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ADHD: an illness of generations

by Eva F. Schoenfeld de Goffin

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ADD children — also called Indigo children — are very sensitive to environmental and electrical pollution, noise and poor nutrition. In our world of over-stimulation, they are totally stressed.

Parents and teachers call their behaviour and reactions unusual and many people share the same opinion: ADHD children are “not normal”. The truth is, they are special and that’s the reason why they need special treatment.

One can understand why many parents would not want their child to be labelled as ADHD or ADHD. This label implies imperfection; some may even take it to mean the child is “damaged”. Today ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed childhood disorder.

Unfortunately the big and strong pharmaceutical companies recommend giving children chemical drugs like Ritalin (personality changing) or Strattera (suicidal danger) and label these children as having brain disorders.

But how do you explain, that geniuses and famous people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton and Virgin’s Richard Branson also had the ADHD gene? Even several rock and pop stars like John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Billy Idol and others all had the ADHD gene and were very creative and extremely successful. Have they been treated with chemical drugs or are they suffering from brain disorders?

I believe that ADHD children can grow up healthy in a loving, understanding environment without being a victim of chemical drugs, as long as their parents (and teachers) are educated about ADHD and willing to support their extraordinary kid.

Support an ADHD child’s self-esteem and magnificent personality: these children are definitely different. When their self-esteem has been well supported they are able to be incredibly successful in whatever they do. Don’t change their personality by giving them chemical drugs to calm down! There are other possibilities to be taken into consideration — and they are very helpful!

Nourishing the body

Nutrition is one of the most important factors! It is absolutely necessary for children to avoid most protein and sugar in the diet, and eat a lot of vegetables and salads instead. It is well known that large amounts of phosphorus and phosphoric acid, found in meat and soft drinks, use lots of minerals in order to be dealt with by the body. This causes hyperacidity in the body.

The very best drink is pure water! It is an absolute miracle. Why do people, and especially children, start replacing water with very sweet soft drinks like Cola? It takes 32 glasses of high pH alkaline water to neutralise one glass of Cola! This means the body reacts to hyperacidity and that makes us nervous, itchy and aggressive! Are the bells already ringing?
It is very important for ADHD children to get daily exercise. Morning exercise minimizes hyperactivity throughout the day. Usually children learn by example: If you exercise, in most cases they will too. Let them have some fun, for example with bike riding, swimming, skating, tennis, squash or soccer.

Our society doesn’t teach people how to play to the strengths of an ADHD mind. Instead, schools teach almost exclusively for non-ADD types—how to sit still, follow directions and compete for grades by conforming to teacher expectations. This unfortunately does not support an ADHD type to succeed. The increasing number of ADHD children in our world definitely requires an adjustment of the education system.

The value of tissue salts

The most significant support happens with tissue salts, which are in fact an ancient Vedic science, rediscovered by Dr W.H. Schuessler — a Medical Doctor and Homeopath in Germany — more than 100 years ago.

Schuessler’s theory can be divided into 3 statements:
1. The human body contains 12 vital mineral salts and normal health requires a proper balance of these salts
2. When this balance is disturbed, disease follows
3. The balance can be re-established by administering the deficient mineral salts in a readily assimilated form. (The most effective way to do this is to administer a triturated form.)

Why is one person prone to disease and the other not, even though both are experiencing the same living conditions? Dr Schuessler discovered that the answer lay with the balance of the individual body.

The mineral deficiency is carried by the mother. What the mother lacks in minerals during her pregnancy, the child will also lack when born. That’s why generation after generation becomes weaker, unless minerals are replaced in sufficient quantities. If humankind continues to deplete itself of minerals at the current rate, our bodies will become so weak through the generations that they will not be able to defend themselves any more. In applying the correct amounts of tissue salts, the body can heal and restore itself, from within.

Tissue salts are biochemical essential function agents. If we are deficient, we might feel tired, exhausted, suffer from skin, hair and nail problems and not feel well at all. In the past we could easily replace the lost minerals through our nutrition, but today’s soils are so empty that there is no way of replenishing our cells. If we look at the effect of depleted soils, we can easily establish why we have lots of immune diseases in South Africa.

The soil in this wonderful country contains no more Selenium, the most important immune booster. We can compare this to Senegal, their soils are very rich in Selenium and immune diseases hardly occur. This small example shows the importance of nutrition (…and agricultural practice)!

The loss of minerals is not only caused by almost empty nutrition and bad eating habits, but is also due to an unsuitable sleeping place, increasing electrical and environmental pollution, stress and many other reasons. However, even when we can’t get the minerals from the food, with tissue salts we have a subtle and very effective alternative that refills the empty mineral depots! They are triturated and so thin that they can enter the cells immediately and are quickly available to support the body in its vital work.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements are too big to enter the cells. But when taken together, tissue salts support the absorption of Vitamins and we can achieve optimal results.
If you take vitamins, but the deficiency doesn’t disappear, then you have forgotten to refill the deficiency on the cellular level with Schuessler’s tissue salts!

Case study:

My 6-year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD, which put a lot of stress on her and all of her family. Me as the mother had to put up with a lot of pressure from the professionals to give her Ritalin, which is supposed to be the wonder cure for ADD. Neither my husband nor I believe in using drugs on children, so I had to look at other options. I read as many books as I could and realized that healthy food and mineral supplements can make a big difference. Eva came to see my daughter and analysed which tissue salts she needs to take.

Within the first week of cutting all sugars, preservatives and colorants and taking all the prescribed tissue salts we could see a huge improvement in my daughters ability to concentrate. Her teachers also saw the difference in her work. As long as I keep her on healthy food and all her tissue salts and vitamins, she has a better appetite, is not so hyperactive and sleeps a lot better.

Mardie R. Mother

When I met this girl, she jumped around, couldn’t sit still and her behaviour was unnatural. I did a facial analysis and could see many deficiencies.
However, I detected something else in her face — but what? I insisted on checking the girl’s bedroom. Here was the answer! The bed stood in a corner and when I checked it, all my hair stood on end. There may have been water veins, field lines or a crossing of the earth grid, this place was a very bad sleeping place. This was the reason for the higher consumption of minerals in her body and also the girl’s insomnia.

My question about nutrition was even more shocking. Megan was only eating chocolate and sweets. She refused all other food! No wonder she was so wriggly — her level of acidity was very high.

Together with her mother we developed the following plan:
1. Megan had to replace urgently the missing tissue salts, which would enable her to abstain from sweets! In addition to the tissue salt mixture, I offered her some related vitamins (mainly magnesium)
2. The second component was a complete change of nutrition. I appreciate how much her mother was in favour of that!
3. And the third component was changing the bed position.

Never before I have seen parents changing all the necessary things so quickly. Megan’s mother has done an incredible job, so good that Megan obviously accepted everything.
In the first few days Megan’s sleep was not really better, but slowly her body — supported by tissue salts and healthy food — started to adjust to a more relaxed way of being. Her craving for sweets and chocolate disappeared quite quickly. She likes to take tissue salts as a healthy replacement for sweets.

Four weeks later, I met her again and I couldn’t believe what I saw: she was a completely different girl. What a change!

My experience as a tissue salt consultant has really convinced me of the value of tissue salts when supporting ADHD children and their parents. Before considering the use of behaviour altering drugs, I would strongly urge you to try nourishing your ADHD child’s body, restoring the mineral levels and appreciating the special genius of these special, precious, wonderful children.


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  1. Schussler’s whole basis for his “tissue salts” theory is completely baseless, ill-conceived, worthless, outdated, unsupported by any facts, without logic, unscientific - it is WRONG. OK?

    Comment by Tamara

  2. Those of us who are sane, and think “channelling” and “psychic powers” are a load of codswallop describe these children as arrogant, impatient children who have not been guided to develop self-control. Or they may have neurological challenges such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, or bi-polar. In any case, their parents are doing them no favors by avoiding the challenges of parenting, and or seeking competent medical care, in favor of new-age worship of the child.


    Comment by Liz

  3. Hi Tamara,

    I respect your opinion.
    That is what it is: only an opinion.
    Can I talk about the opinion of a dog?

    An old dog owned by one of my clients had broken his leg.
    The vet she consulted had given up on the leg because it was “impossible” to form new tissue in it. According to the vet the dog was too old.
    The client called me and we started treating the dog with the “baseless, ill-conceived, worthless and outdated tissue salts”.

    Two months later my client took the dog to the vet for x-rays. Examining the pictures the vet exclaimed: “How is that possible. We have new tissue here.”

    The dog is ok now. My client is very glad we could help her dog with the “baseless, ill-conceived, worthless and outdated tissue salts”.

    You wanted facts didn’t you? Now you’ve got one.

    Kindest regards from
    Bruno Goffin in Spain

    Comment by Bruno

  4. Hi there
    Why are you all so negative about something what has been proved over centuries and was already mentioned in the Sanskrit? The most important thing is that people come away from all the medical drugs what makes them more ill than they are already - and Dr Schuessler’s Tissue Salts are exactly THE ONE’s the body knows since ever and accepts them, because they occur naturally in our bodies. Maybe you want to re-think…

    Comment by Lupa

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