp. You step out onto the hemp bath mat, drying yourself with a superabsorbent hemp towel.

You apply hemp-oil lotion, moisturizer, and lip balm. You make a mental note to buy some more hemp toilet paper, recalling how it wasn’t too long ago that we were still cutting down centuries-old trees just to flush them away.

Opening your closet, you dress in hemp jeans, shirt, and jacket; put on hemp socks and shoes; tie the hemp laces; and grab your hemp wallet, which holds checks and currency printed on hemp paper.

You’re hungry, so you walk into the kitchen with its hemp-based linoleum floor. You make some wheat-and-hemp-flower toast, and pour a glass of fresh, organic hemp milk. After eating, you make a salad with hemp-oil dressing to take to work.

Then you wash your dishes, using hemp-oil dish soap and a hemp pot-scrubber, and put the dishes away in a cabinet built of hemp fiberboard.

Sitting down on the hemp-framed and upholstered couch, you glance at a newspaper printed with hemp ink on hemp recycled paper, and learn that the hemp industry is now the largest agribusiness and the major job provider in your state.

You turn on the stereo, which sits on a hemp fiberboard cabinet, and listen as music vibrates from speakers also made from hemp fiberboard. They contain specialty hemp paper for the speaker cones and are covered with black hempen cloth.

Leaving the house for work, you open the door of your car, built of strong, lightweight composites that include hemp. Relaxing into the driver’s seat, luxuriously upholstered with hemp textiles, you rest your feet on floor mats that look like rubber but are made from hemp.

As you drive to your job at the new hemp-fiber processing facility, you pass farmers harvesting some of the locally grown hemp that is revitalizing your community’s rural economy.

A beautiful morning indeed, but it would be even more beautiful if you knew how environmentally friendly and healthy your new hempen life actually is.

The rubber-like mats in your hemp mobile are all natural and 100 per cent biodegradable; the roots of the hemp plants that line the fields of your county help enrich and solidify much-needed topsoil and therefore increase the yield of other rotational crops.

You smile while spreading hempseed hummus on your hemp-wheat toast knowing it is the single most complete source of non-animal protein on the planet — and tastes much better than tofu!

The smile increases as you pour hemp oil on your salad, knowing it is high in essential fatty acids that help you think better, boost your immune system, decrease your chances of cancer, and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, platelet coagulation, and hardening of the arteries.

Lastly, before heading off to work, you opt for your hemp skateboard instead of the hemp mobile, as it is a brilliant, bright and sunny day.

The fact of the matter is, this beautiful morning has no imaginative end. The only thing keeping us from achieving the dawn of a new tomorrow is our monopoly cotton and paper industries.


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  1. Hi i would like to know how to go about getting licence to grow and produce organic hemp products. thanks would appreciate your help. Caro

    Comment by caro

  2. Hello to all from Russian hempsters!

    We are SativaFriends,
    an young developing industrial hemp project
    for producing building materials, medicine oil,
    fabrics and paper in possible future.

    I’m Kaya, a female leader of http://www.sativafriends.ru.
    Our site is on construction process for a while and
    because of it we have no English version part of it yet
    but summer 2009 it will be there.
    I’m a weaver and do my handcrafts made of
    hemp softened ropes - ornamented carpets and floor circles.

    The reason we sprouted here is searching for people
    could be interested with investments to SF.
    Why and what for?
    SativaFriends is 2 years around, the CORE is 4 human beings :)
    - they are:
    programmist working in FreeBSD software media,
    spiritualized economist from Ukraine,
    translator in English (computer hardware developer also)
    and one female artist for educational media.

    What we have for start up soon is:
    - a lot of lands in Republic of Chuvashiya
    - all kinds of licenses to grow hemp legally
    - famous Soviet times (ex-USSR) hemp breeder Gennadiy Stepanov
    (with his special 4 industrial hemp strains were breeded specially
    to produce building materials, oil, fabrics and paper)
    as a scientific leader of SativaFriends
    - director of old hemp factory ruined in Perestroika and Eltzyn times
    - our enthusiasm
    - and NO MONEY to buy some quantity of needed tool machineries
    to process raw hemp and repair of old rooms at factory

    This sum is not large but we have no support from State Government.
    This is the reason why I write here to say - if you want to work with us,
    to invest your money to get all benefits with our factory,
    GET your chance in Russia to make BIG MONEY
    while American economics is near its death.

    If you are interested and wanna look at some photos
    of our old factory and its interior and few old tools
    and wanna get scientific information from Stepanov
    and business plan from SF’ economist

    please WRITE ME to


    with INVESTMENTS subject.


    Comment by Kaya

  3. Hello, I am not sure to whom I am talking, but maybe you can help me. I am a college student working on a hemp-related school project. To make it work I need hemp toilet paper. I get the feeling from my internet explorations that it does indeed exist, but I can’t find a supplier anywhere. Do you (whoever you are) know if Hemp-based toilet paper is being produced and who I could contact to purchase a roll?

    If you can help, please contact me at my posted email address above.


    Comment by Chris

  4. Hi ,can anyone please hekp me ,my mother is a cancer suffere and I’m trying to find her some hemp oil,I’ve heard and read of it’s amazing healing properties,any information will be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards

    Comment by Zain

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