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World’s Most Efficient Solar Panels?


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An Irish company, Surface Power, has launched what could be the most efficient solar hot water panel ever produced. The new solar panel was independently certified by TUV Rhineland.

Their tests verified that when compared to other solar panels, Surface Power’s solar panel was in one case as much as 131% more efficient in the morning and evening, and 76% more efficient at midday.
Surface Power estimates that the product, which has undergone six years of development and testing, has the potential to reduce domestic and commercial hot water bills by up to 70%.
-by Justin for Metaefficient


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  1. Hi there,
    Great magazine, thanks,
    I was wondering if you have any info about the renewable factor when it come to solar panels.
    I understand that solar panels have a very high toxicity level and was wondering what the mitigating factors are, is there any recylcable value in solar panels, and if so what components can be recylced and what cannot?
    I am talking abot photovoltaic cells not solar water heating systems.

    Your help appreciated.

    Comment by Francois du Toit

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