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Peace in our hands

by Andrea Vinassa

FILED IN: Activism · Issue 6

The Peace Government Southern Africa­— an initiative that aims to promote the involvement of private citizens in creating peace and prosperity in the region —was officially launched in Johannesburg on 24 September 2005. It aims to “transform the trends in society from corruption, cruelty and shame,to honour, dignity and justice for all”.

The goals of the Peace Government SA include nation building and creating a world of good citizenship.

“For the members of the Peace Government SA, peace does not just mean an absence of war,” says Sandile Ndlungwane, President of the Peace Government. “Just because South Africa is not experiencing a war at the moment, does not mean we are at peace as a nation.

We are politically free, but we are not free from violence, poverty and deprivation.”

The objective of the Peace Government is to support the efforts of the current South African government by putting in place practical programmes that align with government activities.

These projects include education programmes that promote enlightenment and agricultural initiatives that promote sustainable organic farming. The members of the Peace Government Southern Africa are offering to share their expertise in the fields of education, social development, primary healthcare, architecture, agriculture, science and technology.

*The event will saw the inauguration of the members of the Peace
Government Southern Africa, including:*
Credo Mutwa, author, shaman and traditional healer
Professor Elemer Rosinger, the President of the Southern African Chapter of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace as Minister of Science and Technology
Thembinkosi Mhlongo as Minister of Agriculture
Rev. Thandi Nhlengetwa as Minister of Global Reconstruction
Andile Mbeki as Minister of Development Consciousness and Youth
Dr. Richard Broome as Minister of Education
Tom Mphatsoe as Minister of Finance and Planning
Simon Conradie as Minister of Invincible Defence and
Dr Arie Mickaeli as Minister of Health

The Peace Government Southern Africa is the SADC affiliate of the Global Country of World Peace, a body that is designed to align the activities of peace-loving people all over the world and assist them to put their desire for peace into action.

The Global Country of World Peace has invited all groups with a similar purpose to join it in promoting prosperity and happiness through human enlightenment.

One of the aims of the Peace Government SA is to establish a Department of Peace within the Presidency. “Each cabinet minister in the government has a ‘twin’ minister in the Peace Government Southern Africa,” explains Ndlungwane. “But where the government has a Minister of Defence, we have appointed a Minister of Peace. We are in the process of exploring ways of interacting with government projects. It is not our aim to compete with the government, but to play a supportive and complementary role.”

“The principles of the Peace Government SA are universal; everyone can relate to them. We are not a religious movement. We want to provide a home for everyone who subscribes to the tenets of peace. Everyone, including people who do not belong to a religious grouping, can become involved in our projects.”

“We take a pragmatic approach to creating a peaceful society and believe that we must actively promote an environment in which our nation can flourish and prosper. It is better to address than to redress,” explains Ndlungwane.

The members of the Peace Government SA are primarily educationists and believe that “people will be truly free when they have knowledge”.

The basis for their approach to education and social development includes a synthesis of the principles of quantum physics and the ancient Vedic sciences.

Concludes Ndlungwane:
“We would encourage all members of communities in South Africa to raise awareness for the need for peace. We believe the responsibility for creating a peaceful society lies with the individual. Peace is in our own hands.”
In further celebration of the theme of peace, The World Peace Conference and Music Festival was announced.

This international event, endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Mirabai Devi Foundation and the great African shaman Credo Mutwa, takes place in Johannesburg in September 2006.

Praise poet Mzwakhe Mbuli launched the conference presentation reading a poem that he created in honour of this event highlighting its theme “Peace in our Hands”.

Focusing on Peace in Africa, the conference featured leading thinkers dedicated to acting concretely in bringing about a saner and less violent world, rather than merely talking about such a prospect.
International and South African artists performed at the concerts that complemented the conference proceedings.

The stated aim of members of Peace Governments worldwide is to “transform the trends in society from corruption, cruelty and shame, to honour, dignity and justice for all”.


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