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Issue 28

by the Biophile Team

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Why The Free Market Doesn’t Work:Consumerism vs Conservation
The test of “the reasonable man” applied to economics.

Psychobabble: Drugging Children For Profit
Psychiatry; conning & poisoning us & our youth.

The Heart of the Joule
S.A’s foray into electric vehicles.

Saved By The Sun
Climate change re-examined.

Enough Green - Let’ Go Full Spectrum
Holistic, natural architecture.

Pandemic Or Pig In A Poke?
The greed behind the swine-‘flu lies.

Poetic Justice: Superweed Threatens Monsanto
Mother Nature throws the monopoly a curve ball.

Green & Local
Healthier shopping alternatives.

Our Amorphous World
Insights on a dynamic economy.

It’s Time For Action
Guidance & encouragement for lightworkers.

Biophile Issue 29 will be going electronic (in full colour) & will be available soon. It will also be available to our international readers. Stay tuned or contact us for more details!


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  • Issue 14 Editorial “Live simply, so that others can simply live…” It seems that this saying has never been more applicable than now, as global warming threatens our existence...
  • The 3 Rs in simple steps First: reduce. This critical first step has been overshadowed by a focus on recycling. Simplify your life as much as possible. Only keep belongings that...
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  1. Dear Anthea

    We would like to find out more about your bio gas generator mentioned in your editorial. Could you please supply us with, for instance, a contact name or number.

    Thank you

    Comment by tom von bratt

  2. I really love your magazine, and will always recommend it as a must-read to anybody seeking alternatives….

    Comment by Permaculture Man

  3. Recently I participated in a course called the art of living. http://www.theartofliving.co.za
    The course teaches you some breathing exercises and how to stay in the moment. I can only recommend this course as it fast forwards you to be ready for change. Change is upon us, we can join millions of people and moan, worry and give up ore accept the fact that things are changing and become pro active and think positive. The power of the word can bring the change we need. Observe your surrounding, a lot of people only talk about negative things, we use negative phrases like, I am dying for a coke(you actually are), I am sick and tired of politics a.s.o. What are we actually saying? We are manifesting what we say! If we become conscious about the word, the power of the word, we will change things around. Just try it on yourself, you will see how your immediate surrounding will change, people will be attracted to you because your words are positive, you do not have to listen to negative people, next time somebody talks about crime, malema, mugabe, just say stop, I do not want to hear it, lets change subject, if people continue, just walk away from it, it is your choice if you want to listen to negativity ore not. No body is forcing you to switch on the Radio, TV, the Internet, it is your choice what you want to hear or see. Already in the morning take some minutes in meditation and say to your self, I am happy, I am loving, I am compassionate, I am truth full, I am gentle, I am kind, I am full of joy and laughter, I am positive, I am tolerant, I welcome change and like Obama says, yes we can do it! That is how simple it is. Just do your self a favour and try, because we have everything to loose! Be positive, it will make you feel sooooo good.

    Comment by Marc Baar

  4. I was reading the articel “the angel of financial death”, and that has made me ask myself where do I stay in all this turmoil? I need to simplify my life, use local resources as in organic food use sustainable energy and set myself up independent of money institutions and energy and water suppliers. My question is, what will happen to the housing market? I have a very large house and still owe on the bond. Should I sell my house now while it is still worth something and buy a smaller house for cash? Or should I still hold on and hope that the market will recover? Am I fooling myself? Maybe it is time to sell and become dept free? If any body has an opinion on the house market, I would love some input.
    Thank you all

    Comment by Marc

  5. Hi Marc,

    I am in a similar situation except that i had an offer and went through, si i bought another place and then the bond grant fell through. I have been in touch with many estate agents and they will just try and make as much money from you as possible. The market is weak as i hear and will improve, there are people buying and money is out there, with a large house guaranteed that you will loose some money-or what you expected, The question is what happens next, you rent, and pay half of what you ow on your house you just sold and then you have no more assets, but in the same time you dont want to run into great bebt. I would suggest if you can keep your place for one more year, cut down your other expenses, keep the house neat and reasonable. Sell in one year as the market will pick up, bond rates going down slowly as the government need us to spend money to pay back huge loans borrowed for the World Cup. Then downgrade to a place that is safe, less maintenence and closer to work, then it all falls together. I hope this helsp and the magazine is on my list of ones to buy. Regards Wayne

    Comment by wayne allcock


    Comment by Lindsea

  7. Where can I get a copy of your magazine? I live on the East Rand (Gauteng) and have never seen your magazine.

    Comment by Klaus Heinzelmann

  8. Hi

    If possible…I’d like to know more about the use of antibiotics vs the use of probiotics. I’ve read some articles about both in the past, but thought that you’d be able to clearly list pro’s and cons?

    And also…I know people who, whenever they get sick, runs to the doctor and comes back with antibiotics!? Is it ok? I usually just fight out the flu under a blanket with some ginger/lemon/honey tea! Is that ok?


    Comment by Lesica Roux

  9. Good Day

    My name is piet and I would like to comment on your article Acupuuncture effect on nausiousnes. Should one understands the working of acupuncture you will then understand why it works. Acupuncture works for many ailments which includes Morning sickness for pregnand woman, asthma etc. I can explain it scientifically for I designed a bracelet accordingly with many sucesses regarding the relief of asthma nausiousnes, Angina heart attacks etc. This might sound strange to you but if you dont understand the working there off you will also react the same as the M R Council and some proffessors at certain universities that they cannot do test on the bracelet it is not in there interest to accept alternative cures. At the present moment I am discussing my sucesses with a professor in Australia and it seems to me they are prepared to assist. You will also realise that accupuncture only works for 80% of people nobody knows why as stated in the book on Alternatif Medicines written by Dr A Stanway of the UK. That I can also explain to you in simple layman terms. Yes to say a bracelet can do miricles sounds a bit far fetched and is difficult to grasp, in doing so many people suffer unecessary through a general lack of knowledge and self pride.



    Comment by piet

  10. Hi can you tell me if the magazine is still available?

    Comment by Hardy

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for superb articles. I recently discovered a great product for pool owners that are looking for an ECO friendly, water wise and CHEMICAL FREE alternative to chlorine and salt (also chlorine).
    I recently visited the Virgin Active Steenberg club in Cape Town and the first thing I noticed when I walked into the club was the lack of chlorine.
    Apparently the Steenberg club installed an eclear Oxygen Pool System (NOT OZONE) about a year ago http://www.eclear.co.za and their pools don’t use a drop of chlorine.
    The eclear system relies on the production of natural oxidizers (OH, O1, H2O2 and O2) which the system generates catalytically from the water molecule itself (patented technology). The OH, O1 and H2O2 disinfects the water in sealed oxygen chambers, but leaves no residual. The O2 remains in the water as a residual. So instead of chlorine you have an oxygen residual in the water, hence an ‘Oxygen Pool’ which the system combines with low levels of copper ionization.
    What an amazing experience to swim in this oxygen pool and water that’s crystal clear - like glass. The water is soft and gentle on the skin and after a 90 min swim I didn’t have the usual wheeziness in my chest (according to Belgium scientist caused by chloramines - see interesting link below).
    Apparently this is a proudly South African product that has been installed in some prestigious hotels worldwide(such as Emirates Palace Hotel, UAE) and a 10 million litre pool for The Ruler of Abu Dhabi. Wow, imagine how much The Ruler is saving on chemicals, not too mention water as they can now back wash to the garden.
    Well done to eclear for developing a chemical free and ECO friendly solution that works!

    Comment by Rentia

  12. The next edition will be available shortly. We have bee patiently awaiting transferral from the registrar of companies. Rest assured, Biophile is alive & well & issue 29 is imminent.

    Comment by admin

  13. Hi all !! I bank with Standard bank and I want to ensure they have good practices how do i do such a thing ?
    I really hope they not financing arms, nuclear or things i do not agree with .

    Comment by Fiona

  14. I would like to know about how to manufacture biodiesel as I’m interested to be in this industry. I’ll appreciate your assistance.

    Comment by Crymore Maswanganye

  15. Hi, I have not been able to find any of the last few issues. When I asked the distributors, they say they nobody has delivered any for the past 4 months. Is there any other way to obtain copies?

    Comment by Janet

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