"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." Dalai Lama

Issue 16 Editorial

by Anthea Torr

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“The mind is a house of questions, and the heart is a library of answers”
We occasionally get letters from irate readers asking us how we can possibly mix matters of science with matters of spirit. Some even complain about us mixing environmental matters with spiritual matters!

It makes us realize that the teaching that is going on in the majority of our schools and in most homes has been carried forward from our dark past, where these exact issues of separation and fear have caused devastation and chaos in all areas of our lives. Most of us would simply not even think of putting our planet in danger if we knew that she was a fully conscious spiritual being!

I was reading a book the other day and this sentence jumped out at me: “the mind is a house of questions, and the heart is a library of answers”. To me, this says it all in one simple sentence; it’s just that our materialistically driven, spiritually detached culture has forgotten how to listen to our hearts for all the answers we need. The early scientists knew this, and, throughout history, most of the men with great minds were the ones with a close connection to the spiritual world.

In 1930 Albert Einstein was quoted in the New York Times as saying: “I maintain that a cosmic spiritual feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research.”
When asked what motivated his lifelong devotion to mathematics and science Einstein replied: “I want to know God’s thoughts.”

So what is science if not a search to understand creation? And how can we possibly understand creation if we are not working with — or understanding — the creator?

The creator is not some male, despotic figure sitting away somewhere in a place called ‘heaven’ and only accessible through some special person who has a connection as we have been lead to believe. The divine creative force or principle is everywhere and in everything, including us!
The notion that some so-called ‘scientists’ clad in white coats and sitting in sterile laboratory conditions, guided by some totally unscrupulous, commercially-driven venture, can better Mother Nature by genetically modifying her plants is ludicrous.

They are so far removed from anything ‘natural’ or ‘God-like’ that it would be laughable if it were not so devastating to our natural world. When are we going to start working again with the nature spirits or Devas?

When are we going to teach our children that they are real and love to work with us? They can restore life to our depleted soil, which will restore life to our sick bodies. Without this life force our bodies decay and wither and although our cells were meant to stay young forever and never age, they lack the life force to sustain themselves. Group consciousness dictates that we grow old and die, as that is what the masses believe. This is what we have been taught!
We have moved further and further away from the things that will restore us to the state of perfection and joy that is our birthright as we are constantly fed fear-based limited information. The Idea that we live in a dangerous world and won’t have enough is so deeply ingrained in us that we believe it and thus we manifest it.

We are encouraged to be greedy; to gather more and more; to refuse to share. We need to connect with the soil, the water, the trees, the animals and move away from the conditioning that is not serving our planet or us. Sitting in the ivory towers of technology and trying to prove things ‘scientifically’ seems such a waste of time and energy when we have all we could possibly dream of right outside the window. And it is free!

We have some amazing articles in this issue which show how people have taken back their power and are manifesting a life full of joy and miracles. They are working in harmony with nature and each other, and connecting — on a deep level — with the creative principle (both in the physical and etheric) to bring harmony and love to all and everything, and not needing to prove anything to anyone.

It is the way we should all be living; in peace and love for all and everything. It can be done: we just need to change our minds!


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  1. It is exactly our dark past which science has led us out of. If we discard the scientific process (do you even understand what it is?) then we end up where we were in the dark past of our species: believing in spirits, hobgoblins and demons.

    Comment by John Holm

  2. “When are we going to start working again with the nature spirits or Devas?”
    Are you for real? Next time a Deva pops into your garden, please take a photo to share with us…

    Comment by Nils

  3. YES, John Holm, I understand what the scientific process is.
    So glad you asked!
    It’s the endless cutting up, analysing, digging up, cutting down, melting together, slicing open, heating up, cooling down, breaking off, forging together, destroying, toxifying, self-indulging process that is wiping out our planet’s abundance of natural resources, climates and habitats for the sake of “progress” and “development.”

    Science and Technology (those very, very ugly sisters) are wholeheartedly trying (knowingly or otherwise) to create an even darker future for the Earth, together with doomsday preachers and those who do not feel the presence of Spirit, they make quite a formidable team.

    Before “the dark past of our species” as you call it (which was brought on by natural disaster, certainly not lack of science!), how do you know we didn’t live together in perfect harmony with Nature and Spirit, with not the slightest need for a cell phone or a microwave oven.

    I personally find this scenario incredibly easy to imagine and achingly attractive. So much so that this is what I spend my every waking moment striving toward.

    Wouldn’t you want that for your children, instead of an Earth full of gaping wounds and scarred surfaces that resulted from scientists, engineers, developers and the rest who forgot to stop digging in and chopping down and piling up??

    Here’s the best description of a scientist I’ve ever heard (from Anastasia, naturally):

    “Imagine a being who breaks off a piece of an aeroplane in flight and uses its parts to make himself a hammer or a scraper, and then praises himself for having succeeded in making a primitive tool He does not understand that one cannot keep breaking pieces off a flying aeroplane indefinitely.

    “How can you not grasp that our Earth must not be tortured like that?…”

    There you have it. No matter how you twist that one around in your mind, your going to end up on your behind again.

    Oh, and Nils, I have met Anthea and she is most definitely for real. More so than just about any other person I’ve ever met. And I’ve seen her garden… didn’t see any Deva’s, but I did see children laughing and playing and dogs running between fruit trees and growing vegetables. Just walking through this garden makes your heart leap with joy and fills you with great peace. Whether this is from nature spirits or Devas or from within… WHO CARES - it’s undeniably there.

    Comment by Jan Wessels

  4. What’s all this nonsense? It might be wise for you to do a bit of reading and find out exactly what science is. It’s obvious that you don’t have a clue.

    Comment by Liz Bhaku

  5. great liz. make no point whatsoever, insult someone and bugger off. what a groundbreaking post.

    what? oh. sorry..

    but seriously. quiet down everybody! we welcome liz bhaku on stage, here today to tell us about what science is and what it’s done for us and where it’s heading.

    the crowd hushes..

    the anticipation crackles..

    she clears her throat..



    [wild applause]

    ladies and gentleman, that’s it for the evening! feel free to switch back on your gm baby at this time and be sure to join us tomorrow night for the astounding magic of ronald mcdonald!

    good night, drive safe, and please throw you’re plastic containers in the garden outside as you leave!

    Comment by nooit

  6. I think you’re a very confused woman. Obviously clueless as far as the scientific method is concerned, and just as bad as the “media” for using your money to push your flawed agenda and mish-mash confusion of a magazine. I stopped buying it, but still take a peek now and again, in the hope that you might realise its full potential. What an opportunity lost!

    Comment by Nats

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